India extends ban on plastic bags

India extends ban on plastic bags to save the planet

Guide Delhi to impose a complete ban on the use of plastic bags in the hope that it will help to cope with mountains of debris in and outside the city. Back in 2009, in the capital of India refused plastic bags whose thickness was less than 40 microns.

Under the new ban, residents of the capital have to forget about plastic bags and containers for magazines and greeting cards as well as garbage bags. Since the end of November 2012 completely banned their sale and production, and

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The North Pole turned into a lake

July 25, 2013. Instead of snow and ice, whirling in the wind, now a greenish-blue lake at least feet deep laps around a webcam, located at the North Pole. Meltwater lake started to form on July 13, after two weeks of warm weather in the high Arctic.

In early July, the temperature was 2 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit (1 to 3 degrees C) higher than the average for the most part of the Arctic Ocean, according to the National Snow & Ice Data Center.

2011 in pictures (part 3)

2011 in pictures (part 3) This is interesting

Over the past three months there have been many exciting events: capture Gaddafi, death of Steve Jobs, a lot of fire, flood and demonstrations.

1) The distorted portrait fleeing Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in Tripoli, after he was again in the air for 42 year of his rule has vowed not to give up.

2) destruction fire area around the water tower in Bastrop, Texas, USA (September 7, 2011).

3) The "Tribute in light" shines over Manhattan, Statue of Liberty and one of the World Trade Center. 2011 marks the 10th anniversary

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The streets of Vancouver will cover recycled plastic

The streets of Vancouver will cover recycled plastic Facts

Most recently, city officials announced that Vancouver will be the first city in the world, which will include recycled plastic in asphalt coating for laying on the sidewalks and roads.

Recycled plastic is used for the production of various kinds of goods from iPhone to jeans, but the first time in a major city decided to get rid of plastic bottles, bags of milk and jars of yogurt in their streets, making it the material of these same streets. And it does not affect the color characteristics of the

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Have sown — not rise: the damage from cold weather can be unpredictable

February 14. From the Atlantic to the Urals experts now count the damage to agriculture from the all-time frosts. The southern regions of Russia this year could lose half the crop of grapes. Under threat — and the collection of winter.

Record cold weather began to bring their "harvest." Experts have begun to count the losses to agriculture. Cold this winter have set their own rules on the huge territory — from the Atlantic to the Urals. In Russia the hardest hit less powerful in the southern regions. Thus, according to experts, farmers, in 2012, the country could lose

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In the UK, announced flood warning

In the UK, announced flood warning Danger Zone

All residents, especially motorists and business owners should be very careful because of possible flooding, which brought another cyclone with strong gusts of wind. It is expected that in a few hours to the south-west of England, the West Midlands, across Wales and much of Scotland will fall to 60 mm of rain. This in itself is not much, but for the areas that are already flooded, so rain can turn into a catastrophe.

Local rivers are beginning to flood, and wind gust speed is within 80 to 112 km

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In Italy, a powerful tornado overturned trucks and tore the roof

May 30, 2013. On the northern regions of Italy, a powerful tornado struck. On the eve [29 May], he raged Cavenago town near Milan. Rare for the area a natural phenomenon captured video recorder one of the drivers. The tornado lasted only a few minutes, but managed to cause a lot of damage.

Powerful vortex overturned trucks, tearing street signs and fences, tore roofs from homes and knocked out the glass. There are no victims. According to preliminary data, the damage from the disaster could reach a million euros

Source: NTV

Now rickshaw can run on solar power

Now rickshaw can run on solar power Interesting

A group of Indian students from the College of Engineering in Dindigul was successfully performed work on the hybrid rickshaws that can simultaneously work on two types of fuel. One of them, gasoline will remain traditional and not very environmentally friendly, but the second will be a combination of solar and wind energy. But the gasoline engine will only be used during charging source of "green" energy.

This combination of fuels for a very popular means of transportation to the Indian city allows inventors to reduce emissions to 90% of

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In Europe, drafting a "safe ground"

In Europe, drafting a "safe ground" It's interesting

The European Union has decided to finance the project "Safe Land", which is a research program designed to identify strategies to manage the risks associated with landslides in the local, regional and continental level. The project should be established gradation of risk and characteristics of landslides to improve forecasting ability of such threats, the risk zones.

The project will be carried out by 27 organizations from 13 European countries, their work will be coordinated by the University of geotechnical Norway. As reported by the scientists working on the creation of

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Italy: A tornado struck the industrial zone near Milan

July 30, 2013. A tornado swept over the region Gretstsago west of Milan, where the production of a number of Italian companies. The tornado lasted only 10 minutes, but in that time he managed to destroy several buildings, pull out of the ground poles of power lines to turn a lot of cars and wounding more than a dozen people.

"We were inside at the time when the truck hit the wall and he kicked her. Then burst the windows and we all could not understand what was happening. Just take a look: roof blown off and the door,

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