Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 occurred in the east of Indonesia

An earthquake measuring 5.0 on the Richter scale occurred last night on the eastern coast of the island of Sulawesi, a warning about the possibility of a tsunami was not announced, told RIA Novosti on Saturday at the National Department of Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (NUMKG) of Indonesia.

Quake epicenter was in the 62-km south-west of the southern part of the district-Bolaan Mongondou in the province of North Sulawesi, the earthquake lies at a depth of 66 kilometers below the surface of the Molucca Sea.

Information about the destruction or casualties have been reported yet.

Indonesia is the most seismically

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Fabian hole in Sweden is even more

Huge pit in Sweden, the existence of which was discovered March 20, 2012, continues to grow. Originally "Fabian hole" located in Gällivare 75 kilometers from Kiruna was the 150 meters in height and width. It came after a portion of the iron mine "Malmaberget" collapsed. Local residents are particularly concerned about tremors in the "Fabian hole" that can last up to 45 minutes. Most tremors are accompanied by a loud noise.

It is believed that the collapse was due to intense activity at the mine. Although no one was hurt, but the work continues, the local residents are in fear:

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Africa is bursting at the seams

The awakening of the volcano in Africa was an occasion for scholars to put forward a terrible hypothesis that the black continent is bursting at the seams. If you believe their forecast in the near future on the part of the continent is divided, and the place will be a new fault ocean. Some attribute this to the deep processes in the crust, while others believe — the reason is obvious.

Reportcorrespondent of Channel Anatoly Mayorov.

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Bees kill horses in the UK

As reported, in the south of the UK four horses were attacked by angry bees. Insects rushed to the attack after the animals stir their hive.

The tragic incident took place in the English county of East Sussex. At one of the local horse farms came across several "bee houses" and accidentally destroyed them, reports BBC. After that insects decided revenge.

The horses ran to escape from pursuing their dangerous swarm. While fleeing two animals at full speed, flew into the pond, where he drowned. Two others creatures with tails and manes failed to break away

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In Rome, flooded subway, and the snow fell in Lombardy

Heavy rain forced the decision to close six metro line A. The trains do not stop at the stations of San Giovanni, Ponte Lungo, Colli Albani, Porta Furba, Numidio Quadrato, Lucio Sestio. In the period of unavailability of the Metro bus running so much discomfort residents do not.

Due to heavy rains this morning in some parts of the city was paralyzed and ground transportation. Route Termini-Giardinetti again available to citizens. Recall that due to the heavy rains this area was blocked for several hours.

While in most parts of Italy, there are rains in Valtelline (Lombardy) is the

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Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 occurred in Colombia

4.9 magnitude earthquake recorded on Monday, western Colombia, the site of the U.S. Geological Survey.

The epicenter of tremors recorded in 02.13 local time (10.13 MSK), located 24 kilometers south-west of the village Tula and 69 kilometers north of the city of Cali. The earthquake lies at a depth of 106.9 kilometers.

On the possible victims, casualties or damage were reported.

Alcohol begins to evolve

Scientists recognize profound evolutionary roots of alcoholism because due to regular alcohol diet larvae of flies, fruit flies have to suffer from the hangover in the absence of ethanol in their daily diet. The scientists said their study confirmed the famous theory that the body eventually develop resistance to ethanol, creating a "countermeasures" chemical type, which reduce the power level of alcohol. These "countermeasures" also allow nerve cells to function normally. Scientists led by Brooks Robinson, representing the University of Texas, watched as the larvae of Drosophila flies to perform different tasks in the presence or absence of alcohol in

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Residents Kungur faced cockroaches unprecedented dimensions in the Urals

"Night raids unseen monsters! Kunguryakov insect attack of unprecedented size "- it is with these sensations begin television coverage of the cities of Perm region. Shmyrina Valentine, a resident of the house on Lenin Street, 69a: — It was terrible. They ran right into the entrance when they ease off in the sewage pit. Crawling on the grass, in general, the miracle was terrible. We both did not know what they were, but as a car drove up, lights illuminated — and then found out that there are cockroaches live. Retired home afraid Sixpawed aliens imported to

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Because of the anomalous warming in the Amur newly bloomed dandelions

In that year, the spring weather was a long time in the yard — so you can rephrase the famous lines of Pushkin. Indeed, this autumn has all the installed heat records. Instead of the ice age in Blagoveshchensk apple blossom and unanimously turned green lawns, says "Amur truth."

In Arharinskom area reborn dandelions, in the north of the snow has melted, and concerned amurchane sounded the alarm. "It is not for us to backfire a whim of nature cold winter, the lack of a new crop, another tornado or an earthquake?" — Interested readers AP.

Surprises and caprices


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Flying Jacuzzi: tornadoes in Florida, USA

October 19, 2011. As many as three tornadoes hit the south of Florida. Wind gusts reached close to 200 kilometers per hour. One tornado touched populous area, causing serious damage.

In cities Plantation and Sunrise destroyed about 50 homes and two trailers. We also know that the fallen trees blocked the highway, according

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