U.S. West raging fires

U.S. West raging fires Natural Disasters

Hundreds of residents of the U.S. states of Colorado and New Jersey were forced to leave their homes because of fires that have engulfed the local forests. The cause of the fire is called the heat resistant up to 32 ° C, and drought and strong winds to the spread of the fire at a speed of up to 2.6 km / h

Column of smoke from a fire in Colorado. According to firefighters, Fort Collins, fire in High Park, Colorado 24 km from the city already destroyed 8,100 hectares of forest

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Southern Hemisphere wave of earthquakes

Southern Hemisphere wave of earthquakes Natural Disasters

Through the Andes and the Nazca tectonic, and in Australia, a series of earthquakes strong and medium magnitude. At 102 km from Maule and 282 km from the capital city of Santiago Chile registered a strong enough 5.8-point rating boost. Fortunately, there were no casualties. It was followed by a new episode in Coquimbo, Chile, who had a force of 4.7 points. The third earthquake of 6.0 points occurred in southern Peru with epicenter at 119 km west-northwest of Arequipa and 648 km south-east of Lima. This earthquake, despite its power, it was

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Colorado and Wyoming over 10 tornadoes swept

Colorado and Wyoming over 10 tornadoes swept Natural Disasters

Central states of the U.S. has struck a dozen tornadoes occurred in one day. At the moment, no casualties were reported, but one person was wounded in the head fragment, lifted into the air by the wind. In many parts there is considerable destruction of residential buildings, farms and estates of the railway.

Tornado raged in Wyoming.

Hailstone found after a tornado in Colorado. Under the disaster were also the Rockies, the northern part of Montana, North and South Dakota, the Midwest, where tornadoes and hurricane, reaches

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Hot rain in Saudi Arabia

Hot rain in Saudi Arabia Weather and Climate

The inhabitants of Mecca, Saudi Arabia got an incredible climatic surprise. They witnessed how the 45-gadusnaya heat abruptly gave way to heavy rain and thunderstorms. The most amazing thing is that the temperature of the air continued to be prohibitively high, especially for rain. The air is not cooled below +43 ° C, and its moisture content was held at nearly 18%.

That there was such an anomaly, needs front with high atmospheric pressure, able to keep rain clouds. In this case, the occurrence of hot rain has affected the

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New Year in Australia opened the hottest temperature in the century

New Year in Australia opened the hottest temperature in the century Weather and Climate

South Australia succumbs to the hottest start of the year for more than a century. Stream of warm air, withering vegetation, moving in the direction of Virginia, greatly reducing the humidity in the central part of Australia. The weather conditions are so dangerous that forced the authorities to take the decision to temporarily turn off electricity supply to some parts of the state. However, such measures have not been renewed as a day spa towns were not able to provide comfortable living conditions with the help

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Wooden headphones from Thinksound

Wooden headphones from Thinksound guide presents

Guide to choosing eco-gifts 2012-2013 ' 7 '  

These headphones are also good and stylish look, as well as play music. A distinctive feature of this gift is a wooden handmade pieces that make the sound more clear, and no PVC used in cables. For those who listen to music while running, there are special hooks that prevent decay of headphones, and the function of removing sweat, which is useful during sports training. In addition, there are 4 different pairs in size gags (s / m / l / xl) for

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United States experienced the warmest year in history

United States experienced the warmest year in history Weather and Climate

According to an analysis conducted by NOAA, North America, and in particular the U.S., have experienced the warmest 12-month period from 1895 to the present. Besides meteorologists have found that recently ended in spring 2012 was the warmest in this part of the world.

The maximum temperature readings for all U.S. states. March-May 2012 The average temperature during May this year amounted to 17,9 ° C, which is 1,8 ° above normal. For the country as a whole it was the second heat of May in history.

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In the Far East continue to burn wood

In the Far East continue to burn wood Natural Disasters

In the Far Eastern part of Russia, but rather in the Amur Oblast and Khabarovsk Krai remain on coniferous forests. Seasonal fire, which started a little earlier than usual because of the dry winter resulted in many homes. At the moment, fire crews managed to curb the 38 fires. Last day 30 burning forests were brought under control.

However, as reported by the Regional Department of Forest Protection, 27 fires continue to destroy plantations in the Far East, fueled by strong winds and warm weather. The damage caused

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Unexpected earthquake in Ireland

Unexpected earthquake in Ireland Natural Disasters

Earthquake that struck off the west coast of Ireland, has caused confusion among geologists and was very surprised the scientific community. The fact that earlier there was no information on the presence of active seismic processes in this part of the Atlantic Ocean.

The epicenter was located at a depth of 3 km, 60 km west from Bellmut, County Mayo. On the Richter scale, it would be 4 points. In the entire history of the region is the most powerful seismic events. It is also the second known such a high magnitude

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And got to Everest trash

And to Everest got garbage to save the planet

The world-renowned Mount Everest has long been the status of the highest dumping on the ground. Back in 1963, after 10 years since the first official ascent to the summit, one of the guides Nepalese tribe SEPREM testified garbage piles on top of the mountain, and called it the highest storage of trash and debris.

Nepalese people are forced to endure the bags of garbage to the foot tourist Chomolungma. With the growth of tourist interest to Everest increasing the monthly volume of various wastes on the mountain itself.

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