Near Rome's airport formed a geyser

August 30, 2013. Saturday morning near Rome's Fiumicino airport was found a small fumarole — a hole through which the surface of the earth come hot steam and gas. The depth of a crater about 1.2 meters in diameter — 1.8 meters.

Airport workers immediately put the fence and caused seismologists, but witnesses managed to capture an unusual phenomenon in the video.

As reported by witnesses, right in the middle of the circular intersection formed geyzeropodobny source, who began to throw mud and steam to a height of one meter.

Now the Italian geologists study the nature of this

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Rocks were promised the earth instant coup field

People are used to having such large-scale changes as the redrawing of the continents or climate are slow. One generation it is difficult to evaluate them, and sometimes simply overlooked. But here's discovery: a grand event — the reversal of the magnetic poles — perhaps even by the standards of people almost instantly. And such a focus can turn the home planet before our eyes.

Recently, Scott Baugh (Scott Bogue) of the Los Angeles Occidental College (Occidental College) And Jonathan Glen (Jonathan Glen) of the U.S. Geological Survey (US Geological Survey) Studied the ancient igneous rocks in the

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Scientists have explained the reason for the stabilization in global average temperature

August 29, 2013. Scientists who study the process of global warming world, noted that despite the increase in the proportion of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere over the past 15 years the average temperature of the planet has remained virtually unchanged. This fact allowed to assume the existence of a deterrent, providing stabilization of the temperature.

It turned out that such a break is provided by abnormally low temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean. Scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in California and Hsieh Yu Kosaka Shanpin in an article published in the journal "Nacho" note

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In Australia +35 ° C

August 29, 2013. In Australia +35 ° C! "So what? — You might say. — This is Australia! "Feature is that it is winter in Australia, and such high temperatures in the winter here was not very long ago.

In August 1946, in the town of Udnadatta in the northern part of South Australia was set a winter record of +36.5 ° C. In 1960, the winter weather has tried to update the record heat, reaching 36,2 ° C. Of recent natural disasters in South Australia it is worth mentioning the winter inferno 2009, when all of the same Udnadatte

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Hurricane with a speed of 160 km / h hit the Kamchatka

August 29, 2013. South Kamchatka attacked the powerful cyclonic vortex. The pressure at the center of 985 hPa, and gusts of gale force winds, torrential rains accompanied by an intense, sometimes reaching 44 m / s (160 km / h). Hurricane turns the bus stops, breaks banners, sometimes felled trees. It is reported by a representative of a local meteorologist.

According to preliminary figures, the rampant disaster victims. Residents and visitors should refrain from Kamchatka outings. Rescuers advise citizens not to leave the house, do not let the kids on the street, drivers not to travel, as well as follow

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Comet Elenin finally collapsed, said astronomer

September 26. The famous comet Elenin, which preachers imminent end of the world would be closely visit aliens, apparently, finally collapsed and did not fly to the point of closest approach to the Earth, told RIA Novosti on Monday, its discoverer — astronomer Leonid Elenin, Institute of Applied Mathematics Keldysh.

"The comet was supposed to appear in images space solar observatory SOHO, but it is not. Apparently, she fell apart. Perhaps some pieces that will continue to fly in the same orbit, we can see in October with ground-based telescopes, "- said Elenin.

"The comet will not cause

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The southern hemisphere of the Earth becomes drier

The southern hemisphere of the Earth becomes drier weather and climate

Scientists from the CSIRO undertook a study of issues relating to reducing autumn precipitation in the south-eastern Australia. Researchers found a trend in the 1970s of the last century. It is noteworthy that in April and May also reduced the amount of rainfall, which is associated with the approach of the dry subtropics called Hadley cell to the south-east Australia.

In addition, both the autumn and the spring rainfall influenced the shift track storms and other weather systems in the more southern regions of the continent in

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USA: Strange smell frightened residents Bellingham, Wash.

September 22, 2013. According to the Bellingham Herald, the source of the mysterious smell coming from the waterfront and the city passing through Bellingham, remains unknown. Official institutions can not yet explain its cause.

More than 100 customers have reported the smell of sulfur, natural gas, methane or oil in the evening, September 18.

Calls came in 911, in accordance with the route of advance has the smell of the air mass.

This is the second wave of reports about the natural smell of gas along the waterfront this summer. In mid-August, when the phenomenon was observed for the first

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Floods in Nigeria

Floods in Nigeria Natural Disasters

The floods that swept West African country, have killed at least 148 people. Another 64 thousand Nigerians were forced to evacuate water away from the waxing, fraught with danger of cholera and other dangerous diseases. During the rainy season in the two northern states already observed an outbreak of cholera that affected at least 135 people. In the past year from diseases transmitted through water in the rainy season in Nigeria killed more than 200 people.

According to the Red Cross, the seasonal floods affected 18 of the 36 states of Nigeria. If

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U.S. East Coast storm visited

U.S. East Coast storm visited Weather and Climate

The same storm system that brought flash floods in parts of Texas and the other young men-continental states last week, threw on the east coast of the U.S. portion of the impressive precipitation.

Under the influence of northbound showers were all states, from Florida and North and South Carolina and ending the southern outskirts of New England. In some places, the rainfall reached 25-50 mm, the heaviest rains occurred in the corridor between Washington and New York, especially to the north and west of Washington, near Philadelphia, and Baltimore, where

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