Ukraine suffered a perfect storm

Ukraine suffered a perfect storm Weather and Climate

The northern regions of Ukraine, including Kiev, suffered this summer storm. It is reported that five people in the capital wounded different nature, one person injured in the Chernigov region. In many localities damaged power lines. 57 villages around Chernigov, de-energized. Felled many trees, blocking the road. Private cars and more than 150 houses were all sorts of damage.

Not without loss and in the western regions of Ukraine. So, without electricity are Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv region, as well as the center of Cherkasy region. Fortunately, all the inhabitants were

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Rokatenda reawakened volcano in eastern Indonesia

February 4, 2013. Vulcan Rokatenda in the eastern Indonesian province of East Nusa Tenggara again woke up over the weekend, throwing into the atmosphere chetyrehkilometrovoy column of volcanic ash that covered the then territory of several areas of the island Flores, said on Monday, the newspaper Jakarta Post.

"Volcano ash fell asleep and observation post, located 17 kilometers from the mountain Rokatenda"- Said working there at the Center for Volcanology and Geological Risk reduction (TSVSGR) Indonesia Tova Chiba Petrus (Towa Tiba Petrus).

Besides, he added, is the expiration of the volcano lava, and began to suffer respiratory problems local

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Closed the biggest dump in South America

Closed the biggest dump in South America Facts

3 June on the eve of a major environmental Conference on Sustainable Development was officially closed the largest garbage dump on the entire continent of South America. Dump Jardim Gramasho, function 34 years, is located near the coastal features of Rio de Janeiro, and every day increases by about 8,000 tons of household and other waste. Total weight of waste is 60 million tons.

Dump Jardim Gramasho, May 2012. The area of this unimaginable sea debris is 345 acres and has long been an environmental threat to the Guanabara Bay

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Summer has not come to Stockholm

Summer has not come to Stockholm Weather and Climate

This year, in the capital of Sweden has the lowest rate in the last '84 temperatures in the early summer. Maximum values thermometer around Stockholm in the first weekend of June were not above six degrees. In addition, cold weather brought squally wind and rain, which is anything but friendly summer forecast. The last time this summer to visit Sweden in 1928.

In Stockholm the fountain. Meteorologists compare the current weather, the weather for Christmas, and they say that at the end of December 2011 in Stockholm was in

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Geothermal water as an alternative source of heating in the UK

Geothermal water as an alternative source of heating in the UK It is interesting

Renewable Energy Association conducted a study on the state of geothermal sources in Britain. At the conclusion of the Association, up to 20% of the electricity that goes to domestic heating, can be replaced by energy from the warm waters of the underground.

Germany already uses heat groundwater for heating. This kind of energy can be implemented throughout the country, and the main "basking spots" will be in Cornwall, East Yorkshire, Hampshire, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Deep-seated geothermal systems can pair with a spin

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Found the victim Pacific Tsunami

February 7, 2013. According to some data, the victims of the tsunami that struck the Solomon Islands after a powerful earthquake, were six people, including one child.

Rescuers napralyayutsya in areas difficult to access, where they can be found new victims of the disaster.

Several people are still considered missing. Hardest-hit villages on the islands of Santa Cruz, who were the closest to the epicenter. Were flooded even remote villages deep in the islands.

Earthquake magnitude 8 occurred in the Pacific Ocean on Wednesday.

Source: BBC Russian Service

On the islands of Santa Cruz declared a state of emergency

February 8, 2013. The islands that make up the Solomon Islands, are prepared for the next natural disaster. In the recently survived a strong 8-magnitude earthquake and tsunami, after the deaths of eight man, Temotu province declared a state of emergency due to the fact that one of its islands significantly increased seismic activity.

While trying to deliver humanitarian services from the capital city of the Solomon Islands, Honiara necessary help and products in the disaster zone, seismologists are closely watching arisen on this island strong rumbling sounds from the depths of the mountain. After all, despite the fact that

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An earthquake in western Indonesia

January 22, 2013. In the west Indonesia there was a strong shallow earthquake, which killed 9-year-old girl. Earthquake destroyed several residential buildings and sowed panic among the local population. In addition to the lost child has 15 injured with broken limbs, obtained after the collapse of the walls of buildings. Pre-assigned to the magnitude 6.0 earthquake. Tsunami threat to Indonesia's shores missing.

Center of the quake was located southwest of the city of Banda Aceh and had a depth of 6 km. Earthquake disturb the peaceful sleep of inhabitants of towns and villages on the northern outskirts of. Sumatra at

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Landslide in Colombia

December 30. At least seven people were injured and 20 Colombians are missing due to repeated landslide happened in the southern part of the country. Once there was the first natural landslide, for the cleaning of landslides were caused by bulldozer. Second collapse there was just a moment, when the bulldozer freed from sand and dirt roads, which at that moment stuck about 20 cars. The injured drivers and their passengers are directed to provide medical assistance to the university hospital in the city of Neiva.

That landslide does not happen again, rescuers decided to postpone the search for

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End of the world began with the Vyatka

Uncategorized town in the Kirov region gone mad: Hundreds of people are stocking up matches, salt, candles and kerosene, preparing to meet the end of the world on December 21. Caused panic-reprint article in the local newspaper about the prophecy of Tibetan monks. Journalists now preparing a new, soothing and explaining stuff, but the panic continues.

It all started on November 14, when the local private and most Draw in the newspaper "Omutninsk conduct" on the latest entertainment strip that goes under the rubric of "Relax", immediately after the joke and instead of the usual crossword reprinted

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