Passage near the metro Olympic in Kyiv into a lake

Yesterday in the rain in Kiev flooded underpass subway station "Olympic". According to witnesses, the transition collected water "on his knee." The capital's subway confirmed the flooding transition, but details were not specified.

Witnesses said that a pipe had burst in the closet of the transition. The water almost reached the electrical panel.

However, people had called MChSnikov. Last came just two hours, and began to pump out the water. Metro passengers,? To get there — had to jump over the unfinished road

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Chile again shakes

In central Chile earthquake registered a magnitude of 5.9. Its epicenter was located 129 km north-west of the city Konsepsion. Information on casualties or damage have been reported yet.

A week ago in the central and southern areas of the country there was an earthquake of magnitude 7.1. In February last year, this South American country has been devastating 8.8-magnitude earthquake, which killed more than 600 people and caused widespread destruction. Since then, the central and southern Chile, the country observed the unprecedented seismic activity: there were more than one thousand aftershocks, about 200 of them were pretty powerful.

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Medvedev ordered to form a buffer zone of Wrangel Island

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on the formation of the buffer zone of the Nature Reserve "Wrangel Island", the press service of the government.

A draft order prepared by Ministry of Russia in accordance with the federal law "On specially protected natural territories", states the release.

The formation of the buffer zone of the Nature Reserve "Wrangel Island" is aimed at preserving the natural environment and the functioning of the coastal island of natural systems in the Arctic, protect polar bear habitats and marine mammals from adverse human impacts, as well as providing conditions for the development

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A record number of snow fell in New York

Those weather surprises that went through New Yorkers in the middle of the week, it is already possible to record the meteorological record books. It is a snow day, which covered the famous metropolis. The three main weather station in New York confirmed the record snowfall.

Thus, the previous record for Central Park, 25.4 mm, referring to 1878, was beaten with a reserve and amounted to 109.2 mm. And if we add the morning snow. You get all 120 mm. In the entire history of meteozapisey the airport and La Guardia Airport. Kennedy never had snow. Before November 7,

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Peat and forest fires are selected to Moscow

As in the past year. The authorities say the real threat to stay in the woods, and eyewitnesses reported serious smoke in some areas — in Shatura, as well as in neighboring Vladimir region.

UN climate talks in Qatar unruly, say environmentalists

Environmental organizations, observer in the negotiations on climate concerned the lack of visible leadership in the negotiation process, which can lead to very poor results of the conference, which is due to close on Friday.

"The negotiation process these days always gets a bit chaotic, but this time it is even more unruly and seems to reach a critical point. Nobody runs it does not send it," — said at a press conference on Thursday, expert environmental organization E3G Liz Gallagher.

She emphasized that the contours of a possible solution package in Doha already show through, but to achieve this

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In the area of the Fiji Islands earthquake with magnitude 6.0

Suva, July 22 / Xinhua / — An earthquake measuring 6.0 occurred in the area of the Fiji Islands on Friday at 06:56 GMT. While details of casualties or damage were reported. This was reported by the U.S. Geological Survey.

The epicenter of the earthquake lies at a depth of 600.60 km and located at coordinates 20.2288 degrees south latitude and 178.5299 degrees west longitude

Victims of frost in Poland more than 200 people

Frost and sudden changes in temperature caused the death of 201 people in Poland this winter, according to Polish media.

According to the government center security, most people died from the cold in December — 135. In February, because of the frost, about 30 people died. The victims of the weather often become drunk or homeless people.

In Warsaw, where this week the temperature drops to near minus 20 degrees, the local authorities set in the streets of the big metal baskets with burning coal briquettes. These baskets, called "koksovniki," first appeared in Poland in 1981 during the martial law

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The massive loss of livestock near Perm

July 20.Two days in a pasture died nearly two dozen cows. CPS checks. Mass mortality occurred in horned "SEC named Nicholas" in the Perm region.

For the last two days there fell 18 heads of pedigree cattle. The damage is already more than 2 million.

At the scene, left experts on veterinary supervision, RPN in the Perm region, the State Inspectorate for Environmental Protection.

— Considering several versions, including the poisoning of animals forage — said a source in the regional Veterinary Surveillance. — To take samples of water, soil and food sent for examination.

Upon event of review.


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Cheap flights to Kiev

If you're going on holiday or a business trip, then plane — the most convenient and fastest mode of transport. This is the fastest way to movement known to man today. But as the plane has undeniable advantages over other modes of transport, respectively, and a plane ticket just can not be cheap. Indeed, it is. Airline tickets at a price of some of the most expensive in the anywhere in the world, but if you know some tricks, you can buy them much cheaper.

Kiev — is one of the few cities where the cheapest flights can buy

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