Oystercatcher lopaten entered the list of top 100 endangered species of the planet

Oystercatcher lopaten Sakhalin taimen and entered the list of 100 major endangered species compiled by the London Zoological Society and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

They submitted a new report by the IUCN World Congress, which takes place in South Korea. In preparing the report, involved more than 8,000 scientists, who have identified hundreds of species of animals, plants and fungi from 48 countries, the level of threat of extinction to which today can be considered as a maximum.

This level of threat, experts note, for example, the pygmy three-toed sloth (Bradypus pygmaeus), Tarzan's chameleon (Calumma tarzan),

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Caterpillar plague in Belgorod region

Big center dangerous quarantine pest — white moth found in the village of October Belgorod region.

In the department of supervision in the field of plant quarantine by representatives of Rosselkhoznadzor settlement administration to articulate a pest that destroyed the planting of trees along the railroad tracks at the station and have penetrated into the gardens of the villagers.

Studies have shown that it is an American white butterfly. When we reached the experts found that the focus of the border is about two hectares. Issued an order of liquidation and localization of, offers advice on how to control

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Russians are the strength of a magnetic storm and frost

To central Russia looming 35-degree frosts.

As ITAR-TASS in Roshydromet, "from 16 to 20 February, in most of the Central Federal District, the average daily temperature is 7-12 degrees, and in some places by 13-17 degrees below normal." Night is expected between 20 and 28 degrees, and in some places — to 30-35. Day — no more than 16 degrees.

On Wednesday afternoon in the capital will be 17-15 degrees in the suburbs — to 20. Expected, partly cloudy, places will be little snow, wind north 3.8 meters per second.

Night in Moscow on Thursday to 25 degrees colder

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Fish kill in Minsk

Since yesterday, the body of water east neighborhood besieged gulls and cormorants. Suddenly the number of birds per day increased by several times. The fact is that along the shore is a large number of dead fish. The ice on the pond until melted. This massive fish deaths are not yet able to explain even the experts of the Inspectorate of the animal world. Rather, they believe that the main reason — thick and solid ice, which this year is held for a long time. Ice fishing on the pond almost was not, no one was making ice — the

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Mass death of fish continues

U.S. authorities are concerned about the massive loss of marine life of various kinds. This is the second wave of mass death of fish this year, and its cause, as well as the first wave is not installed.

In March of this year in the state of California has seen a similar incident. In the south-west of Los Angeles, in the small harbor area of Redondo Beach, a layer of dead sardines, mackerel and anchovies reached 30 cm in the total number of dead marine life is estimated at 1 million animals. Andrew Hyuan Department of State "for fisheries

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The collapse of a highway in California after rain

November 22. After heavy rain on Sunday collapsed part of the coastal road in San Pedro, on Monday, 21 November 2011. During the incident, no one was hurt. Official authorities in Los Angeles say a section of road collapsed, most likely, will not be restored and the new route scenic roads should be built elsewhere.

Highway gradually descends from June and the road was closed in September.

Translation: Astrix Source: photoblog.msnbc.msn.com

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The failure on the football field in North Carolina, USA

Members of the youth organization of the YMCA in Wilmington, North Carolina, were surprised to discover sinkhole 5 meters wide, formed on their football field on Monday, reports starnewsonline.com

No one knows exactly what led to the appearance of holes up to 3 meters in depth, has a neat straight edge.

At the YMCA hired a contractor to investigate the causes of failure and eliminate it. But Wesley Corder, an engineer from the company Thomson & Co., said that he could not determine the cause. Corder studied soil to a depth of 5 meters from the surface and found

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Sinkhole in South Carolina, USA

Kirov circus musician killed by lightning

Discharge hit the guy in the head.

Weird accident, lightning struck it there, where the rest kirovchan company. One of the boys — 22-year-old Nikita Predein — from the impact, died on the spot in front of friends. It all started very bright. The company on Friday guys left to rest on the bank of the river cap. The day went perfectly. Swimming, sunbathing, having fun. And when they started to go home, start rumbling. — We had 12 people in four cars — says Dmitry each victim. — The rain was heavy, and the place is a clay that

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