Information on fires in the U.S. Google maps

Information on fires in the U.S. It's interesting Google maps

As the fires in the north-western part of the United States continues to represent a serious threat to the population of Utah and Colorado, the team responding to natural disasters of Google decided to make basic information about this incident to their interactive maps. They displayed all the information on the prevalence of fire B50-Point received from the U.S. Geological Survey, places the organization of the Red Cross shelters for the victims of the fires of people and animals, and new satellite imagery from DigitalGlobe. In addition to global information

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Emergency evacuation after floods in Japan

Emergency evacuation after floods in Japan Natural Disasters

Approximately 25,000 residents of Japan. Kyushu were forced to evacuate their homes because of the threat of flooding and landslides after prolonged rains, never ceased to pour more days. The number of evacuees in Heath, Oita Prefecture, was 16 800. The city is in danger due to sharply raise the water level in the rivers surrounding the town. Perhaps, the evacuation will proceed in the coming days, as the rain continued to pour and hold for a few more days. At this point rainfall of 50-70 mm per hour. In the city

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Turkey faced with floods and landslides

Turkey faced with floods and landslides Natural Disasters

Incredible rains, which began earlier this month, was called to the north-east of Turkey floods in areas Dikmen and Duragan. Were under water homes, offices and roads. In the province of Samsun killed eight people, including at least four children, 21 received injuries of varying severity.

In the port city on the Black Sea in Canico local river burst its banks. Many buildings were flooded, cars, standing on the ground, washed with water. Knocked down hundreds of trees, damaged power lines. 28 neighboring villages without electricity. Specified area for almost

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The water level in the Chinese rivers dangerously high

The water level in the Chinese rivers dangerously high danger zone

The longest waterway of the Yangtze River in China recorded a record high water levels caused by the constant rainfall. For coastal flood hazard exists, the movement of ships and boats on the river difficult. From the 46 to 56-thousand increased the volume of water flowing over the dam, "Three Gorges", which raised the water level at 2 meters.

The dam has already launched emergency mechanisms to protect and control the water flow, as meteorological forecasts for the central and eastern parts of China are predicting rain

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Earthquake-record holder in New Zealand actually happened

Earthquake-record holder in New Zealand had happened Natural Disasters

The recent earthquake in the Bay South Taranaki, New Zealand, as predicted by seismologists, was the most powerful earthquake in the last 119 years in the region. Propulsion was equal to seven points, the depth of the epicenter was 230 km, 60 km south-west of Opunake. It is best experienced on the west coast of the North Island and on the line of the Bay of Plenty to Canterbury.

Fortunately, which lasted about 15 seconds, the earthquake did not cause a tsunami, but it caused panic among the population

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In the north-west of Europe coming winter storm

In the north-west of Europe coming winter storm Weather and Climate

As the European Meteorological «AccuWeather», later in the week strong wind, heavy rain and snow storms overwhelm the north-west of Europe from Britain to Scandinavia. Will be hindered or halted the movement of all modes of transport.

The epicenter of the hurricane will go to the server and in the central part of the UK and Ireland. In many areas, wind speed can reach 120 km / h near the sea and the hills. Because of snowstorms upland Scotland, Ireland and northern England will be covered with snow.


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Record heat in Austria

Record heat in Austria Weather and Climate

Central European country with its neighbors, is experiencing record warm summer days. However, in Austria there are already the first victims of such excesses of temperature, even in animals. So, on one of the poultry farms, gasping from the heat, died 5000 of newly hatched chicks.

All of them were trying to find a way out of the barn, which was very hot, despite the installed air conditioners. But outside air was not cool, as expected animals. In the eastern part of Austria thermometer lately kept at around +35 ° C.

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Summer snow in Georgia

Summer snow in Georgia Weather and Climate

In a remote region of Tusheti in the northeast Caucasus state on one of the crossing was completely blocked traffic due to unexpected snow. Somewhat later, the movement was allowed to off-road vehicles. A few hours was formed snow height of 10 cm

Meteorologists believe that this unexpected summer snowfall could occur due to a sharp drop in temperature to +2 .. +3 ° C in this part of the mountains, and in several regions of Georgia. Not typical for the summer time such low temperatures continue in the coming days.

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Media Systems and Ecology

Media Systems and Ecology Facts

The role of the media and other infrastructure associated with them, in the light of environmental issues and promote the protection of the environment is very high. Media resources cover a wide range of issues of ecology as a science as the ways in which people, consumers can make their lives more friendly in terms of the environment.

But, strangely enough, the existence of various media, communications and technology they use, also makes its negative contribution to environmental degradation. They are almost the largest consumers of energy in the world. Only on home

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Thailand is suffering from fires in Indonesia

Thailand is suffering from fires in Indonesia Facts

On the Indonesian island of Sumatra fires continue to rage, the smoke of which delivers a lot of difficulties to neighboring states, particularly Thailand. Its southern province of Trang could forcibly plunged into the fire. For the current season is the second wave of smoke, forcing the Thais living in cramped conditions.

Smoke from fires in Sumatra. According to experts, the current smokescreen covers all 10 districts of the province and significantly compacted compared to previous days. Smoke over Thailand worsens visibility on the roads, which increases the risk of

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