Earthquake in the UK

September 4, 2013. Indeed, there is a place on earth where rocks constantly. They are called — earthquake zones. In turn, there are places where the earthquake is a rarity. One of these areas can be called the British Isles. They are removed from the plate boundaries. However, here the bowels of the earth shake people sometimes.

It happened on August 30 in the seaside town of Blackpool, located in the western part of the country. At 10:58 local time, an earthquake of magnitude 3.3. The tremors were felt even in the most remote Dublin. Physics of shocks in

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By approaching typhoon in Japan

September 2, 2013. Tropical cyclone Toraja (Toraji) is displaced by the waters of the East China Sea. The pressure in the center of the cyclone is 996 mb, it is shifted to the northwest at a speed of about 15 km / h Peak gusts of wind near the center of the typhoon reaches 30 m / s.

According to the forecasts in the next two days displacement speed of the cyclone will decrease, but the atmospheric vortex continues to spin. Already by Tuesday, the pressure in his heart will fall to 994 mb, on Thursday — to 990 mb,

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The winds in the oceans have become faster, the waves — higher scientists have found

The average speed of the planet ocean winds in the years 1991-2008 increased by an average of 0.25% per annum and the maximum rate — by 0.75%, while the average height of the waves at high latitudes also increased, according to Australian researchers in a paper published in the the online version of the journal Science.

The team, led by Ian Young (Ian Young) from Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne, Australia) analyzed a database compiled by altimeters geodetic satellites, starting with the U.S. GEOSAT, launched in 1985. From such data can be observed changes in the average wave height

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In Alaska, an earthquake of magnitude 7.1

September 4, 2013. An earthquake of magnitude 7.1 occurred today Andreianov islands in the Aleutian Archipelago / Alaska /, at 10:32 Beijing time / 6:32 MSK / Chinese seismological center said. The threat of a tsunami were reported.

Details of casualties or damage there.


The drought continues to worsen U.S. crops

September 5, 2013. Drought in the U.S. continues to harass prairie plantings of spring crops. As a result, the state of corn and soybeans is gradually getting worse, as the data signal and the NASS.

Thus, the share of corn being in good and excellent condition, in the past week decreased from 59% to 56%, and soybeans — from 58% to 54%. Plant development still lags behind the normal, transmits IR "ProAgro".

Cleaning of spring wheat is a lot slower than last year. By the end of the previous week were removed only 64% of crops, compared with 42% the

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Flooding in Tunisia led to the evacuation of 500 families

September 5, 2013. Flood became a hotbed of El Kef Governorate, located in the north-west of the country. Heavy rainfall submerged several residential areas of this part of Tunisia. Because of the poor quality of roads, muddy immediately from excessive moisture, access to flooded areas is much more complex.

However, fire rescuers managed to reach the affected people to evacuate from the flooded homes of about 500 families. Prior to the arrival of helping people had to flee from the water on the roofs of houses and outbuildings. Some had to be removed from the river currents blown cars. Fortunately,

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Second life for old phone booths

Second life for old phone booths Facts

To old, unused phone booths on the streets of Japanese cities do not clutter landfills, not empty or, worse, did not turn into garbage cans that nobody cleans Kingyobu initiative group from Osaka decided to make one city aquariums with live fish. By the way, a rough translation of the name of just the "goldfish".

Five young people is sealed several such booths filled with water, devices for air and settled there aquarium goldfish. Telephone inventor himself left in kennels as entourage.

The first booth appeared in late 2011

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Salt marshes on the beach can slow warming

Salt marshes on the beach can slow global warming Scientists prove

At the University of Virginia conducted a study which showed that global warming and rising sea levels salt marshes are located near the sea, will absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to four times faster, which will slow the warming itself.

In addition to this coastal ecosystem functions perform like mangroves and algae that grow at the edge of the sea. The combined efforts of these three ecosystems can provide significant cooling effect, scientists say. Salt marshes are good for the fact that, thanks to its location

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The Australian city of Perth came under the influence of the storm

September 23, 2013. Strong night winds with gusts to 146 km / h, which a tropical cyclone brought into the territory of the Western Australian city of Perth, staged a pogrom in it. The city has more than a hundred felled trees, many of which fell on power lines. As a result — 20,000 residents and commuters are still without electricity.

To help the victims arrived 16 teams of specialists to restore power supply. At one of the sites for the liquidation of damages even need the help of a helicopter. Experts do not yet call completion dates,

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In Nigeria, the mass evacuation after flood

In Nigeria, the mass evacuation after flood Natural Disasters

As reported by the Government of the north-central state of Kwara in Nigeria, due to the flooding of the two districts in the state were evacuated over 7,000 people. In this case, the process of evacuation had to make during the day, since any delay could cost the lives of more people.

In addition to residents of the country from the water, brought a flood damaged large areas of crops of grain harvest in 2012. at least 3,200 hectares of rice sown more unusable. Without bread or rice can

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