Melting glaciers in south-west China


Climate change is having a devastating impact on the glaciers in the mountains of Southwest China. Photo from

1.11.11.Izmenenie climate is having a devastating impact on the glaciers in the mountains of Southwest China, writes

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing recorded "high fever" and "dramatic retreat of glaciers." The study was published Tuesday in Environmental Research Letters of the British Institute of Physics (IOP) in London.

Pentsyuy glaciers in the Himalayas, an area of 131 square kilometers, in the period from 1970 to 2001 is completely melted. Level glaciers in the mountains

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In the free for the first time in 40 years in November, it began to rain


Photo by Vladimir Mezhov.

1.11.11.Posledny autumn month met us extraordinary warming and rain.

As the chief Svobodny Weather RI Krivosheyeva, the Amur region is moving cyclone coupled with a rainfall. Daytime temperatures in recent days remains at around 9 degrees of heat, and last night the thermometer showed plus 3 degrees.

— Over the past 10 years, we did not record such warming, and even with the rain, — says Raisa. — October 29, was a phenomenal increase in temperature during the day and 13 degrees to the Amur region is the excess of normal at 9 degrees.

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Climatic vagaries of Kazakhstan


7.11.11.Chego wait Kazakhs in the near future — to heat or cold? And most importantly — how climate metamorphosis affect the economy? These are the questions we have decided to discuss with scientists Institute of Ecology and Climate Department of Environmental Protection.

No need to be an expert to not notice how the weather has changed in Almaty. A quarter-century ago, twenty below from December to February is considered normal weather. Winters are chilly and snowy. Children riding in the yards and gardens sledding and skiing. Now the snow can be found only in the mountains. In the city

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Tornado flew to Hungary

On Hungary tornado blew Natural Disasters

In the Eastern District of Hungary Hajdu-Bihar near the village Niraksad there were tornadoes. Approximately 80 km west-south-west of it in a series of powerful Debresene was rainy, not without its destruction. Damage of varying severity were found in 30 houses. At the moment, the media does not have information on the wounded and dead.

As they say forecasters, a tornado came under the influence of a cold front, quickly swept over this part of Hungary. By the way, heavy rains and thunderstorms with gusty winds affected the east Slovakia and Poland,

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In Minsk, has there been such a dry autumn


14.11.11.Neobychno dry autumn was in Belarus in the season.

"Almost a month meteorological conditions in the country have formed anticyclones — according to the website of the National Hydrometeorological.

— One after another, they kept mostly dry weather. In Belarus, for example, such a long period of dry weather at this time not been seen in more than a century all the instrumental record, "- says the experts.


Spring in December: In Kiev bloom seals


— Snowdrops are not found, but seals also white and fluffy! Photos of Anton Lushchikov.

8.12.11.Pervaya December's week was one of the warmest in Kiev for all the years of observation. How unusual weather will affect the people of Kiev? On Monday in the capital, the average day temperature was 9.3 degrees Celsius — is the highest average rate for the last 50 years.

Naturally, the abnormally warm weather could not affect the plants that climate change is very sensitive. As our editor, which is capricious princess from a fairy tale "12 months", sent us in search of

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East USA: a dozen tornadoes in one day

East USA: a dozen tornadoes in one day Natural Disasters

At the mid-Atlantic coast of the U.S. have fallen nine tornadoes. Hardest-hit states of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. Reported flooding of several roads, hundreds of fallen trees, the destruction of homes and private boats, which issued no storm near the coast. One resident of Maryland suffered serious fractures in the crash of the concrete walls of his garage. Several other state residents escaped with minor injuries.

11 people were urgently evacuated from work when the tornado struck the Robert Morris University in Pennsylvania. In the suburbs of Washington

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Tornado in North Carolina. Video


11.01.12.Ocherednoy tornadoes in the United States went through two counties in western North Carolina, resulting in the injury of at least three people, just hit some houses and other property, said Wednesday representatives of the National Weather Service weather observation.

Source: AssociatedPress

In the south and east of England drought. Video


21.02.12.Na much of eastern and southern England officially declared state of drought. According to BBC, the decision took the Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) in connection with the fact that the water table in these areas is now lower than in the drought in 1976. Associate it with a small amount of rain that has fallen in recent months.

Population urged to save water, and water-supply companies were allowed from the start of spring to introduce a ban on watering. Also has an agreement with them that they will take measures to reduce water consumption,

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In Georgia, the glaciers are melting


9.08.11.Ministerstva Environment of Georgia sent a geological expedition to study glaciers and Gergeti Devdoraki. As told journalists the head of department Goga Khachidze, scientists will study the melting of glaciers. Specialists will work in place for a month and report back. "Monitoring of the two summits, will be for two reasons. The first thing that would hold a prevention against accidents that are caused by the melting of glaciers. The second is that it can be a strategic resource for the country's water reserves. We must have a sense of the situation on the glaciers, "said Minister Khachidze.


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