In the Tver region on the nuclear accident


2.07.12.Na Kalinin nuclear power plant, located about two hundred and sixty kilometers from Moscow, the unit stopped due to a fault. Violations of limits and conditions of safe operation, reportedly, no. Background radiation near the plant is normal. Kalinin NPP is a "Rosenergoatom". It is located in the Tver region. A total of four power stations, Radio, "Vesti FM".

Shit, welcome to Russia


23.08.12.S August 23 in Russia reduces import duties on many goods. This is associated with the entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Pork import within the quota is free. Earlier tariff was 15 percent. At the same time, the fee for the import of beef has hardly changed. Duties on milk and dairy products declined slightly.

But the fee for the importation of rice has fallen by more than two and a half times. Russian producers say the growth of imports and lower prices, but, according to them, the crisis in the industry can be expected.

As for

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Review of volcanic activity from 23 to 29 May 2012

Review of volcanic activity from 23 to 29 May 2012 It is interesting

During this period of seismic events occurred in 16 volcanoes, signs of a new volcanic activity appeared in five volcanoes:

Fuego (3763 m, Guatemala, 14,473 ° N, 90,880 ° W) May 22-23, after the explosions at the volcano ash cloud rose to a height of 700 m above the crater and flew off to the west and southwest. From the south-east side of the Fuego A few showers with rubble. May 25 in the crater appeared fresh lava. Ash rose even higher, to 2 km,

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01.08.12.Gibel bees in the southern Urals. Video



1.08.12.Ih life is not sugar or honey. In hives — empty cell.

Retired Yevgeny Yegorov 20 years beekeeping. First lived off farm — worked a mechanic, now — by insects. This year, the family-owned business swayed.

"Pensions are not enough to live on. Mistress of the patient. For this year expected: honey will be a cure. And yet ", — said Yevgeny Yegorov beekeeper. Beekeepers Kamenogorsk investor from Germany poisoned honey life. Wheat field was sprayed with poisons — Grass weeds. Along with pest damage working bee. Executive Director of the "North Field" on board ran calculations:

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03.08.12.Na mail letter arrived in Astrakhan … a lot of talk about saving fish stocks. Only now, when you see 10 miles of dead fish, it becomes clear that these are just words. What are the reasons for these effects? I think the experts can answer. Watch the video to the end. Becomes uncomfortable.


"This video was filmed by my relatives in villages Zelenga and Macs. During mowing stumbled upon dry Eric, about 5-10 km long, the bottom is strewn with dead fish just ordinary fish species. Erik ran dry

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Confusing loud roar woke residents of the right bank of the Neva


20.07.12.Chitateli "Fontanka" complain to the strange sounds that are heard in the Kalinin and Krasnogvardejskiy districts of the city on the right bank of the Neva.

Messages are received from residents, as Marshal Blucher, etc., and in subway stations Novocherkassk and Ladoga.

"Frighten horrifying sounds like an airplane turbine works. Occur periodically growing, with an interval of a few minutes, "- says a resident of house number 12 and so on Marshal Blucher, noting that in this house except power failure.

Another witness reported that the same sound is heard on Okhta by CHP-17. "The noise is strong, as

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Environmental disaster in Nigeria. Video


04.08.12.Pravozaschitnaya organization Amnesty International called a complete failure internal investigation by the oil company Shell, in respect of a major oil spill in Nigeria. The authorities have previously ordered Shell to pay a fine of $ 5 billion for the damage caused to the environment.

Oil spills have occurred in the Niger Delta since 2008, but the largest occurred six months ago and caused a real ecological disaster.

"From 2010 to this day nothing has been done to improve the situation," — said one of the locals. For them, the river — a way to survive, but today

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Medvedev laid near Kazan innovative city for 155 thousand people


KAZAN, June 9 — RIA Novosti. Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev and President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov laid the capsule in the foundation of the future Innopolis, innovative city designed for 155,000 people.

In the afternoon the Prime Minister went to Verkhneuslonsky region of Tatarstan, which is 40 kilometers from Kazan, on the right bank of the Volga launched construction on the area of 1.2 thousand hectares. Here, a village on the IT-20 000 experts in the field of information technology.

"Today launched a large project. After a few years it will work and live 155

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In Crimea, the birds are dying from the heat


15.06.12.V stuffy offices shuttles and we pine away in the heat. Fans, air conditioning, cold water — people are saved from the scorching sun as they can. But the feathered inhabitants of the peninsula are killed by heat, because other than the person to help them to no one.

In dry hot weather, when not that puddles do not find sparrows and chickadees, and even rivers dry up, the birds are killed on the fly. Dead they fall to the ground. First because of the high temperatures and lack of oxygen in the air, the sick and the dying

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3.06.12.Gibel fish Tolochin region of Belarus. Video


3.06.12.Ekologicheskaya disaster in Vitebsk region: from wastewater killed thousands of river dwellers.

For Tolochin cannery began the administrative process. For damages ecosystem faces a fine, reported in a news program "24 Hours" on CTV.

The problem of waste starch factory has become an environmental problem in the region. According to estimates of ecologists, killing nearly 11,000 inhabitants of the river: roach, perch and pike. Environmental damage is estimated at 700 million rubles. Indicator of pollution in the river is 8.5 times higher than normal. The oxygen level dropped to 2%, and for the life of the river fauna

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