As global warming is a tornado?

March 18, 2013. Many scientists say that global warming on the planet with such a situation weather events such as hurricanes and droughts, will only get worse. However, experts predict a tornado to a standstill. United States suffer from this unpredictable and sometimes deadly hurricanes more than any other country. For example, since 1890, in Oklahoma City was recorded 147 tornadoes.

In connection with the approaching tornado season scholars reflect on one simple question: will global warming to an increase in tornado or decrease it? On this question there is no single answer. In recent statistics tornado in America

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Researchers have discovered hundreds of volcanoes around Norway

August 4, 2013. That Loki's Castle called the Norwegians found volcanic mountains, the presence of which they did not anticipate.

Researchers from the University of Bergan (University of Bergen (UiB)) found hundreds of volcanoes in the deep sea around Norway. The area may be a new national park or Norway or the place of billions of dollars of revenue.

Unique results discovered by the Norwegians, a volcanic mountain range is 1,500 km long, which extends from Jan Mayen to the strait Frem, located between Greenland and the Archipelago Shlitsbergenom.

Prior to that, on the map in this area

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130 years of temperature change on Earth

August 3, 2013. How did the temperature of the earth's surface? To answer this question, researchers gathered information about the temperature for 130 years from 1000 weather stations in different parts of the world and combined them with modern satellite data.

The result was an impressive video. In the mini-movie shows the temperature change on a global scale relative to the local average temperature of the mid-1900s. Red indicates warming, blue — cooling.

According to the findings of scientists over the last 130 years the earth's temperature has risen nearly 1 degree Celsius. Many of the hottest periods occurred

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How long does it take for volcanoes 'charge'?

August 2, 2013. The journal Nature recently published an interesting information about the inner life of terrestrial volcanoes. Received news about volcanoes can be divided into "good" and "bad." Let's start with the "bad."

As the researchers from Columbia University, on this planet, there are special types of volcanoes, which to recharge the regular portion of fresh lava requires only a few days, at most, a week. Previously, it was believed that the preparations for the new full eruption takes much more time. The eruptive activity of volcanoes erupting at the same time reserving and fresh hot magma in its

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From the floods in Pakistan, Afghanistan and killed 86 people

August 5, 2013. At least 70 people were killed floods in Afghanistan, at least another 16 were killed in neighboring Pakistan. Most of the deaths due to the collapse of buildings or faults in the wiring.

In Afghanistan, the hardest hit Kabul and the surrounding towns, where dozens of homes were destroyed. Also flood affected eastern province of Nuristan and Khost. As reported by law enforcement representative of the country as long as it is not possible to give the exact number of victims because many people are still missing. In Pakistan, the major damage and casualties occurred in

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La Niña caused a lowering of the World Ocean

La Niña caused a lowering of the World Ocean Weather and Climate

Climatic phenomenon La Niña, which occurred in 2011, was so strong that eventually led to the fall in global sea level by as much as 5 mm. With the arrival of La Nina has been a shift in the values of the surface temperature of the Pacific Ocean and changed precipitation patterns around the world, as the earth began to drain moisture from the ocean and go to the land in the form of rain in Australia, northern South America, South-East Asia .

Alternating dominance is

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Nadis: appeal to readers

Appeal to readers

In connection with the events in the region, the Philippines three earthquakes with M = 7 and above, we have to make adjustments to our outlook for Greece and extend the expected events of 3-4 September 2010, because the first time we are faced with a similar situation.

We will continue to implement an open and regular monitoring of seismic situation in the world and especially for the region of Greece-Turkey. And once again remind you that we view the planet as a whole.

However, we invite to cooperation all reasonable people and are ready to provide

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North China snowfall paralyzed

North China snowfall paralyzed Weather and Climate

As expected weather forecasters, the northern part of China was almost completely paralyzed by heavy snowfall. To clear the roads from 80-cm layer of snow and to deliver food and water caught in a snowstorm away from civilization, the drivers, the number of which is close to a thousand, even soldiers are called units.

As more heavy snowfall is expected in the north of China, in particular vulnerability is all modes of transportation and air, and rail, and even more vehicles. "Orange" code of danger remains relevant for the entire northern

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Tourists killed in the storm on the Chinese Wall

Tourists killed in the storm on Wall of China Natural Disasters

During a visit to the Great Wall in Huailai County, Hebei Province, due to the ice storm damaged three Japanese tourists. When climbing on a hilly section of the route in China tourists met with drifting snow and strong winds, which are held in the northern part of the country for several days.

The result confirmed dead two elderly citizen of Japan, and one man on the list, the number of missing people. In the search for the group sent more than 150 people who were trying

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Atlantic coast of the United States threatens new storm

Atlantic coast of the United States threatens new storm Weather and Climate

U.S. national meteorological centers, watching the air masses of the Atlantic, found a new storm that could reach the coast of New England and the middle part of the east coast on the day of elections. This system will not have such a destructive force as Sandy, and she did not come from the tropics. But the coast should be wary of snow and blowing snow with strong winds of 50-60 km / h and beach erosion coast, already affected by previous supershtorma.

Direct threat does

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