Photos from. Flooding in Colorado

Black Hawk helicopter evacuates women from the flooded area in the vicinity of Jamestown, Colo., Sept. 17, 2013. (AP Photo / Denver Post, Joe Amon)

September 23, 2013. After prolonged heavy rains that caused severe floods over the past few decades, the sky over Colorado finally cleared up, and in the state of restoration work began. Tens of thousands of homes were damaged or destroyed by the floods. The main trouble is that only about 1 percent of Colorado residents have insured their home in case of flood. The authorities are preparing to evacuate residents of the

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In southern Italy there was a tornado

In southern Italy there was a tornado Natural Disasters

Tornado struck the southern Italian city of Taranto, where Europe's largest steel factory Ilhwa. Suffered as a result of the building of the plant and 20 workers who performed the same day duties. One person has been missing after the wind took the funnel into the sea crane where he worked. Three of his colleagues were rescued. A total of 38 people suffered Taranto.

Tornado brought serious damage to the company, since many workers demolished the design of the plant, which was recently involved in an environmental scandal. Because

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In Colombia, there was another landslide

In Colombia, there was another landslide Natural Disasters

Extensive landslides occurred in the northeast of the Colombian province of Norte de Santader. The landslide was the result of heavy rains that contributed to the descent of an avalanche near the settlement Teorama. According to preliminary data, the debris may be about 20 — 30 residents of the settlement. Another 50 people in one way or another affected by the sudden shift of the earth formation.

As visibility is reduced in the region due to the ongoing rains, ground rescue operations are temporarily unable to continue. In the area

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Landslides in the north of England

Landslides in the north of England Natural Disasters

Isklyuchitenoe above normal rainfall has caused severe flooding, not only throughout the UK but also has caused several landslides in England. Thus, in the fishing port of Whitby, North Yorkshire, the landslide brought a lot of inconvenience to local residents who have never experienced this kind of accidents right in the city, as all the previous episodes were due to coastal erosion.

The current landslide occurred on the eastern side of the valley of the local river, damaging the gardens of the Victorian era (19th century). If landslide expand, it

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Off the coast of Mexico formed Tropical Storm Eric

July 5, 2013. On the Pacific coast of Mexico is moving tropical storm "Eric". It was reported on Thursday, experts from the National Center for monitoring hurricanes in Miami / Florida, United States /.

According to them, the storm is currently located 225 km from the city of Acapulco and moving toward the mainland at 19 kilometers per hour. The wind speed reaches its epicenter 75 kilometers per hour. According to the forecast meteorologists in the next 48 hours "Eric" can gain traction.

Earlier, at the western coast of Mexico hurricanes formed "Cosmic" and "Delilah", which in a short time

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How much cost for the U.S. Hurricane Sandy?

How much cost for the U.S. Hurricane Sandy? Natural disasters

Supershtorm Sandy put New York real super-bill of $ 42 billion, bringing more damage than the infamous Hurricane Katrina. In order to maintain the city has already raised funds of funds, where money is kept for emergencies.

Sandy impact on the city in some of the nuances had even worse consequences than Katrina, which caused devastation of the American east coast in 2005. Although the list of victims of the Katrina was much higher (1 833) than in Sandy (about 110 people), property damage to individuals and businesses

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Sea-level rise is inevitable

According to the latest report by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), due to global climate change, which will lead to the melting of ice in the Arctic, Antarctic and Greenland, and as a result — an increase in global sea level, the water will be large areas of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives will be submerged and the archipelago of Tuvalu.

Without a roof over your head can remain 100 million Asians, 14 million Europeans, with 8 million people in Africa and South America.

German scientist Stefan Rahmstorf, whose research is based on the forecast of sea-level rise

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In southern Iran was a flood

In southern Iran was a flood Natural Disasters

Prolonged rains triggered flooding in the southern part of Iran. These events have caused the death of nine people. A few more residents were seriously injured and their lives are in danger. Iranians living in the south of the country, with no luck twice as together with flooding in the region, there was a terrible storm. He left extensive damage

The main elements of the pressure felt Fars, Khuzestan and Bushehr. At the time in Kazerun closed local schools since spilled rivers. Prohibited the use of certain roads, as they

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Russian volcano started erupting after a 36-year-old dream

Russian volcano started erupting after a 36-year sleep Natural Disasters

One of the Russian volcanoes located on the Kamchatka Peninsula, suddenly resumed their activity after in a state of complete rest for up to 36 years. The column of ash above the crater Flat Tolbachik, part of the Klyuchevskaya volcano group, rose to a height of 7 km, creating around a huge cloud of ash.

Ash and ash, selected from the volcano, were classified by the wind to the north-west while the lava rushed down the mountain to the south. In the nearby villages and the May Krasny

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Floods in China: the people washed along with the bridge

July 6, 2013. Incessant rains have caused flooding in the northeast of China. In Heilongjiang Province on Friday evening coming water washed away a bridge across the river with him — two car taxis, which were at that moment on the bridge. Local authorities have reported the three missing, another man managed to escape, according to ITAR-TASS. Currently, local authorities are carrying out a search operation, rescuers began to work on raising the car from the river bottom.

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