Scary Summer 2010

Abnormal temperature in June 2010, compared with average temperatures in June 1971 and 2000. (NOAA)

August 10. According to experts weather center "Phobos", held July was the hottest in the history of meteorological observations of Moscow.

In its scope, the anomalies, the duration and the degree of impact the heat does not have analogs for more than a century of weather observations. For example, the average temperature was 26.1 degrees Celsius, exceeding the rate of eight to ten degrees. For a month the temperature has broken the order of ten records.

In addition, registered its absolute maximum —

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Christmas gift of a tropical cyclone

Christmas gift from a tropical cyclone weather and climate

Over Arafura Sea formed tropical low pressure system, which can be one of the largest tropical cyclones on the eve of Christmas. Like a cyclone destroyed 37 years ago, the Darwin and claimed 49 lives. Australian weather bureau predicts probability pyatidesyatiprotsentnuyu storm the morning of 22 December 2011.

Fig. 2. Forecasting model

The upper part of the cyclone spread over eastern Australia, which will increase the strength of the wind at the bottom of the 23 December, and the system will send to the east-southeast. This will delay the formation of

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How to make more effective geo-engineering?

How to make more effective geo-engineering? It is interesting

Geo-engineering inventions are meant to prevent global warming by reflecting the excess energy of the sun back into the atmosphere. Scientists usually rely on such innovative techniques as spraying aerosols in the Earth's stratosphere, or to create artificial clouds at low altitudes.

Opponents of geoengineering are confident that such an intervention will never have the same effect on different parts of our planet. Moreover, it can lead to unpredictable consequences, so potential targets are not worth such a global risk. To prove that geoengineering is safe and will have

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Rain floods in the Magadan region

August 20, 2013. According to the Kolyma CGMS, from 17 to 20 August, as expected, in the Magadan region fell from 120 mm to 204 mm of rain. In just the past day Day 19 — Night on August 20 at the Magadan region, heavy rains have brought up to 52 mm, in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug to 18 mm. The reason for the heavy rains began active cyclone, which was handed to the regular rains came in from the south of the Far East, then crossed the Sea of Okhotsk, and went out on the coast of the Magadan

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Earthquake in Lorca caused interference with ground water

Earthquake in Lorca caused interference with ground water Scientists have shown

Examining the wealth of data on the fault, the scientists concluded that the cause of a fairly strong earthquake of 5.1 earthquake that occurred in the Spanish city in 2011, has become a frequent and improper human intervention in the bowels of the earth. Then a start killing 9 people and caused enormous damage to the city itself.

With the help of satellite images revealed the direction in which there is a movement of the soil. Researchers found the correspondence of these shifts in relatively shallow fault

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Bad weather in Spain claimed the life of a foreign tourist

Bad weather in Spain claimed the lives of foreign tourists Weather and Climate

A 37-year-old resident of Poland, strolling along the promenade Spanish beach in Lloret del Mar, swept over sea wave caused by the storms. As a result, she was carried away into the sea and died. The body of a woman was found dead at 9 km down the coast in the vicinity of Blanes.

Another possible victim of the storm, flown to the northeast of Catalonia, was a citizen of France, who is currently on the list of missing persons. As it turned out, the

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China threatens new tropical storm

August 19, 2013. August 14 in the South China city of Yangjiang (Guangdong) came ashore typhoon "Yutor." To date, we know of three dead and five missing people. Tens of thousands of residents have been evacuated.

Soon the people of China lies in wait for a new attack. Approximately 300 km from the coast of Taiwan was formed tropical storm "Tram". According to the forecasts of meteorologists to land in China, he can come out as early as Tuesday.

It is expected that over the next few days, "Tram" will intensify. For a short time it can be rated as

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In Indonesia, the next flood

In Indonesia, another flood of Natural Disasters

Floods in Papua in eastern Indonesia, caused the evacuation of about a thousand people. Surging water damaged at least 200 homes and hundreds of public buildings. Heavy rain drenched mountainous part of the country and provoked floods Eranuli. Water pouring out of the bed of the river, filled the streets of the village of the same name.

According to witnesses, at night the water rose to 2 meters and flooded with the medical clinic serving the village unit for water purification. On the fatal cases in this incident is not reported.

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In rice cultivation lies the threat to our climate

In rice cultivation lies the threat to our climate scientists have proven

Recently published data from one study, which said that the cultivation of rice in the world can cause a dangerous increase in concentration of the greenhouse gas methane in the atmosphere. CH4, which appears when the growth and cultivation of this crop, contributes to the warming of our planet.

Scientists have found that elevated carbon dioxide concentration rice fields begin to produce much more methane than in low CO2 concentrations and lower temperature. That is, growing in warmer conditions, rice makes these conditions even more heat

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Revised rate of movement of the magnetic poles

April 21. Geofizacheskih Data Center NOAA (National Center for Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has updated (revised) their positional data from the shift of magnetic north pole position and projected to 2015. The pole shift, if you will, continues to occur in the same direction, since it has accelerated dramatically in the mid-90s. But …

In NOAA made some significant and apparently linear change in pole position from 2001 to 2010. The most notable of the changes was the general linear deceleration shift over the last decade, although it remains high — about 48 km per year. They have projected

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