The warmest decade

The first 10 years of this century were the warmest in history, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the United Nations. In addition, according to scientists, the outgoing 2009 finished fifth in the last 160 years in terms of high temperatures.

"In 2009, the excess of the normal level of temperature was observed on every continent except North America — it was cooler standards — said WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud. — The warming trend in the face. This fact leaves no doubt. "

"El Niño" warm the planet, "La Niña" — cools

According to the WMO, the

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Tropical storm Flossie cross the Hawaiian Islands

The displacement of tropical storm "Flossie". © Gismeteo

July 29, 2013. Tropical storm "Flossie", which became the sixth season of tropical storms in the northeast Pacific, was born on July 24 near the Mexican coast. Monday morning local time, it will be released on the Big Island of Hawaii, and then continue to move west over the rest of the archipelago.

Despite signs of weakening in the last hours, the storm will bring dangerous surf on the island, damaging winds, intense rains and flooding. Center of the storm will pass very close to the town of Hilo? the

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In China, came the hottest period of summer

July 29, 2013. In many parts of China has recently stepped the hottest period of summer. According to the Central Weather Service on Sunday, the maximum temperature of the air in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, and the provinces of Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi / East China / Hunan, Hubei / Central China / Sichuan and / Southwest China / reached 37 — 39 degrees.

As forecasters predicted in the next five to eight days of sultry weather will be held in Chongqing and the areas to the south of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. There, the thermometer

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Underground Krivbass: The Phantom Menace

26 yanvarya.Kak already reported "Bulletin", the morning of the 14th of January in Krivoy Rog were recorded tremors 3.9 points. It was a complete surprise to seismologists, even at the nearest seismic station to the city in the Crimea. Prof. Dr. Bella Pustovitenko, for example, questioned whether it was a purely natural phenomenon.

The tremors could not be natural and artificial origin caused by many years of activity of industrial objects, ie mining companies. Despite the differences of opinion, one experts said firmly: the earthquake could not have happened as a result of blasting. In Krivoy Rog terupravleniya State

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Heat waves in Europe: In Germany, melt the rails, Mallorca burning forests

July 28. In Germany, ending the weekend became the hottest this year. Unusually high even for the summer temperature established throughout the country.

In Berlin today, the thermometer rose to 37 degrees. Residents flocked to the capital located between Berlin and Potsdam Great Lakes beaches and small Wannsee Wannsee. Many went to the public swimming pools and fountains to the city.

In Munich (federal state of Bavaria), where the temperature in the heat of the day was also in the area of 37 degrees, due to deformation of the rails blocked segment of urban railway (S-Bahn). As reported in the

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Rome fights spill Tiber and Anene

Rome fights spill Anene Tiber and Natural Disasters

Venice and southern Italy are trying to overcome the effects of the recent floods. And in the west-central province of Italy Lazio situation by the hour is getting more difficult as the flood spill rivers Tiber and Anene increases. Still, a lot of inconvenience due to the excess water have residents Weights and Grosseto.

Anene has managed to break through several sites downstream of dams, mostly at the confluence with the Tiber. Himself flooded Tiber flooded several playgrounds in Rome, located off the coast. In general, the northern part of

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Italy counts the losses from floods

Italy counts the losses from floods Facts

Finally, the water level at the Venetian faces began to return to normal, and with a record 1.5 meters on St. Mark's Square down to 90 cm during the week predicted a further reduction of the water level, and experts expect that figure drops to 60 cm to weekends.

The decline of water — this is a joyous occasion for indigenous Venetians, and for tourists planning to visit the city, but the elation quite lost when it comes to damage to the city and the more southern regions of Italy prolonged

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Ukraine: Luck heavy downpour flooded

July 30, 2013. July 30 from 15:30 in Lutsk was a heavy downpour of hail.

As a result of low areas and roads of the city were flooded, basements of apartment buildings podtopilo, stopped traffic, the press service of the State Service for emergencies.

To the rescue operations were brought 10 pieces of equipment and 57 personnel of the emergency departments of the State of Ukraine.



Rescuers pumped water from flooded Lutsk

July 31, 2013. Rescuers pumped water from streets and basements of homes and the hospital in Lutsk. It is reported by the State

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Around the world, the mysterious hum drives people crazy

July 29, 2013. He sneaks under the cover of night and hear once more from him will never get rid of …

He is known as a drone (The Hum), the constant buzzing sound that is heard in different places such as Taos, New Mexico, Bristol, England, Scotland.

However, one can not determine the source of the sound and why it hears only certain small percentage of the population in some areas. This mystery remains in the top 10 unexplained phenomena.

The first information started to emerge from the 1950s from people suddenly began to chase the low-frequency, pulsating hum.

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Show the planets in one night

Show planets overnight Facts

This week the inhabitants of our planet will have the rare opportunity to see the major planets of the solar system in a single night.

Just after sunset on Dec. 21 in good weather in the south-eastern sky will be clear to consider the bright Venus just above the setting sun. Jupiter is located high in the south sky. In a telescope between Venus and Jupiter will be visible to Uranus and Neptune. Loop-line, which is formed by the planet, called the ecliptic, or the line of eclipses.

If you go early in the morning of

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