Bad weather in China maintains its position

July 16, 2013. In southern China rescuers continue to evacuate tens of thousands of people to a safe area. At least one person died as a result of Typhoon "chime", which hit the southern parts of China on August 14. At the same time, in Hunan province, located to the east, the tornado leveled hundreds of homes and left homeless residents.

Source: RT

Is it possible from tornadoes and hurricanes produce energy

Is it possible from tornadoes and hurricanes produce energy Facts

Tornadoes and hurricanes are one of the most terrifying forms of natural phenomena on the planet. But some scientists an idea, that their destructive power can be channeled and benefit from this significant benefit. Until, of course, there is no such device that could convert the energy of a hurricane or tornado in electricity, but the thought of developing it is about to materialize.

If we talk about the power of a tornado, the average amount of energy it produces in a certain point will be 200 times

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Khabarovsk: the level of water in the Amur skyrockets

August 17, 2013. The outskirts of Khabarovsk, located near the shore of the Amur, are already in the flood zone due to rapidly rising water level in the river.

City Administration reports that in the South and North regions of Khabarovsk flooded basements of several homes. Water fills the plots.

The water level in the Amur River near Khabarovsk reached 630 cm, hydrologists and specialists predict a further raising of the water to 7-7.5 m

Russian Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova said that in the Khabarovsk region evacuated about 300 people.

On Sunday, the province will again rain, locally heavy.

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Niamh cyclone reached India

Niamh cyclone reached India Natural Disasters

Floods in Andhra Pradesh have caused significant damage in low-lying areas and become deadly for residents in several areas. The number of victims of the incidents related to heavy precipitation, rising to 17 people. According to official sources, the water has destroyed more than 1,240 homes and caused damage to crops, significantly impair a 2.5 million hectares of land. The most vulnerable crop was paddy.

Flood has damaged 495 km of roads, 406 km of drainage facilities, 107 km of water pipes, 36 municipal buildings and 10,882 street lights. About fifty felled

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Statistics of natural disasters. Trends

Since 1988, the WHO Collaborating Centres (World Health Organization) Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) supported the work of an international database on disasters (EM-DAT). EM-DAT was created with initial support from the WHO and the Belgian Government.

The main purpose of the database is to assist in humanitarian efforts of national and global scale. This is a project aimed at streamlining decision to prepare for disasters and catastrophes, as well as providing an independent basis for vulnerability assessment and prioritization.

EM-DAT contains the basic core data on more than 18 thousands of accidents and their

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Flooding in Slovenia

Flooding in Slovenia Natural Disasters

Heavy rains have caused flooding hundreds of homes and commercial buildings in the north-east of Slovenia. Suffered the most on Duplek, located 130 km north-east of the capital Ljubljana. It is reported that the water were more than 250 town homes, and domestic animals belonging to five local farms, had to urgently evacuate.

After the Drava river flooding and waterlogging of Mr. Meza was Dravograd, located in the north-east of Ljubljana, 113 kilometers away. Almost a day the city was cut off from the world, because no way around it was not functioning.

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North-western Europe threatens flooding

North-western Europe is threatened flood danger zone

Vast tracts of England and Wales are at risk of flooding due to heavy rain and snow and rain and hail that raged here for the weekend. To date, the south-west of England are 6 warnings about the dangers of flooding every minute, and 10 in other areas. This means that security measures should be applied immediately.

The situation is complicated by the fact that since the summer in local rivers did not sleep the water level, the soil is still moist, and if the rain will fall at least a

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Another earthquake in New Zealand

Another earthquake in New Zealand Natural Disasters

10 months after the devastating earthquake in February that killed 182 people and devastated the city center in Christchurch December 23, 2011 again saw a series of tremors of 5.8. It is reported that there was no serious damage. One person has been damaged, is in a shopping center, and four had to be rescued from the landslide. During earthquakes, many goods in the shops were falling off the shelves, forcing shoppers to flee into the streets.

The first earthquake occurred at a depth of 4 kilometers to 26 kilometers from Christchurch. It

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Giant sinkhole in Kansas

August 3, 2013. Residents of a small community in western Kansas talk about the incident, and that they can not believe it. Something inexplicable happened and left people in awe. First, people County Wallace only heard rumors and not everyone believed them. However, once they were able to see the photo — were amazed.

"I think it looks like madness" — said one of the locals.

It seems so crazy that causes people to flock to a remote area north of Sharon Springs, to see with their own eyes what happened.

"How can this happen? What influenced this?

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In Moscow again went snowfall

September 26, 2013. Today in Moscow airport "Vnukovo" snowfall was the second time in a row. Last night, witnesses reported snowfall in the metro station South West.

It is reported that the snow did not lead to problems with the movement of vehicles on the Kiev highway. So many early snowfall was not the first in Moscow. On the eve of witnesses have reported a slight snowfall in the metro area south-west.

The current differs in September in the capital of abnormal weather. September 24 was a broken record precipitation amount, established in 1885. And today it was announced that

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