Shallow earthquake in China

Shallow earthquake in China Natural Disasters

On the border of the two Chinese provinces of Sichuan and Innan Lidzyan occurred near the town of fairly strong shallow earthquake of magnitude 5.7. The depth of the earthquake was 11 km, according to the U.S. Geological Survey — 9.3 km, which is quite dangerous for such a densely populated area, as living within range of at least 900 thousand people.

Seismic hazard maps

Two minutes after the main shock had the second episode of the power of 3.3 points. The earthquake was the destruction of more than 14

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Drought in Argentina threatens new crop

Drought in Argentina threatens new crop of Weather and Climate

Dry spring and summer are not a surprise to the South American country, for the past three years, Argentine crops suffered permanent lack of moisture. However, the situation in the current year is recognized as the most disastrous in the past 15 years.

In 2012, the drought brought by weather phenomenon La Niña, are particularly affected fields with grain and soy. A similar problem and came to Venezuela, where, as in Argentina, La Niña dominated since 2010. According to forecasts, the production of soybeans in Argentina will fall

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A new kind of wind turbine in the fight for the environment

A new kind of wind turbine in the fight for the environment to save the planet

The administration of a medical research center in Oklahoma has found its original method of power generation, fully meets the latest environmental trends. In a special compartment in the roof of the center of three parallel rows of 18 vertical mounted helical wind turbine height of 5.6 m, which supply 40-meter building with electricity.

The turbines are made of an alloy of aluminum and steel, which gives them the necessary strength and at the same time allows its direct functions and turning

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Carbon emissions due to deforestation are reduced

Carbon emissions due to deforestation reduced Scientists prove

Group of scientists from the non-profit environmental organization Winrock International (Little Rock, AR), Applied GeoSolutions (Durham, UK) and the University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland) found that at this time for one year emissions from deforestation are 0, 81 billion tons, or 10% of total emissions from 2000 to 2005. This suggests a positive environmental trends and to reduce the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

Annual distribution of carbon emissions as a consequence of deforestation between 2000 and 2005. (Spatial resolution — 18.5 km) During the study the

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Worsening desertification in Morocco

Worsening desertification in Morocco Facts

Above one of the largest oases in North Africa threatened dry. It is an oasis Errachid, located in the Atlas mountains in southern Morocco. This place is the only source of water for residents. However, they can quickly lose it due to irrational use of water for agricultural purposes, that will come in the desertification of the area.

Oasis feint near Errachid. Observations show a significant decline in the water level in the oasis, from which water is pumped into special pumps to irrigate crops of maize. According to witnesses, the area around

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People in poor countries better adapt to climate change

People in poor countries better adapt to climate change Scientists have shown

Scientists from the School of Geography, University of Nottingham, in a recent study found that countries with a lower standard of living or a relatively high adapt better to climate change than the country's average level.

According to Dr. C. Gosling, developing countries will be more difficult to adapt to changing climate conditions. Moving from the traditional to the new, they are losing a lot of important points. Them to a higher level of development should be undertaken with caution and care. Reasons for this country

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In Minnesota, a state of emergency

In Minnesota, a state of emergency Natural Disasters

In the port city of Duluth and other communities in Minnesota, USA, a state of emergency due to flooding. Inside Duluth and around water damaged roads, all of them are closed to use. In this regard, local residents advised not to long distance trips.

It is reported that some county residents had to be evacuated because of Carlton spill reservoir Thompson, provoked showers. For security check operability of the dams on the river St. Louis. Status of the four existing dams is satisfactory, the water of the

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Cleveland Volcano came into effect

Cleveland Volcano came into effect Danger Zone

Remote Aleutian volcano came into effect, the sky vyplesnuv small cloud of ash. Eruption occurred in 1504 miles southwest of Anchorage and was the strongest in the last year. According to one of the pilots, the ash cloud has risen by almost 11 kilometers above sea level. However, the photographs from the satellite, it is much less. The explosion was only one, like the one that occurred in Cleveland last year, and most likely, the cloud was really not that great.

The crater of the volcano Cleveland 201.168 m width forming

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Fire season resumes

Fire season resumes Natural Disasters

In central and western Africa, the newly resumed land and forest fire season. Since mid-June, it recorded hundreds of new fires. Hardest-hit southern provinces of Angola, north-west of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and south-east Zambia. Over all this territory to lift heavy curtain of smoke from fires that interferes with normal life of local residents. Smoke from the burning land in the Congo drift to neighboring countries, located north-west.

Fires in West Africa. 06/15/2012 In Africa, less extensive fires are not always the cause of extremely hot, dry weather. Often fire

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Participation in the project "Support clean technology"

Participation in the project "Support Clean Technologies' Guide to Gifts

Guide to choosing eco-gifts 2012-2013 ' 11 '  

If you or someone for whom you choose a gift, partial to the technologies and innovations that can improve the world around us, you can safely join the ranks of those who support the campaign to ensure clean technologies, initiated site It is here that even your humble donation will be of great support to all the new trends and emerging technologies that will show you standing, and have a right to exist in the future. By the

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