San Francisco Bay suffered shtorma

San Francisco Bay suffered shtorma Natural Disasters

Came from the Pacific storm of the next series of "Pineapple Express," added the problems people in the Bay of San Francisco, has not yet had time to recover from the previous two servings of rain and high winds, floods, and had organized around power outages.

Triple spill storm uprooted many trees, traffic on the roads turned into chaos, causing dozens of accidents. In one of them suffered fire, trying to restore the electricity supply, that as after a strong gust of wind at 297,000 people lost electricity. Given the amount

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In the U.S. temperature record broken in June

July 4, 2013. The heat that prevails in the western U.S. Last week, perhaps, was the record for some parts of the country in June. For example, the air in Death Valley National Park in California has warmed up to the mark 54 degrees Celsius. Previous temperature record was set in June June 23, 1902 in the town of Volcano, which is also in California.

On the official website of NASA's "Earth Observatory" there was a satellite photo taken and an infrared thermal imaging sensor. The image shows the heat waves rising from the valley of death.

The global

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In western Turkey was a flood

In western Turkey was a flood Natural Disasters

Throughout the weekend in the western provinces of Turkey Balikesir, Canakkale and Bursa rains. This caused flooding in many parts of the provinces of data, resulting in the death of one resident district Burhan in Balikesir. She could not resist the influx of water that flooded her garden just at the time when she was going to check the integrity of the garden wall. The body of the deceased rescuers had to look a long time.

Souther, known as Lodos brought showers and destruction in Bursa. Were flooded hundreds of

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Russian blizzard caused problems on the roads

Russian blizzard caused problems on the roads of Weather and Climate

Due to heavy snowfall, which began on the last day of November and lasted more than a day, and ice movement on a Russian highway M-10 turned into a real torture for drivers. Thousands of cars and trucks were stuck for a long time on the snow-covered major roads of the country.

As reported by journalists, the length of the formed due to a snowstorm plug at the site in the north-western part of the Tver region was about 200 km. According to official data, however, the

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The loss of sea ice in the Arctic were higher than expected

CryoSat-2 (the image of the European Space Agency).

August 13. The first satellite designed specifically to study the thickness of the polar ice caps of Earth, showed that sea ice in the Arctic disappearing faster than expected.

Preliminary results obtained with probe European CryoSat-2, said that last summer of the Arctic Ocean 900 km disappeared? ice. This is 50% higher than most forecasts. At this rate, in a few years, the Arctic will be completely ice-free in summer.

Tools other satellites already shown that the distribution area of summer ice in the Arctic from year to year

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Wonder Lake puzzled scientists and residents

February 18, 2010. Miracle or common phenomenon of nature? In Kaliningrad, argue about the causes of a small lake, which appeared in an old sand quarry. Trying to unravel the riddle of the reservoir NTV correspondent Veronika Nikolaeva.

On the street — minus 10 degrees and the water temperature — plus six. In the region have been rumors that the warm water cures for various diseases. According trodden paths of snowy plains to the mysterious lake immediately rushed to fans of alternative medicine from the neighboring districts.

Zinaida Petrova, a resident of the village "Smooth" Guard District, Kaliningrad

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Doha negotiations stalled

The Doha Round stalled Facts

The first week of the conference on climate change and extension of the Kyoto Protocol in Doha ended without making any significant decisions or revolutionary developments. Unfortunately, the country members could not reach consensus on the timing, the permissible values of the emissions, the deadline for implementing the new protocol and a number of other small nuances. EU countries insist Kyoto-2 worked for eight years, and sees no need to increase the already existing 20-percent rate of emissions for the year 2020 to 30 percent. Small island states more impressed period of 5 years. According

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In the Atlantic storm season is officially over

In the Atlantic storm season is officially over weather and climate

Last week, it was officially announced the completion of a terrible storm and hurricane season in the Atlantic, including the recent sensational Sandy hurricane in the north-eastern United States. At the end of the season, only one of the expected storms this year achieved the rank of "major hurricane" and received the appropriate classification. But according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA, this is not Sandy, as you might think.

It appeared to be a storm, Michael, in fact it reached the third category of

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The World Meteorological Organization on climate in 2012

The World Meteorological Organization on climate 2012 Weather and Climate

The first ten months of 2012 have been extremely warm, were characterized by a variety of extreme weather, as well as the unprecedented melting of Arctic sea ice. According to the report WMO period from 2001 to 2011 was among the warmest in the history of observation, even though the cooling effect of the La Niña effect in the year 2012.

If we consider all the data preserved by the WMO 1850, the period from January to October this year was the ninth warmest period on Earth. Global

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Seismologists all countries unite!

Ross Stein (photo by James Brown / From J to B.)

June 20, 2013. In a dark room eight seismologists from Albania and the former Yugoslav republics listen attentively Ross Stein of the U.S. Geological Survey, which explains how the geological compression in some places the rock is moving upward along the fault, and in the other — the side. The suppressed until then energy can cause severe shock like the one in July 1963 killed more than a thousand residents of the Macedonian capital of Skopje. The scientists map the Balkans, bristling with pointers to possible earthquake

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