Permanent snow in Alaska came much earlier than normal

Permanent snow in Alaska came much earlier than normal weather and climate

Residents of Valdez in Alaska do not cease to be amazed at how early in the current season on a peninsula formed permanent snow. In the snow-covered snow fell in the U.S. for 17 days before the generally accepted norm. And now in the vicinity of the city as white as usual in January.

Last season in Valdez winter dropped a lot of rain, and an increase of almost 11 meters. In general, the last season in the said territory snow cover of more than 100

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On the coast of Brittany coming high tidal wave

On the coast of Brittany coming high tidal wave danger zone

Two Breton departments of France, Finistere and Morbiane, was declared an "orange" code danger due to the advent of the waves, the height of which exceeds the norm. Warning of danger will operate in coastal areas, should be especially vigilant in the evening.

It is expected that from the Atlantic to the coast of France will approach the wave height exceeds 5 m. In this regard, there is a high threat of flooding most open and lowland areas off Brittany. Authorities fear that the tidal wave may

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North Vietnam floods and floods

September 6, 2013. The cause extensive flooding for several days treats residents of the northern part of Vietnam, have long showers. Hardest-hit province of Ha Giang, Lai Chau and Lao Cai, where during the precipitation formed a few landslides and rockfalls.

Such disasters have killed at least 25 people, but the unofficial death toll could be much higher. Most of the dead were in the province of Lao Cai, transport in the province paralyzed. Aft that, there are reports of 14 injured and several Vietnamese, whose whereabouts is not known.

In addition to human casualties, Vietnam and suffered

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Melting ice and underwater landslides

August 19, 2013. If the melting of ice at the poles and indeed lead to a sharp rise in sea level, the pressure on the coast of the continent will lead to underwater landslides — U.S. scientists predict. Submarine landslides happen at every continental slope (underwater continental margin) — where the underwater part of the lithospheric plates bordering the tectonic plates of the oceans. Such showers could cause dangerous tsunami, reports Live Science.

Almost half of the tectonic shifts as a result of submarine landslides that occurred over the past 125 000 years, to the period 8 000-15 000

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The failure of the bottom of the lake in Louisiana

August 22, 2013. Unusual natural phenomenon captured U.S. citizens vacationing near the lake on the border of Louisiana and East Texas: their eyes for a few seconds of the land with trees gently "left" in the lake.

It is known that when the place was a forest, but as a result of seismic activity failure was formed a year ago, which was filled with water. The activity is still going on, which probably was the cause of such natural phenomena.

Source: Rus. Apollo

Sinkhole in Louisiana Bayou Corne increased

December 12. Sinkhole in Louisiana Bayou Corne, formed in the summer of 2012, "grown up" and now takes about 8 acres (3.23 hectares).

In addition, the area in the immediate vicinity of the failure to actively produces methane, scaring the locals and simultaneously killing animals …


Flood in the Far East have suffered for 50 thousand inhabitants

August 23, 2013. Severe flooding going on in the Far East, has affected more than 50,000 people. The water reached Khabarovsk, where the evacuation of local residents. More on this RT talks correspondent Paul Scott.

Source: RT

Typhoon Usagi in China for 25 victims

September 23, 2013. In China, a growing number of victims Typhoon "Usagi", which hit the southern province of Guangdong, and continues to move across the country. According to Chinese media on Monday, the disaster claimed the lives of at least 25 people. Among the victims — drowned and dead on the ground, mostly — under collapsed buildings.

Typhoon blows cars off the roads, uproots trees and causing flooding. Collapsed over 7,000 houses. Hundreds of thousands were left without electricity.

As reported by authorities, about 226,000 people were forced to flee their homes. In general, the element has affected

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Near the North Pole was formed difficult to explain a large polynya

September 6, 2013. At the end of August, the average area of Arctic ice was 990,000 square kilometers. It is 130,000 square miles less than the norm, but significantly greater than the absolute minimum, recorded last year.

The difference was 2.38 million square kilometers. August 2013 took sixth place from the end of the climate history dating back to 1979.

The only water area with an area of ice close to the norm, it was the East Siberian Sea, while in July it included the Beaufort Sea and Chukchi Sea. Reduction of the area of ice came with the pace

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In the Indian Ocean formed a rare cyclone

In the Indian Ocean formed a rare cyclone Weather and Climate

Tropical cyclone Anais with maximum wind speed of 184 km / h, which is equivalent to the Atlantic hurricane third category of danger, appeared in the south-west Indian Ocean. In early spring, and it is this season going through the southern hemisphere of the Earth, tropical cyclones are rare, which makes the appearance of Anais anomaly. This can be compared with the sudden emergence of a powerful hurricane in April, somewhere near the Caribbean. But unlike the hurricanes of the northern hemisphere, Anais rotates clockwise.

Typically, in

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