In Panama, an earthquake of magnitude 6.1

Today in Panama 6.1 magnitude earthquake, according to the Geophysical Institute of the U.S. Quake epicenter was located in the northern part of the country. Reports of destruction and deaths have been reported yet, reports Interfax.

Death of fish in the pond Nicholas Samara region

Samara. August 10. Interfax-Volga — In the Samara region opened a criminal investigation into the contamination Nicholas pond, which caused a massive fish kill.

As reported at the SU TFR in the Samara region, massive accumulation of dead carp have been found in a pond platinum "Nikolaev" Hatchet River from autumn 2010 to April 2011, including the period of melting ice.

"Killed more than 120 thousand individuals of fish. According to investigators, the pond with sewage got a lot of organic matter, which has decreased due to the oxidation of oxygen in the water, which led, as a consequence, massive

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Tremors were recorded in Ontario

A small earthquake measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale registered on Tuesday in Ontario, not far from a nuclear power plant in the village of Chalk River, about two hundred kilometers north-west of Ottawa. The epicenter of the earthquake was located 70 km north-west of the station.

Plant in Chalk River — the world's leading provider of medical isotopes for the treatment and diagnosis of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

According to the ministry of nuclear energy, damage to buildings, and the reactors were found.

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Earthquake in Bulgaria

An earthquake measuring 3 on the Richter scale were registered in Bulgaria today. This was reported by the Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

At 16:09 / 17:09 MSK / 150 km to the south-east of Sofia tremors felt villagers Shiroka Luka in Smolyan region.

In Moscow continued snowfall

Metropolitan utilities are working around the clock. But to cope with the accumulated snow has not yet obtained. Snowing all day, and by noon the city stood in traffic. Congestion persisted even at night.

Muscovites at night trying to buy food for the holidays, at midnight at convenience hypermarkets no less crowded than during the day. Today forecasters promise only worsening weather. Snowfall will begin again.

Teddy bear came to the supermarket and hid in vegetables

Teddy bear walked into a supermarket in Ketchikan, Alaska. Animal, according to eyewitnesses, crept into the store through the automatic doors, but somehow no one noticed what happened. Once in a supermarket, a small bear, apparently panicked and decided to hide. He ran in the produce department, mounted on stands with food and started to walk on them. Hands-free in the store was the announcement of the Bear, and the employee went to the meat department of a vegetable to catch the animal.

Bear caught one of the visitors to the supermarket. The

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Off the coast of Eilat caught several blue-gray shark

In the last week in the northern beach of Eilat fishermen caught several blue-gray porbeagle. Sharks of this family have pointed snout, fusiform body and are considered some of the most rapid marine predators.

Local fishermen talk about that in the area of the northern beach, they saw a couple of three-meter marine predators, as well as a dozen smaller individuals. Sharks follow fishing boats to shore, attracted by the fish caught in a net.

Of marine predators noted that sharks of this family are skilled hunters, but the man is not for them, "gastronomic interest." The

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North-west Europe is preparing to test frost

In the north-west of Europe, especially in the British Isles, from the northeast to a powerful approaching cold front will bring cold snap and real cold. Forecasters say the cold weather in the north to about -15 ° C can hold out in the UK until February. They will be accompanied by snow storms, especially at higher elevations.

For nature it can be quite a shock, since for several weeks in the UK was quite warm in some places plants bloom early, active bees, butterflies, bats and birds. Night temperature did not fall below +6 .. +8 ° C,

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In Chebarkulsky cope with the consequences of Saturdays storm

The village Sarafanova Chebarkulsky district of Chelyabinsk region on Saturday, May 14, hurricane winds blew off roofs of several houses and damaged wiring. Storm covered and the neighboring villages, but Sarafanova suffered more than other. As reported «URA.Ru» in the administration area Chebarkulsky, electricity has been restored in the villages, is being asked to determine the amount of damages.


The situation is under control of the governor of the Southern Urals Mikhail Yurevich. "In the area of hurricane Chebarkulsky posryvalo rooftops. Sarafanova settlement without light. Instructed to eliminate the

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Earthquake recorded in Azerbaijan

In the Azerbaijani city of Shirvan recorded earthquake.

As the citing Republican Seismic Survey Center, thirty kilometers north of Shirvan recorded earthquake.

It happened on July 12 at 06:18. Magnitude — 3.80, depth — 16 kilometers.

Shock was not felt.

Note that this is not the first earthquake this month. Since July 8, the tremors have been recorded in 14 km north-east of Sheki. Propulsion was 3.5 points, in the surrounding areas — 2.5 points.


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