In the Philippines, more than 30 fishermen were missing due to the typhoon chime

August 13, 2013. At least 33 fishermen from the eastern Philippine province of Catanduanes were missing due to typhoon "chime". According to the authorities, the sailors set out to sea on Saturday, ignoring storm warnings.

According to the National Civil Defence Committee, because of the typhoon in Bicol province evacuated about a thousand people in the ports of the resumption of the canceled flights vessels waiting more than eight million passengers, canceled many flights.

In some parts of the main Philippine island of Luzon disrupted power supply in several provinces of canceled classes in schools. According to the forecasts of

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Increases the activity of Poas Volcano in Costa Rica

Increases the activity of Poas Volcano in Costa Rica Facts

Poas Volcano alerted residents of the province of Alajuela in Costa Rica on his awakening strong rumbling and shaking. Early in the morning of the volcano ash and began to climb the dirt. Height of the ash column is more than 500 meters. As reported by the observers of the national park, which is located on the territory of the volcano, the ash from the crater was attributed to several hundred meters from the top and covered the ground and the trees of the park.

Poas long has

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The intense heat has killed three people in Japan

August 10, 2013. Three people died in Japan because of the intense heat that prevails in most parts of the country. Still, at least 1,729 people have been hospitalized with heat stroke, eight of them — in a serious condition.

According to the Central Fire Department Japan, which serves as the MOE, in three prefectures of the country, the thermometer for the first time in the last six years have risen above the level of 40 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature of 40.7 degrees was recorded in Simantov in Kochi Prefecture. In Tokyo, the figure was more than 37 degrees.

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Earthquake in southern Italy

Earthquake in southern Italy Natural Disasters

Tremor power in five balls occurred at night in the Italian province of Cosenza, the southern region of Calabria, where most residents slept. After impact, the citizens ran to the street and spent rest of the night for fear of aftershocks. On the streets of panic prevailed as strongly push shattered houses and apartments.

It is reported that an elderly Italian died of a heart attack triggered by an earthquake. On the walls of a hospital in the small town of Mormanno large cracks have appeared, forcing the administration to evacuate people

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Algeria hit by floods

August 12, 2013. Torrential rains caused massive flooding in the southwestern Algerian province of Adrar that hurt 11 people, one of them is now in a critical condition in hospital.

Just 45 minutes in the Adrar fell as much water as it flows were damaged more than 130 buildings. Of these, 29 were completely demolished strong water flows 103 more buildings including houses were partially damaged.

The governor of the province Abdulkader Baradei said that the people left homeless due to the elements, have already been provided with temporary accommodation in special camps. They provide everything you need to

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Straw paper replaces the paper from wood

Straw paper replaces the paper from wood to save the planet

Company Prairie Pulp & Paper Inc. is a company for the production of environmentally friendly paper does not use the usual wood and wheat straw residues left after harvesting. The company's goal is to achieve in North America transfer paper industry for the use of raw material origin, non-timber.

Many have responded in support of the ideas, as its advantages are obvious, especially when it comes to reducing the rate of deforestation in this way. The cost of production of paper can also be reduced, because the

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Canadian tsunami after the earthquake was not dangerous

Tsunami after the earthquake was harmless Canadian Natural Disasters

After a fairly strong earthquake of 7.7 points, recorded in Canada, to Hawaii, it was announced on the possibility of a tsunami warning. However, it was not more serious than a horror story on the eve of All Saints' Day. However, most of the islanders the announcement seriously and people began a hurried evacuation of the interior of the island.

Within minutes, the traffic on the roads leading from the coast, it was difficult, in Honolulu, there have been many accidents because drivers are in a state of panic.

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On about. Jamaica flew hurricane

On about. Jamaica flew Hurricane Natural Disasters

Jamaica was under a hurricane hit Sandy, who had a 1-category of danger. One person died after it fell from a hill a few cobbles budge hurricane wind. According to forecasts, the hurricane will only gain momentum, moving towards the north of Cuba, which already declared a storm warning.

Sandy brought heavy rain and wind with a speed of 125 km / h In this regard, on the island of closing schools and airports, water transportation has changed its course in the major cities for two days curfew. First came under

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Iceland is preparing a powerful earthquake

Iceland is preparing a powerful earthquake danger zone

Residents of the northern part of. Iceland received an official warning that the region has increased the likelihood of a large earthquake. This conclusion seismologists analyzed the 20-year activity of the subsoil of the island, which is now home to nearly 320,000 people.

In a recent series of small tremors recorded at a depth of 20 km near the northern coast of Iceland one of the episodes had a magnitude of 5.6 points. Typically, these events are precursors to more serious seismic vibrations. Local residents are concerned about the upcoming

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Flooding in the Far East will decline in early September

August 14, 2013. Flooding in the Russian Far East may cease to top-mid-September, the situation will depend on the "behavior" of Pacific typhoons, said at a news conference in RIA Novosti the head of Hydromet Alexander Frolov.

"We will strongly depend on the Pacific typhoons. By early September, rainfall could decline, an unfavorable development of the situation may be (stop flooding) in mid-September, "- said Frolov.

He noted that even if the rains cease the beginning of September, the water will slowly leave the flooded areas, from 10 days to two weeks.

Since mid-July, the Amur Region, Khabarovsk, Primorye become

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