The Pacific Ocean is dominated three storm

The Pacific Ocean is dominated three storm Weather and Climate

The expanses of the Pacific Ocean, one by one followed by three tropical storms. Danielle is moving west toward Hawaii on his trail is a new hurricane Emily. Off the coast of Mexico formed another system, code-named 98E. According to the National Hurricane Center in Miami, the probability that the system will become a tropical cyclone in the next 48 hours is 80%.

After Hurricane Danielle category fell from the 2nd, he again gained the status of a tropical storm. Its location is fixed at 1,700 km east-southeast

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Copenhagen has become the world ekostolitsey

Copenhagen has become the world's interesting ekostolitsey

The capital of Denmark won the prize "Green Capital Evropy'2014" at the ceremony in Spain in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz Vitoria-Gastayz who was the previous holder of the prize. Is the title of the city brought advances in eco-innovation and sustainable development, its contribution to the development and promotion of ways to "green" economy in Europe and beyond, as well as an exceptionally promising communication strategies.

Statue of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen The founder of the award is the European Union, which celebrates the cities where the most pleasant to

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How soon will happen eruption of Katla in Iceland?

How soon will happen eruption of Katla in Iceland? Danger zone

The increased activity of the volcano Katla in July 2011 led scientists to believe that the violent eruption to occur in the near future. In early October, there was a series of powerful earthquakes in the caldera of a volcano, but the eruption has not occurred. Dutch scientist volcanologist Andy Cooper reports that it is difficult to predict when there will be major eruption since Katla seismic activity is still at a safe level. Meteorological Service of Iceland established sensor networks around the volcano, to obtain data on the

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Unexpected thunderstorm storm in UAE

Unexpected thunderstorm storm in UAE Weather and Climate

On the north-eastern city of the UAE, including Dubai, suddenly swept heavy rain. This increased the already high humidity brought by the north-west and east winds. Temperature at +45 ° C only exacerbates state residents. Discomfort index reached seven on a ten point scale.

In many localities there were warning of severe weather conditions, people are advised to drink plenty of fluids and stay home if possible, in rooms with air conditioning. The afternoon visit to the streets is particularly dangerous, as the temperature and humidity reach a maximum. Due

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Macedonia has covered a heat wave

Macedonia has covered a heat wave weather and climate

Officials from Macedonia were forced to raise the risk of code to "yellow" in connection with established abnormally hot weather. Temperature throughout the Balkan country exceed +40 ° C. Decision to increase the risk of the code was supported by numerous complaints of people to ill health.

In the center of Skopje +43,5 ° C.

Attempts to escape the heat in the river near the village of cod to the west of the capital of Macedonia.

Macedonian Ministry of Health has warned people in the

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African savanna converted to forest

African savanna forests become Facts

Recent changes in the level of CO2 in the atmosphere accelerates the transition to African savannah unusual for this region form of vegetation — in the woods. The scientists claim that by the end of this century, African vegetation will look as well as the Central European, and savannas will be only the echoes of the past.

The transition will be implemented step by step, from latitude to latitude, and at different times, as the increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide is non-uniform. It is noteworthy that earlier studies carried out in

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European air cleaner Asian?

European air cleaner Asian? It is interesting

Nitrogen dioxide, or NO2, accumulating in the troposphere, is considered one of the most dangerous air pollutants. As shown by satellite observations, which began in 1995, the skies over Europe and North America have become much less of a harmful substance than the Middle East and parts of Asia.

Experts explain such a positive effect on developing countries more advanced technologies, such as the use ekotopliva and care about the environment. Developing countries continue to increase their consumption of fossil fuels, clogging the atmosphere and experience the incredible growth of the

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Summer in Britain canceled

Summer in Britain canceled Weather and Climate

Such a rainy summer almost no memory of who is resident in the UK. June is already recognized as the wettest in the history of the country. Many weekends and holidays was "stained" or even abolished the protracted rains. Serious threat hung over by the Olympic Games, because the rains could last until September. So the British spring in 2012 will flow smoothly in the fall.

Over the weekend in the country was recorded 51 flood warnings and 155 zones of increased anxiety. Danger code remains the highest in Wales, Yorkshire

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Cape Town is drowning in rain water

Cape Town is drowning in rainwater Natural Disasters

After overflowing rainwater Lisbik river burst its banks, many roads and homes in Cape Town were flooded. Moreover, almost all over the country, it was announced warned the cold snap and a new series of showers that will linger in the coming days.

Cold rains accompanied by winds gusting to 55 km / h In the Bay Lamberts waves, head to Cape Coast, reaching 4-5 meters. In general, the affected coastal huts. Local government and charitable organizations have established collection of blankets and hot food supply 350 flooded residents.

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Hot weather in the U.S. has received the status of drought

Hot weather in the U.S. has received the status of drought Weather and Climate

Control Center arid state finds that 46.84% of the territory of the United States is in a state of drought, are larger than the figures for the last 12 years (45.6% in September 2002). Just a week ago, dry weather has been recognized in 42.8% of the regions. If we consider only the continental states, the percentage of affected land closer to 60.

Experts estimate the overall character of the American drought as moderate, as only 8.64% of the land is in extreme conditions,

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