North Korea does not have enough food

WASHINGTON, Feb. 24. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Alexander Pakhomov /. The DPRK has a critical situation with the provision of food, urgently need help. It was reported here on Wednesday at a briefing by representatives of five U.S. non-governmental organizations that Pyongyang also allowed to visit the country this month and assess food needs.

According to them, heavy rains and floods last summer resulted in a number of areas of the DPRK to reduce the collection of vegetables by 50 percent, but because of the cold this winter, as expected, the loss of spring wheat and barley also reached 50 percent.

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Warming makes the Alps region in disaster-

The inhabitants of the Alps should prepare for major changes. Global warming, according to Austrian scientists trigger more landslides, debris flows and accumulation of thick layer of sediment along rivers and valleys.

Mountain ecosystems are particularly dynamic. Any change in one of its components may cause unpredictable and even dangerous consequences. For example, in the Alps, global warming has led to a variety of disasters. A team of scientists led by Dr. Margaret Keyler (Margreth Keiler) of the University of Vienna assessed the current state of the mountain and made predictions for the future. For a start, researchers have

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In Venice, a period of "high water"

In Venice, a period of "high water" Natural disasters

In a famous Italian city of Venice in the north once again there was an increase in water level in the canals. By imposing a layer of water were almost all the streets and town squares, including those that are run through the most popular tourist destinations.

Because of the sudden change in the water level in the city government announced a "yellow" code of danger. It is expected that water is able to reach a peak of 1.05 meters. Particularly impressive is the water column formed on St.

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The guarantee Lloyd's market is a huge loss

September 21. Insurance market Lloyd's of London said Wednesday that suffered huge losses in the fiscal first half due to the unprecedented number of major natural disasters, including the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

"The Corporation has estimated losses that before tax amounted to 697 million pounds (1.09 billion dollars, 800 million euros) in the first half of the year", — said the chairman of Lloyd's in the official final report, noting that the requirements on insurance payments increased significantly. And this is compared with a profit of 628 million pounds in the same period last fiscal year.


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Siberian flood crest passes in Nanaiskiy Khabarovsk region

September 8, 2013. According to hydrologists, on the upper and middle Amur continued steady decline in levels. In the Amur River region is almost completely returned to its banks. Only in the area of the village Konstantinovka floodplain flooded by 29 cm

Intensive water downturn continues in the Jewish Autonomous Region on 38-42 cm per day, below the confluence of the Songhua River — by 12-17 cm per day. In Lenin and Nizhnespasskogo remain significant flooding of the river.

Near Khabarovsk, compared with the maximum high water level of water has fallen to 27 cm, in Yelabuga —

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Climate change could leave residents without water Caribbean

September 7, 2013. The conference, which began this week on the island of St. Lucia, discusses the impact of climate change on drinking water in the region of the Caribbean Sea. The general consensus — the situation is very deplorable.

Sea-level rise can lead to contamination of drinking water supplies, and patterns of climate change — cause a deficit rainfall, filling water tanks.

According to the Caribbean Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, in August 2012, some of the island faced with a period of dry weather, including Grenada and Anguilla. By July 2013 the same weather conditions were observed in

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In Nepal, there was a Landslide

September 7, 2013. Friday night in the vicinity of the Nepalese city Mulghat Landslide occurred. 13 houses were buried under a layer of earth and mud. Information about casualties among the population, fortunately, has not yet been reported.

Left homeless more than 100 people. Dozens of other homes in the affected area are also threatened by the landslide. They warned residents about a possible evacuation, according to the portal "Republica".

In addition, as a result of the landslide was closed stretch of highway that connects the Cauchy and Dhankuta district. More than 100 cars can not get off the ground

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Natural disasters have led to a decrease in GDP of Vietnam

September 23, 2013. According to the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), the country annually loses 1.5 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) due to damage to the equipment due to various natural disasters.

Minister Cao Duc Phat made the statement at a seminar on cooperation Vietnam and Japan, dedicated to disaster prevention and management, on Friday.

In a statement referring to the minister reported that according to statistics, in recent years, the frequency of natural disasters has increased and continues to increase. This is explained by the changes taking place with the climate.

Typhoon Linda killed

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Hurricane Paul go past Mexico

Hurricane Paul will not pass by Mexico's Danger Zone

The hurricane has formed in the eastern Pacific Ocean and is going to bring a huge portion of precipitation on the peninsula of Baja California, which is a part of Mexico. For some time the hurricane stayed on the third category of risk, and then his strength has decreased to Category 2 under the influence of cold ocean water and wind. Wind speed in a hurricane reaches 195 km / h

Showers and wind will have time to touch the ground of the peninsula before the hurricane will come

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Floods in India affected 1.8 million children

Floods in India affected 1.8 million children Natural Disasters

The organization "Save the Children" has estimated that in the current year from three severe floods in the northern part of India, mainly in the state of Assam, affected some 1.8 million children. They, along with their families were displaced.

The first two waves of disasters captured north of the country in late June and early July 2012. Then in the 27 affected districts of India 2.7 million people. The third episode occurred in September, the number of victims has reached 1.5 million Indians. According to estimates of the

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