Flooding in Taiwan

Flooding in Taiwan Natural Disasters

After prolonged rains, the strongest in the last couple of years, in the heart of Taiwan have been many mudslides. Seven thousand people were evacuated and 11 are injured, including six people killed in the province of Nantes, two of them died in hospital. Two people reported missing. In large cities, schools are closed, dozens of roads no longer be operating, including 57 major roads in Taiwan, large areas are de-energized.

Taoyuan County poultry farms suffered damage after the flooding of their facilities. From the south, the second largest city in Taiwan, Kaohsiung

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Soon the Arctic will become quite green

Soon the Arctic will become quite green Scientists prove

According to the Swedish University of Gottenberge, the Arctic is undergoing significant warming time. This was first evidenced already had time to take a fancy to the Arctic expanses species, not previously encountered in these latitudes, and change the state of normal plants.

Following the observations made in 30 years, scientists have on hand evidence to support reducing the number of desert areas in the Arctic. Traditionally, there is growing grass and shrubs were higher. The number of evergreen species. A total of 158 analyzes of plant at 46

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Laptop bag from Blue

Laptop bag from Blue Guide to Gifts

Guide to choosing eco-gifts 2012-2013 ' 10 '  

A bag made from 100% natural wax canvas fabric provides office directly for a notebook with metal ribs, an extra large pocket on the back and two inside secret pockets for small items. Bottom of the bag reinforced leather lining, leather belt has a movable reinforcer for a comfortable fit on your shoulder. For those who care about the environment, especially nice to know that with every purchase komaniya bag-maker helps the oceans and other water tanks to get rid of nearly

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Azerbaijan has opened a new area of seismic activity

Azerbaijan has opened a new area of seismic activity Facts

In 1859, in the center of Azerbaijan earthquake completely destroyed the country's capital Shemakha. The consequences of this shock was so severe that the capital had to be moved to another city Baku is located on the shore of the Caspian Sea. According to new research, in this part of the country, a new area of seismic activity that can provoke strong enough earthquake.

Ten-year analysis of the GPS data around Baku seismologists discovered vast zone vnutrizemnogo voltage and geological deformation, threatening a large population of the capital

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Britain prepares for new floods

Britain prepares for new flood danger zone

Last day in the UK fell rainfall in excess of the usual rate for June. Business owners and citizens are warned that the rains do not fall away in the next few days, particularly in the west of England and Wales. There exists a danger of flooding, as in the next day to dominate the islands reduced pressure zone will add one more.

Spectators leave the stadium because of the cancellation of a tennis match in London because of the worsening weather. Most precipitation fell in Vigonholte, West Sussex. There, with

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Storm warning for the West Australian

Storm warning for the West Australian Weather and Climate

In the south-west coast of Australia is coming next storm. All localities declared a storm warning as forecasters fear that the storm will be very serious. Wind can be a force equal to a category 2 storm force that threatens extensive destruction. His speed is supposedly 125 km / h Should be especially alert residents of Perth and Geraldton, where the element find itself at night, there is a chance of coarse degrees.

The first signs of the storm in Perth. 06/10/2010 In the south-western Cape Naturaliste already fixed

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Tornado flew to Venice

Tornado flew to Venice Natural Disasters

In several islands that make up the famous Italian city on the water, there was a tornado. Suffered most of the island of St. Helena, where just an exhibition outdoors Charterhauz and St. Erasmus, where a dozen houses blown away. Damage in the form of damaged houses and 300 hectares of agricultural land, as well as hundreds of fallen trees caused garden and the island in the Venetian lagoon Certosa. Fortunately, the ancient buildings of cultural significance, were not injured. Authorities estimate the loss after the tornado of one million euros. On a scale

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Wuhan plunged into a strange haze

Wuhan plunged into a strange haze Facts

All residents of the Chinese metropolis Wuhan in Hubei recommended if possible, not to leave their homes, to limit the use of air conditioners and do not open the windows because of the thick yellow-gray haze, suddenly is shrouded streets of the city with a population of 9 million. The presence of respiratory dressings welcome, especially for people with health complications.

After multiple tests determined that the cause of the haze is not any industrial accident or an explosion in a chemical laboratory. Smoke came from the uncontrolled burning of straw

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Hundreds dead after earthquake in Afghanistan

Hundreds dead after earthquake in Afghanistan Natural Disasters

In the north-east of Afghanistan in the densely populated province of Baghlan, there were two earthquakes caused extensive landslides. Under the debris of rocks and mud buried provisionally estimated 25-30 homes in the five mountains. Reported hundreds killed in hit area — near Burke. Due to the fact that the area is quite remote from the disaster communications, rescue teams arrived late and search operations have just begun.

Unfortunately, the nearest medical center is located only 40 km away from the affected area, which reduces the chance of staying alive

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The second eruption of Fuego

Second volcano Fuego Natural Disasters

Located 50km south of the capital of Guatemala Fuego volcano continues to terrify the locals for its eruptions. Mountain height of 3763 m during the next effusive eruption produced a powerful column of ash a kilometer up. Of the main crater is constantly pushed over portions of red hot lava to a height of 500 m on the clones to the foot drains at least three broad lava flow.

Reported emissions and ash to a height of 000 meters of 800-1, which the wind carries in the south-east. Seismologists warn that effusive eruption

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