In Sudan, flooded refugee camp

In Sudan, flooded refugee camp Natural Disasters

The conflict has forced 80,000 refugees from the camps in the Blue Nile State to move to some other camps in southern Sudan. But there they found no salvation, and another attack in the form of floods, nastigshego staff Maba.

All in the camp housed about 109 thousand people, but heavy rains have made the camp virtually uninhabitable. Local rivers spill worsened quality of the roads so that the trains carrying humanitarian aid and food can not get to mabanskih camps sheltered war refugees. In the most critical situation is the

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In the fight against the greenhouse effect include a new "green" material

In the fight against the greenhouse effect include a new "green" material to save the planet

Scientists from the University of Nottingham have invented a new and inexpensive material, which in the future may be used in the fight against global warming. Codename invention NOTT-300. This porous material is able to reduce harmful emissions from the combustion of fuel, locking in their structure compounds such as CO2 and SO2.

The process of getting rid of not harmless substances will be much easier and less expensive as compared to the existing technology. This will enable all countries and economies

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El Nino may return

El Nino may return Weather and Climate

As suggested meteorologists and climatologists, weather phenomenon El Nino may return to the planet in the next few days, but will be much weaker than the last episode. This conclusion is based on data on the temperature of water in the Pacific Ocean in July and August, which created favorable conditions for the formation of El Niño in September and October.

El Nino usually repeated every two to seven years, and occurs when the wind-trade winds that move the surface layers of the ocean waters begin to subside. Then appear in

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Forest fires in Ecuador

Forest fires in Ecuador Natural Disasters

Fire in the forest of Ecuador, caused the death of five people, one of which was a fireman. 73 Ecuadorians were injured and maimed. Fire destroyed more than 17,600 hectares of land, of which 17,484 hectares of forest, which grows in the Andes. More than a hundred hectares of the current crop was completely destroyed during the fires, tens of hectares to some extent affected by the influence of fire.

On June 1, 2012 in Ecuador due to dry and windy weather conditions occurred some 3069 fires. As the home to deal

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Floods in Pakistan and India

Floods in Pakistan and India Natural Disasters

Punjab, Balochistan and Sindh in southern Pakistan on the verge of flooding on the scale reminiscent of the summer floods of 2010. Only one had to be evacuated Balochistan nearly 100,000 inhabitants, as irrigation canals and dams along the Indus River, and the water-holding system completely broke down under the impact of heavy monsoon rains.

As seen from the pictures taken satellite systems, a large number of plots of land near the Pakistani Indus already flooded. The depth of water in some places impressive size (in the figure indicates a more

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Brazilian coral reefs in danger of extinction

Brazilian coral reefs to extinction Facts

Over the past 50 years, coral reefs, stretching for 3,000 km on the northeast coast of Brazil, lost 80% of their biomass. This rapid disappearance of an important component of the marine ecosystem can be considered a real natural disaster for the Atlantic Ocean.

Earlier on the reefs, located in the Atlantic at the Brazilian cities Fortaleza, Recife and Natal, home to about 18 species of corals, algae and various types of fish. Now, according to the Ministry of Environment of the country and the Federal University of Pernambuco, decreased not only

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In Britain declared flood warnings

In Britain declared flood warnings Danger Zone

Britain is preparing to moving from the Atlantic the September showers that can cause flooding dozens of moderate severity in the country. Over the next two days on the island, especially in the south-east and north of England, Scotland, will fall to 80 mm of rain, accompanied by winds of 96 km / h

Flood warning is sounded in several counties, some places are expected flooding. Population is recommended to observe the precaution to protect your property, to be ready for a cold snap and the weather changes from summer to

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Sweden has the strongest desire to recycle garbage

Sweden has the strongest desire to recycle garbage Facts

Sweden lacks the waste to fully load their refineries. Therefore, the country must import recyclables from their neighbors. Such a huge success was achieved thanks to the Swedes thought out and well-coordinated system of waste management, where 36% of garbage are recyclable materials, 14% are converted into compost, 49% incinerated. According to the latest figure from the European countries Sweden is second only to Denmark, where about 54% of burnt debris. Only 1% of Swedish waste goes to landfill. In comparison, the European average — 38%.

Burning garbage in

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Avalanche in the mountains of Nepal

Avalanche in the mountains of Nepal Facts

After the avalanche with the eighth highest mountain peak of the world, located in the north-west of Nepal, died climbing group of nine people, four other people who were trying to conquer the mountain, at the moment are still missing. One of the tourist camps, which were home to climbers during the ascent, demolished avalanche flow, the second has significant damage.

As the representative of the local police, the body of German climber and his Nepalese guide were found deep in the snow on the mountain Manaslu altitude 8163 m, which

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Incredible drought in Mexico

Incredible drought in Mexico Natural Disasters

According to the National Weather Service (SMN), for Mexico in September was the driest month in the last 70 years. Since 1941, this is the most arid period in the history of the country. 50,000 head of cattle, about one million hectares of crops were lost, according to the Ministry of Agriculture. The most affected northern states of Chihuahua Chihuahua, Durango, Durango and the peninsula of Baja California Baja California peninsula, as well as the neighboring U.S. states.

Figure 2. Nuevo Leon drought in a village in the state of New Leon, Mexico.


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