In Georgia, there was an earthquake

Ceysmostantsii recorded January 14 earthquake of magnitude 3.0 on the territory of Georgia, 56 kilometers southwest of the Azerbaijani Zagatala. No injuries or damage. Tremors were felt in Azerbaijan.

"In the residential areas near the epicenter of the earthquake was located at a depth of 10 kilometers, tremors were felt the force of two to three points on a 12-point scale," — said the Seismological Service Center of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

No casualties or damage from the earthquake is not reported, RIA "Novosti".

An earthquake measuring 2 points on a 12-point Richter scale is very weak and is

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Earthquake near Taiwan

September 12 at 13:15 in the sea area near Taiwan's Hualien earthquake with magnitude 5.3. This was reported by Taiwan's Meteorological Service.

According to the report, the epicenter of the earthquake was located at coordinates 23.63 ° North latitude, 12.79 degrees east longitude. Its center lies at a depth of 41 km.

Livni made the cat to cross New York Harbor

U.S. authorities are struggling with the consequences of powerful tornadoes that swept the past few days in several states. And North Carolina, where residents have suffered not only from storm winds, but from showers, President Barack Obama declared a disaster area at all. And on a small island of the Governor of New York after the heavy rains came across a stranger. On the north coast of the island guards found the house cat with matted fur and salted, which also remained algae. Workers there was conjecture about how the animal came to the island. According to them, the poor

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Next year will be a year of CIS environmental culture

Next The year 2013 will be the year in the CIS environmental culture and the environment, the head of the CIS Executive Committee Sergei Lebedev reporters in Minsk on Tuesday.

According to him, "this topic is defined priority for cooperation of the Commonwealth in 2013."

Summit of the CIS will be held on December 5 in the Turkmen capital, Ashgabat. The day before, on December 4, there will be a meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Commonwealth.

An earthquake of magnitude 7.6 occurred near New Zealand

Earthquake of magnitude 7.6 occurred on Saturday night in the Pacific Ocean east of New Zealand Islands Kermadec Ridge, according to a statement on the website of U.S. Geological Service.

The epicenter occurred on Saturday to 05.57 local time (22.57 Friday Baku time) earthquake was located 180 kilometers east of Raoul Island in 870 kilometers south of the coast of the island nation of Tonga. The earthquake lies at a depth of about 40 kilometers.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center did not announce a tsunami threat following the earthquake.

On the so-called Kermadec island arc of the local population is

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Sewage sludge will be recycled in Novocheboksarsk in December

Specialists will be put into operation two production lines for processing sewage sludge at GUP "Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant" (BOS) Novocheboksarsk (Chuvashia) worth more than 700 million rubles in December 2012, told the deputy director of the company Vladislav Shitov.

According to the Ministry of Construction of Chuvashia, with the introduction of the production line of thermal drying precipitation from waste water treatment and production lines for the use of the dried sludge is achieved by dehydration of sewage sludge in a centrifuge with humidity 97% to 70%, the drying sludge turbosushilke with humidity of 70% to 40% reduction mass

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Flooding in Algeria

In Norway, due to global warming will increase the amount of precipitation

Global warming, as a rule, do not bring anything good to those areas of the world to which they relate. However, the Norwegian people have a different opinion, especially among the power industry. The fact is that global warming in this country every year the number of precipitation. Hence, full-flowing rivers are becoming more and increase hydroelectric power Norway, which directly depends on the stability of the energy sector of the economy.

Only in 2012 due to the fact that because of the rain and melting huge amount of snowfall the flow of water in the rivers rose.

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Why Louisiana was under water?

At this point it is safe to say that Isaac was great, but at the same time slow the storm, which took almost the entire U.S. coast for two and a half days. The victims were seven dead and thousands of homes suffered serious damage, such effects of storm Isaac.

As a result of the storm water levels in the bays and lakes rose to record levels. As a result, thousands of homes were under water. Resist a levee in New Orleans, but at the same time, other regions that were previously considered safe — were flooded. Representatives of the

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Forecasters warn of a sharp cooling in Chukotka on Sunday

Situation Centre Roshydromet warns of a sharp cold snap in Chukotka and the accretion of ice on Sunday, October 28.

"In most of the Chukotka after the thaw … expected sharp drop in temperature of 5-10 degrees, the formation of ice crust on the snow surface, the soil," — said the center.

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