In Mariupol animals bitten by 856 people

Last year at the Mariupol attacked not only dogs, but also cats. And mostly — home. 78% of Mariupol affected by animal bites in the past year, were attacked by just pets. Dogs had bitten 560 people, and cats — 103 people. 186 people — and it is 22% — in the last year have been bitten by an unknown animal. This is reported in the city of SES. However, a greater number of applicants on the biting pets indicates non-compliance with the Rules of residents of the animals. Of the 663 known dogs and cats to bite humans, only

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Fads in November in the southern Urals

3.11.11.Vchera decided to wander around the neighborhood, the weather was not very good, a little breeze was blowing, the sky was overcast all day, in late October snow fell in some places its thickness was about 20 inches, but in the three days of November he nearly all melted, and it is a very way, with you I had a mobile phone with a camera, it's what I nasnimal fotoreportazhik on the small quirks, or if you want natural abnormalities November. I will not say what it was for me something amazing, observing nature'm a long time, last year,

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Shanghais air has become even more dangerous

The air in the city of Shanghai has the worst indicators of pollution over the past few months. Delay harmful particles over the city also contribute to the thick clouds and fog, which had already provoked a car crash, where one person was killed and dozens injured. Due to the thick smog canceled 70 flights to Pudong International Airport and Honkyao, flight and another 27 arrested.

Due to poor visibility, created smog had 6 hours of morning traffic stop express routes. The measurements showed that the content of hazardous urban air suspensions, the diameter of which does not

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In Marupov killed all the fish


Because of the severe consequences of chemical pollution in Marupe killed almost all of the fish, said the executive director of the portal DELFI Riga Juris Radzevich.

"The flow of chemicals left severe consequences Marupov, lost almost all of the fish," — said Radzevich.

But, he said, the Daugava, given the volume of water in the river, the chemicals will not cause much harm.

"At the same time, to swim downstream estuary Marupov, for example, cable-stayed bridge is not recommended. In turn, the official Riga beaches and Vecaki Bullyusale as confirmed Health Inspectorate, no

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At the heart of Russia is expected to high ozone

According to forecasts, today during the day and in the next two days in Moscow and the surrounding regions of Central Russia with abnormally hot weather and light winds expected to increase concentrations of ground-level ozone. Ozone — this is a highly toxic substance with the highest hazard class. At high concentrations, ozone may impair health in people with respiratory problems, and cardiovascular system. Maximum levels of ground-level ozone is most often formed in the period from 14 to 19 hours, the watch should be possible to reduce the time spent outdoors.

In addition, on July 26-27, in much

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In China, the snowfall has destroyed more than 300 houses

In the south-western China have fallen snow and freezing rain, which caused chaos on the roads and power outages. In Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region under the weight of wet snow hit 332 home, the authorities were forced to evacuate more than six thousand people. Only in the Guangxi Zhuang region suffered almost three million inhabitants. Icing caused a break 15 lines, for the same reason closed Highway 132.

In neighboring Hunan province due to bad weather affected some 10 million people, 73 thousand people were evacuated. In many places, mobile phones stopped working. In Hubei Province registered Heavy snowfall over

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In Sicily began erupting volcano Etna

Mount Etna, located on the Italian island of Sicily, has resumed its activity, said on Monday the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy.

According to seismologists, the activity of Etna, expressed this time only in the release of volcanic "bombs" (large stones) and large amounts of ash, was recorded in the south-east of the crater on Monday night, according to RIA Novosti.

The most active emissions of between one to three minutes occurred between midnight and two o'clock in the morning (02.00-04.00 MSK). Large volcanic "bombs" taking off at this time of the crater to a height of

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In Greenland, the sun rose two days early

In Illuissat town on the west coast of Greenland the first sunrise after many days of polar night came two days earlier. Residents and scientists are very surprised.

In the town Illuissat polar night ends on 13 January. On this day, you can see the first sunrise. But this year, the sun appears above the horizon in the two days before.

The sun came over the horizon for the whole two days earlier, was to bend the earth's axis. But this phenomenon is drawn to serious consequences. There are rumors that the falling birds and strand sea inhabitants —

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In Latvia, insect bites killed 10 cows

This season under Jekabpils insect bite 10 cows have died, according to the Food and Veterinary Service.

As noted in the PVS, in May and June of cows better output at a time when the midges are not as active. However, in a period of increased activity of insects animals should be left in the barn. In this case, the cows should be treated with repellent parasites.

Cows, sheep, pigs, and especially horses can graze in the period from 12:00 to 16:00. It is important to make sure that they were in the shade. In order to protect the animals

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Stir in the Altai mountains, covered by snow storms, reopened

Traffic on the highway in the Altai Republic, limited due to heavy snowstorm, resumed on Monday evening, told RIA Novosti the regional GUMCHS.

On Monday morning, a strong storm hit the Altai Mountains, a big storm and blizzard led to the fact that in some areas, visibility on the road was limited to 20 meters. Because of this, Choyskiy region of the republic has been closed more than 100 miles of trails. This route of local importance, but in this direction is home to several thousand people, and detours on this part of the track no.

"At 18.15 local time

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