New York and New Jersey after Sandy

New York and New Jersey after Sandy Facts

Two weeks have passed since the hurricane Sandy ran into the U.S. East Coast and left 8.5 million people without electricity. But work on the clearing of settlements, roads and beaches of loose debris, far from complete. This is especially noticeable in New York and New Jersey, in Coney Island and around Staten Island. A major force in this case are the team of volunteers who work on the clean-up of flooded homes and property saving surviving victims. Their work continues, even in the absence of electricity.

1. Residents of

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Floods in Myanmar have made 25,000 people homeless in

August 1, 2013. Flooding occurred as a result of rising water in the critical state of rivers Karen on the Thai border. Approximately 25,000 people in the flooded areas of eastern Myanmar, were evacuated in 80 special camps for people affected by the recent floods. Only a few hundred people still do not have a fixed abode.

Rescue operations are delayed because a large number of settlements located in these parts of Myanmar, which is very hard to get to, as the roads had deteriorated, and because of the danger of landslides. But rescuers have armed helicopters to

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TV-cerial as propaganda struggle for ecology

TV-cerial as propaganda struggle for the environment to save the planet

Executive Director of the "National Energy" D.Robo (Dave Robau) decided to seek investment to start filming a new television series on the topic of environmental protection. Presumably, the project will have the name "Green defender» ("Girls Gone Green").

But the show is not just an environmental subtext. Robo aim is to create a scenario that would convince the ladies that a career in science, technology and related disciplines, and it is accessible and useful. It's so they can not only develop themselves, but to continue to use

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Flooding in western Algeria

Flooding in western Algeria Natural Disasters

Heavy rains have caused flooding in the western part of one of the northern states of Africa. Dozens of roads were flooded national importance, because of the water stopped working a few tracks.

Tlemtsen province in 580 km from the capital of Algeria has been hit hard, there for a reason floods were completely inaccessible national roads 22 and 98. Reported on the fall of the bridge is part of the highway in the province of al-Bayda. The result halted traffic on three highways of the province. Disrupted communications and the infrastructure

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Giant hailstones the size of a tennis ball hit Germany

July 28, 2013. "Heavy artillery" — large hail caused extensive damage to the inhabitants of a German village Wassel Sehnte on Saturday night.

Eyewitnesses describe the size of hail, argue that it was the size of tennis balls.

The video shows the damaged roofs, broken windows, a broken garden furniture and riddled vehicles.


North China fights with snowfall

North China fights with snowfall Weather and Climate

Despite the fact that the heavy snowfalls are not considered rare in the northern part of China, but the storm that swept the region for several days in mid-November of this really worth considering. As the Weather Service, Heilongjiang Province, one morning in Hegane formed a layer of snow as thick as 50 cm, which has not happened for about 50 years in a row.

Of course, such a heavy snowfall could not help but reflect on the work of local highways, in many communities were broken under the weight

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Underground sources can double the area floods

Underground sources can double the area floods Scientists prove

Scientists from the University of Hawaii at Manoa have found that in addition to the usual threat of flooding low-lying places, coming from the oceans and rivers, with the increase in global sea level increases the likelihood that flooding will be challenged by underground springs. On the example of Honolulu, you can see that the flooding of the city from the ground is twice stronger than by sea water.

If the sea level continues to rise and will increase to 1 meter, 10% of the densely populated coastal areas

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Photos from the

Soufriere Hills volcano erupted on the Caribbean island of Montserrat. (AP Photo / Wayne Fenton)

This photographic images of various parts of the world, which records the abnormal weather phenomena. Many of them have received press attention, some were mentioned in the slide, either intentionally or by accident we do not know. Looking integrity of the post can imagine what is happening on the planet. The main thing is that the fact remains — it happened and it continues.

Pictures are clickable.

A man and a dog sitting on the steps of

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In Myanmar, there was a new earthquake

In Myanmar, there was a new earthquake Natural Disasters

In the South Asian country of Myanmar (Burma), again there was an earthquake, this time near the newly-made capital city Naypyidaw. Fortunately, this time there was no casualties and widespread destruction, but not in the earthquake, which occurred a few days ago.

New impetus had power of 4.8 points and there was a 56 km south of the capital city. Data on deaths from a push force of 6.8 points and repeated episodes constantly refined. According to latest information, the cataclysm took the life of 26 people, about 230

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In Brazil, recorded a strong tornado

September 24, 2013. After a crushing blow tornado in the Brazilian municipality Takuarituba, located 328 km east of the city of Sao Paulo, a state of emergency. The inhabitants of the municipality still can not make out the rubble of crumpled cars, fallen trees and other debris left behind by the wind funnel almost every street Takuarituby.

During the revelry of elements here two people were killed, another 64 were injured. One of the victims was the driver of the bus, lifted into the air by wind and thrown on the road, bus passengers survived. The second man

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