Flooding in the Far East

Amur Oblast. Flood

August 11, 2013. No comments yet.

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The Governor of the Amur region: water falls, but still a lot of problems

August 11, 2013. In the Far East by the floods affected more than 11.5 thousand. In the Amur region due to heavy rains the situation has deteriorated dramatically. Flooded nearly 750 homes in which they live about 1200 people. More information about the flood situation said on the phone the regional governor Oleg Kozhemyako.

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Risk area: Khabarovsk is preparing for a record flood

August 11, 2013. In

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In Sudan, as a result of torrential rains flooding occurred

August 12, 2013. In Sudan, inflicted on the River Nile State torrential rains caused flooding, leaving 36 people dead. According to reports from the capital, Khartoum, destroyed more than 5,000 homes in rural areas. This state is located north of Khartoum.

As the radio Omdurman, the element is not spared the Sudanese capital and its suburbs. Four hours on the last Friday of the city had the monthly rainfall, and it has become, according to local media reports, the lake. The rains accompanied by gale gusts of wind, as a result many old residential buildings were destroyed and extensive damage

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Life After People. Scientists have explained why plants have survived in Chernobyl. Pictures of the


Len has adapted to high levels of radiation at Chernobyl due to the "rescue" a network of proteins in their cells, which help to understand some of the high resistance of plants to soil contamination, reports the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

An international team of scientists from Slovakia, Ukraine and the United States explained flax ability to adapt to adverse conditions in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In their work the researchers used an analysis of the proteome (the set of all protein molecules) flax seeds.

According to researchers, the Chernobyl accident was not

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North China threatens the strongest in the last twenty years flood

August 11, 2013. At the border with Russia, Heilongjiang Province / Northeast China / expected strong over the past twenty years flood. This is today Xinhua reported.

According to the agency, now the water level in the river Nenjiang exceeded the norm by 1.62 meters. For this reason, the authorities announced "orange" alert level. In the PRC adopted a four-level warning system for natural disasters, in which the level of risk is indicated in blue, yellow, orange and red.

According to the National Meteorological Center of China in the next three days in the north and north-east of China will

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From Lake Titicaca to the Mekong Delta

The legendary Lake Titicaca, located at an altitude of 3,800 meters between Peru and Bolivia dries, while Vietnam is becoming a victim of melting of Himalayan snow and thousands of kilometers of the Mekong Delta will soon be under water.

The transition from fish to potatoes

Over the last ten years, the water surface of Lake Titicaca is rapidly declining. Land are approximately 5,000 acres, and only the beginning of November the water level dropped by 80 cm Residents of this region live in extreme poverty, and they are now in danger of extinction fisheries. Replace fishing livestock or

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Vent door against carbon dioxide

Vent door to fight to save the planet with carbon dioxide

A research group from the University of Melbourne has developed a new method to extract the CO2, which will help reduce the cost of screening and storage of known greenhouse gas. This will ensure a clean future, because carbon dioxide will be compressed and safely conserve or use in the chemical industry.

The principle of the new method is to capture the CO2 molecule with a molecular sieve with a mesh of suitable size, which is to seize and other substances, which required later to conduct additional

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A record amount of snow blurted New York

A record amount of snow blurted New York Weather and Climate

Those weather surprises that went through New Yorkers in the middle of the week, it is already possible to record the meteorological record books. It is a snow day, which covered the famous metropolis. The three main weather station in New York confirmed the record snowfall.

Thus, the previous record for Central Park, 25.4 mm, referring to 1878, was beaten with a reserve and amounted to 109.2 mm. And if we add the morning snow. You get all 120 mm. In the entire history of meteozapisey the

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Strange coincidence

Concurrence of events, links between them can not be in any case, unpleasant current scientific doctrine, and it becomes a real curse.

Yesterday, December 16, 2009, in Moscow, in the wee hours of the sun erupted unique to present a unique and difficult to explain by itself the active period luminaries.

It was characterized by a large (by the standards of this year) with the capacity and duration. Images of the Sun at the time of the flash in different spectral ranges were obtained international space observatories.

Several local media said for some reason the outbreak of a strange

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Cold winters are the norm for Europe

Suddenly a cold and snowy winter, which was in 2009-2010, will soon become commonplace for people in Europe, East Asia and Eastern North America, according to Dr. James Overland of the Pacific Marine Laboratory of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, USA.

"Cold and snowy winters will be the rule rather than the exception … It is extremely cold and snowy winter of 2009-2010 in Europe, eastern Asia and eastern North America is connected to unique physical processes in the Arctic," — said Overland was quoted as saying on the conference website on the results of the International Polar

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Arabica may disappear due to climate change

Arabica may disappear due to climate change Facts

A team from the Royal Botanic Gardens, UK began studying the problem of climate change impacts on natural coffee plantation grade "arabica", grown in different parts of the world. The results are hardly encouraging, especially for coffee people, as by the end of the century this kind of coffee can completely disappear.

The fact that the "Arabica" was much more sensitive to changes in climate indicators in comparison with other varieties invigorating drink and very poorly adapted to small changes. This occurs in part because the "Arabica" limited genetic potential,

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