Europe covered

A cloud of volcanic ash this morning reached Western Europe. At airports, the UK, Sweden and Germany are waiting for their flights, thousands of passengers. Do not lift the power planes in the air because of the risk to damage the engine. Airlines believe that transport problems are to blame European officials, not the Icelandic volcano. NTV correspondent Yevgeny Ksenzenko studied the situation.

Until the bill in favor of 500:0 Grimsvotn. Because of the volcano canceled hundreds of flights, first in Scotland and northern England, partly in western Norway and north-west of Denmark.

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Premature aging syndrome

12-year Ontlametse Falatse (Ontlametse Phalatse) of South Africa is the first black child with progeria. Reported by the AP.

Girl jokingly calls himself the "first lady" and plans for the future, but doctors say that she needed to live for approximately 2 years.

Progeria — a rare genetic disorder in which the accelerated aging process. It is difficult to say how many children in the world suffering from this disease. During his two-year campaign Progeria Research Foundation (Progeria Research Foundation) has identified 80 such children in the 5 continents.

Audrey Gordon (Audrey Gordon) — executive director of the foundation —

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New reserve Sredneussuriysky created in Primorye

Primorye Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky signed a decree on the establishment of the new regional natural ecological goszakaznika "Sredneussuriysky" that will help to preserve the Amur tiger population, listed in the Red Book, said the regional administration.

New state natural biological reserve "Sredneussuriysky" got the status of regional significance. In its territory, including Siberian tigers live.

The Amur tiger is listed in the International Red Book, in Russia, these animals are found only in the Primorsky and Khabarovsk regions. According to the last census, the population of the rare animals in the country has about 450 species.

"The reserve a special

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As forest mafia cope with the economic crisis

1.Nesmotrya reduce the demand for wood products due to the global economic crisis and changes to the Lacey Act, illegal logging in Russia continue on critical indicators.

About 70 percent of Russian forests are concentrated in the major markets of wood Asia-Pacific region. Logging and exports have increased considerably since the 90s due to the high demand for timber in these countries. Customs documents, provided by the World Wide Fund for Nature, show that the volume of timber officially exported to China and Japan, at least 20 percent lower than the amount of wood officially imported by these countries. But

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Europe embraced the unknown animal disease

In Europe, a new hitherto unknown disease of ruminants caused by a virus Schmallenberg. The disease is transmitted by insect bites, and in utero (from mother to fetus).

Disease was very widespread in Germany (800 cases), France (244), Great Britain (174), the Netherlands (178), especially in the cold season. The disease is characterized by a decrease in appetite and milk production, diarrhea, fever, and abortion or birth of calves and lambs with congenital malformations. Typically, symptoms appear more pronounced in the young. Cases of animal death.

Scientifically sound data on the duration of the incubation period, and today there are

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Yaroslavl on elk roam the streets

Yaroslavl elk observed in several areas of the city. One of the animals even landed in a pond in a park near the Palace of Culture "Oilman".

Get the calf out of the pond trying to rescue, but to no avail. In the end, he got out of the elk lake and fled in an unknown direction. According to the calculations of Yaroslavl, it is the sixth moose, wandering around the city in the week.

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Wind and snow in Latvia complicated traffic

Heavy snowfall and strong winds in Latvia on Friday morning complicated traffic throughout the country and damaged power lines in rural areas.

Problems with traffic-recorded almost all highways and regional roads of the country, the company "Latvian State Roads".

Snowfall does not stop a few hours on the road formed ice. Stir in Riga very difficult because of the large caps, in many accidents. Tallinn to Riga because of road icing overturned passenger bus, one person was killed and two others sustained injuries of varying severity.

Weather also disrupted electricity supply in rural areas of the country, the press-service

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Sinkhole near Tretyakov Gallery


BP accuses the U.S. government of hiding evidence in the case of an oil spill

Representatives of the British Petroleum Corporation, BP accused the U.S. government of hiding documents allegedly showing that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 caused much less damage than had been officially announced, said on Friday, Reuters.

The lawsuit, filed yesterday in the U.S. Court of New Orleans, BP representatives say that more than 10,000 documents, which the U.S. authorities refused to grant the company "obviously related to the volume of leakage occurred" on the oil platform Deepwater Horizon.

According to BP, these documents may follow that the amount of oil spilled into the sea much less

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In rice cultivation lies the threat to our climate

Recently published data from one study, which said that the cultivation of rice in the world can cause a dangerous increase in concentration of the greenhouse gas methane in the atmosphere. CH4, which appears when the growth and cultivation of this crop, contributes to the warming of our planet.

Scientists have found that elevated carbon dioxide concentration rice fields begin to produce much more methane than in low CO2 concentrations and lower temperature. That is, growing in warmer conditions, rice makes these conditions even more heat released to the atmosphere of CH4. This is the effect of paddy fields

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