The location of nuclear power plants in the UK are under threat of flooding

The location of nuclear power plants in the UK are under threat of flooding Facts

From unpublished government data, sea level rise caused by climate change threatens 12-of-19 nuclear power stations in Britain.

Photo: NPP in Sizewell, Suffolk.

According to the Ministry of the environment are considered to be the most vulnerable locations of nine nuclear power plants, while the rest will be at risk of flooding and storms in the coming decades. These include the planning and construction of new nuclear power station sites along the coast, as well as radioactive waste storage, operating reactors and frozen nuclear facilities.

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British scientists have "artificial volcano"

British scientists have "artificial volcano" save the planet

It is known that volcanic eruptions, similar to what happened in the Philippines in 1991, have the ability to cool. In Britain since the end of 2011 an experiment to pump water at a distance of one kilometer from the ground into the air to test a new model of climate cooling, with which to launch into the stratosphere, sulfuric acid particles, capable of reflecting the sun.

A new experimental model of an artificial volcano is necessary for possible protection from damaging effects of climate change. The experiment is the first of

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Mat for yoga-sama from Manduka

Pad Shaman Manduka yoga from Guide presents

Guide to choosing eco-gifts 2012-2013 ' 3 '  

If your favorite position during yoga classes — pose upside down, but you do not have a particular pleasure all the time in contact with the litter of polyvinyl chloride, immediately replace it with a mat made of 100% cotton, made in India. This mat is painted with natural organic pigments. Carefully woven edges and delicate fabric will guarantee stability and contribute to absorb sweat in the classroom. In addition, these rugs are more pleasing to the eye. Can be purchased at

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In the Arabian Sea because of the earthquake, a new island

September 24, 2013 in the south-west of Pakistan about 16:30 local time, an earthquake. Magnitude 7.8 quake was, and the epicenter was in the Balochistan — the least populated province of the country. In this case, the tremors were felt in Karachi and in the Indian cities of Hyderabad and Delhi.

The disaster killed several hundred people. Many houses were destroyed — for example, in the district Avaran hit 90 percent of all buildings. But the earthquake was one more thing — the unexpected — consequence: in the Arabian Sea near the Pakistani city of Gwadar island rose out

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Rising sea levels provokes relocation of an entire nation

Rising sea levels provokes relocation of an entire nation Facts

Fig. Nation of Kiribati, located below sea level.

President of one of the Pacific nation of Kiribati, called plans to buy land in Fiji, in order to fully move back all its citizens. The reason being relocated will be a growing level of water in the ocean.

This migration will be the first in modern history to be because of climate change. Kiribati is going to buy 2025 hectares of vacant land in the archipelago to build homes and start farming, since a significant number of 32 own atolls stretching

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Thousands of Australians were evacuated due to floods

Thousands of Australians were evacuated due to floods Natural Disasters

After weeks of heavy rains in Australia in New South Wales spilled 16 rivers, floods also threatened the states of Queensland and Victoria. The most affected region of the two pools Murray and Darling rivers in New South Wales and Victoria. Cities located downstream are considered most vulnerable to flooding.

Photo: view from the sky over the city Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.

As a result of river flooding in New South Wales, the most populous state, territory the size of France is under water, or in danger of being

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The number of dead in the Pakistani earthquake has doubled

October 2, 2013. According to the latest information from the National Service for Emergency Situations of Pakistan, the number of victims the two strongest earthquakes of September of the year has grown to 825 people. All the victims were residents of remote and sparsely populated fairly poor mountainous province of Baluchistan.

From natural disasters affected more than 30 Pakistani villages, about 20,000 huts in which the family lived in Baluchistan, razed to the ground. The area of destruction in the province reached almost 40 thousand km ², and every day in this huge area from the rubble and mud sediment

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Maldives will not prevent rising sea levels

October 2, 2013. The continued accumulation of sand within the annular attolov Maldivian reefs may provide a basis for the future development of the islands, new research suggests. It is assumed that such islands like the Maldives will be one of the first to experience the effects of climate change, particularly sea level rise. The study, published in the journal Geology, describes the formation of islands in the Maldives attolov.

The researchers studied the history of education "island of the foundation," which begins when the lagoon is quite filled with sand, which is derived from the surrounding coral reefs that

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Coming solar eclipse

Coming solar eclipse Facts

May 20, 2012 in some parts of the world, such as the western United States, it will be possible to observe the annular solar eclipse. This eclipse occurs when the Moon is in a position directly in front of the Sun relative to the Earth, covering the entire disk stars except the edges. Previous annular eclipse was observed May 10, 1994, the following will occur October 14, 2023.

Map full annular eclipse in the U.S..

The same eclipse will be visible in China March 21, 2012, in other parts of both hemispheres, the eclipse will be

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Photos from natural disasters

View Mingxia County in Gansu Province after the earthquake a magnitude of 6.6 points, 22 July 2013. (Reuters / Stringer)


Soldiers apart the rubble after the earthquake a magnitude of 6.1 points in Chamdo County in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, Aug. 13, 2013. The earthquake damaged 45,000 houses, as well as roads, bridges and water conservancy facilities. (Reuters / China Daily)


Nineteen-year girl is in the hospital after the quake a magnitude of 6.6 points in the county Mingxia in Gansu Province, July 23, 2013. (Reuters

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