Return of a typhoon in North Korea

Return to North Korea Typhoon Natural Disasters

North Koreans again suffering hardships from a typhoon that followed heavy rains and floods in the province of South Pengan. By 88 disaster victims and added another 31 dead, 16 others found missing. Thousands of people hoping to soon return home, remain in the status of refugees.

New invasion only exacerbate the deplorable economic situation in the country, located in a period of stagnation since the 1990s. Typhoon destroyed 46,000 hectares of crops, houses and destroyed the coastal areas on the eastern and western coast of Korea. In the most affected

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The Olympic Games and extreme weather

Olympic sports and weather extreme weather and climate

Olympic capital in 2012 has spent billions on improvement of sports facilities and the reorganization of the transport network and maintaining environmental and safety measures. But what she really could not and can not control and predict with absolute precision, a world-famous London weather.

That is why the organizers of the event organized mass selling umbrellas, various red, white and blue poncho. The most popular types of competitions, not requiring the fresh air, passes through the halls. Fortunately, at the opening ceremony of the weather took pity on the audience

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Taiwan typhoon threatens Philippines

Taiwan typhoon threatens Philippines Danger Zone

Ninth typhoon in the Pacific region is gaining momentum and is approaching the coast of south-eastern province of Fudzyan in China. Residents advised to prepare for a meeting with the elements, as the typhoon is very powerful and has already brought heavy rainfall and flooding in the Philippines, especially in the North Island. Luzon.

In the next three days Saola develop speed of 185 km / h, which will provide a typhoon hazard category 3. Downpours and flooding expected in the region between the cities of Fuzhou and Taizhou and on about.

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Olympics -2012 without plastic bags

Olympics -2012 without plastic bags Facts

Ecological Movement activists in London, visitors are urged to the Olympics, as well as suppliers and sponsokrov, do not use plastic bags, which they offer in stores. Thus they try at least to some extent prevent the plastic invasion of the capital the 2012 Olympics, as the organizers refused to completely ban plastic bags for use during the Games.

The movement against the use of plastic on the Olympic Games in London began in November 2010 and is intended to draw attention to the excessive consumption in everyday life, it is difficult

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Web-based application for fire fighting

Web-based application for fire Facts

For firefighters, as no one in the world, it is vital to get the information about what is happening. Therefore, the young company FireWhat Inc., Founded by two firefighters and MIT graduate, has developed a free mobile platform for innovative fire service. On the Web site also contains information on current fires, information is updated constantly, to prevent delay in 12-24 hours, and helps save the lives of people and the flora and fauna.

The development was named FireWhat. Its main advantage is the speed of update of the burning areas and public

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Tornado on record height in Colorado

Tornado on record height in Colorado Natural Disasters

Tornadoes that occurred over the weekend in the U.S. state of Colorado in the north-east of the summit, the Evans 96 miles west of Denver, was named the second highest tornado ever to fix in the U.S.. The maximum height at which the crater was seen in four locations, was 3.62 km.

Tornado-record holder is amazing by the fact that he was able to form in a mountainous area, where usually funnels are not high. Only in Colorado for a year happens about 50 tornadoes and almost all are found

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Europe — a day without temperature record

Europe — a day without temperature records Weather and Climate

Even the most northern European mills this summer ready boasting the real temperature record and surprisingly long absence of serious precipitation. Thus, in eastern Finland the thermometer rose to an incredible +30 ° C and above. The country is constantly raging summer thunderstorms with wind speeds of 15-25 m / s in some places have left villages without electricity. In North Karelia, a few days as there were about 30 degrees. In the coming days, however, this wave of hot weather in the region will stop, as the western part

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A strong storm hit Scotland

A strong storm hit Scotland Natural Disasters

The storm that hit Scotland December 8, 2011, is considered the worst in 15 years. Wind gusts reached 265 kilometers per hour. Across the country were reported shortages of electricity, and in some parts of the house were badly damaged. On the same day, the authorities warned that some of the country's population remains without power until the weekend, as engineers need to connect more than 70 million homes. Schools and businesses were temporarily closed.

December 9, almost all electrical problems have been solved. Although the majority of schools, businesses, and service offices

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Arid regions in the United States was three times more

Arid regions in the United States was three times more than natural disasters

In North America, particularly in the U.S., due to the spread of dry weather to triple the area subjected to water shortages and surpluses of sunlight. It can turn into a disaster for the main supplier of grain on the world market, as land with cereals dry eyes. Osonovnoy hit states hold the central-western part of the USA, is a manufacturer of two thirds corn and beans in the country.

Field with the dead grain harvest near distillery. 07/25/2012. In one week, the

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In Cuba reduced the number of forest fires

In Cuba reduced the number of forest fires Facts

According to the Cuban firefighters early rainy season and effective government measures have helped reduce the number of forest fires in Cuba in the first half of the year by almost 50%. In the first half of 2012 there were about 376 forest fires, which is 46% less than the same period last year, when local firefighters had to fight with 695 fires.

Typically, in the period from January to May in Cuba last dry season, at which time the probability of forest fires is high. But this year,

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