The heat and lack of rain in the Caribbean

The heat and lack of rain in the Caribbean Weather and Climate

Caribbean countries are experiencing some of the hottest and dry days in its history. Especially hard for residents of Puerto Rico and the capital city of San Juan, where the temperature in the daytime for two days does not fall below 38 ° C. This means that the 1983 record broken.

But surprisingly forecasters is not hot weather, because the average temperature in Puerto Rico remained the same (+35 ° C). Anxiety causes the lack of cool beat of showers and thunderstorms. Because in the Atlantic

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Biodegradable bag for iPhone 5

Biodegradable bag for iPhone 5 Guide presents

Guide to choosing eco-gifts 2012-2013 ' 9 '  

A recent study found that Americans spend $ 6 billion to repair damaged phones. To avoid this expense item, you can buy a special cover, which will protect against scratches and cracks with the drops, and possibly extend the life of the phone. I'm so glad that this case is made of 100% biodegradable material EcoPure. Case consists of two parts: a more durable outer shell and the inner layer, the smoothing effect of strike in the fall or collision. Protective case

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Consolidation of nations as a cause of environmental stress

Consolidation of nations as a cause of environmental stress Facts

Every year the world's population growth by one percent increases the concentration of harmful emissions into the atmosphere as 1% and change. Such a trend is established in the last 10-20 years. It is easy to calculate that happen to our environment, if the end of the century the Earth will be 10 billion people live. And as the analysis of the state of modern society, it is not only in the overall increase in the number of people and accelerating rates of consumption.

It turned out that

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North Texas beat hail

North Texas beat hail Weather and Climate

Residents of the northern part of the State of Texas, USA, have witnessed a series of unexpected storms, accompanied by precipitation of large hailstones. Meteorologists have called the strongest episode in Dallas for the last 10 years, as hailstones the size of tennis reached there or baseball, and fell to the ground with incredible speed.

None of the residents was injured, but the number of broken windows and roofs of the houses, the lights on the streets, broke trees and cars, which turned into a sieve, which affects up to terror.

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Typhoon heads for Japan Guchol

Typhoon heads for Japan Guchol Danger Zone

Philippine rescue organizations are fully prepared to fight to the aspiring East Vasa North Luzon typhoon Guchol (Buchoy). At the moment, the eye of the typhoon is located 565 km east of the capital of the Philippines Manila and dvichetsya to the north-northwest at a speed of 17 km / h The maximum wind speed in a typhoon 185 km / h with gusts of 232 km / h, which corresponds to category 4. The height of the largest waves of up to 11 meters.

Expected precipitation brought Gucholom on Luzon,

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Home eruption Gamkonora

Home eruption Gamkonora Natural Disasters

Hundreds of residents of the north-eastern part of Indonesia had to evacuate promptly after Mount Gamkonora, located on about. Halmahera in North Maluku province, erupted. A huge column of ash that arose from the crater of 1635-meter-high volcano, up to 3 km in height. While on the slopes of fresh lava flows is not fixed, but the authorities are going to increase the code already in the danger Gamkonore to 3 of a four-level scale.

If the eruption continues at the same pace, if the activity of the magma at the surface of

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Earthquake in Turkey-Syria border

Earthquake in Turkey-Syria border Natural Disasters

Near the town of Sirnak on the border of three states of Turkey, Iraq and Syria, was a powerful and devastating earthquake of 5.4 points. Its epicenter was 31 kilometers south of the city (37,237 ° N, 42,495 ° E) and had a depth of 9.6 km. The worst thing was Silopi 5 km from the epicenter of the earthquake has a population of 74,798 people. They are all located in the area of the potential danger, as aftershocks continue.

The history of seismic activity on the border of Turkey, Iraq and

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Global warming has reached to the Laptev Sea

Global warming has reached to the Laptev Sea Facts

Sea route along the northern coast of Russia this year freed from ice much faster than usual, according to experts from the Institute for Polar and Marine Research in the A. Wagner. Laptev Sea, which is a major supplier of ice in the Arctic, almost thawed, despite the fact that this is usually the end of July, and the sea is available for shipping only two months of the summer to early fall. Back in the late winter of 2012, the sea was found many areas with thin ice, which did

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The effect of geoengineering on rainfall

The effect of geoengineering on rainfall Scientists prove

It is known that volcanic ash in the atmosphere can have a cooling effect on our climate. Many scientists consider the creation of an artificial volcano to address the issue of global warming. But such progressive solutions may be one unintended effect — reducing the amount of precipitation.

A team of scientists from Germany, Norway, France and the UK tested, what will four independent climate models, if an artificial volcano will work and will fill the atmosphere with soot and ash, designed to reflect sunlight. CO2 content was increased 4-fold,

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How will climate change affect the situation with fires?

How will climate change affect the situation with fires? It is interesting

Over the next 30 years due to the increase in global temperature is expected to increase the number of fires on Earth. Very often they will occur in the western part of North America, according to the Texas Tech University.

Burning in Portola Hills, California, USA. Combining data from 16 climate models in the world, and satellite data, scientists have a global perspective of the spread of fires and their relationship to modern climate. By the end of this century, almost all of North America and

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