The coastline of Azov destroyed shifts soil. Video

Karst holes

11.04.12.Zhiteli Open daily settlement risk of losing their homes. For half a century, so disappeared 3 streets. According to old-timers, in their memory the sea swept more than 150 meters of land. Just this spring in the sea to hit 10 meters of gardens. The beds for people's homes.

The problem of destruction of the Azov coast detail nobody has say in local government. The last time geologists conducted research here 7 years ago.

Loss settlement — in government project of social programs to strengthen banks, designed to 2016 year. But the local Commission concluded that the

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Smoked fish — the cause of sudden premature death


14.12.12.V recent increase in cases of sudden premature death in middle age after the feast. Cause of death, along with the abundant use of alcohol was smoked fish, which is not really smoke, and paint and dipped in liquid smoke — a dangerous carcinogen that causes cancer and banned in the developed world.

Unscrupulous manufacturers choose cheap spoiled fish and smoke it without the smoke and fire, and such products in the stores and food markets about 90 percent. For the sake of a quick profit fish do not heat treated in a salt solution, in which she is

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In Hînceşti car sank into the ground. Video

Karst holes

21.04.12.Arheologicheskaya find in Hincesti. Span tunnel networks, dating back to the 19th century, was discovered after a car fell in the middle of the road — An eighteen hole.

This is not the first time detected in Hincesti old tunnels.

"A week ago, one of the tunnels filled five trucks of sand. Today, it is a failure machine. We plan to remove the top layer of asphalt, cover this stretch of road with sand and well compacted it to transport could not normally go, "- said the mayor Hincesti Alexander Botnari.

"Many people say that the

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Indian landslides tourists caught by surprise

Indian landslides tourists caught unawares Natural Disasters

Landslides caused by the rains, blocked the road connection between the Himalayan city of Gangtok and Tsomgo Lake. As a result of this event, more than four thousand tourists were in Nata, Sikkim state, cut off from the destination. Local authorities report that travelers from all over the country put on military bases for as long as the situation is resolved.

Landslides have gone to the main street, Jawaharlal Nehru, which connects Gangtok and Tsomgo Lake. Boulders began falling in the afternoon May 30, 2012, and for a couple of hours

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In Indonesia, there was a powerful earthquake

In Indonesia, there was a powerful earthquake Natural Disasters

According to the Indonesian Meteorological Service, morning June 1, 2012 in the province of Papua on the island of Papua Barat, Indonesia, an earthquake measuring 6.2. Event recorded at a depth of 18 km to 72 km to the southeast of the Tabr. The U.S. Geological Survey reported an earthquake of magnitude 5.8. Data on victims or major damage have been reported, but local residents in panic from their homes and a few hours were outside for fear of possible aftershocks.

Indonesia is located in the Pacific volcanic ring

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Sinkhole on the road to Samara. Video

Karst holes

23.04.12. The failure of the asphalt on one of the back streets of Samara limited traffic. At this time the municipal emergency happened at the intersection of Maurice Thorez and Aurora. By sheer luck no one was hurt.

Fortunately, due to the failure of asphalt no car was not injured. On the resulting hole in time informed the passing drivers. Now the scene work and road services team "Samaravodokanal." According to preliminary data, the cause of PE — depreciation of communications. There was a rush of underground pipes with a diameter of 900 millimeters. As a result,

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In the center of Baku bus fell into a ditch. Video

Karst holes

BAKU, April 25 — 1NEWS.AZ Outside Fizuli in Nasimi bus pushing through the asphalt and fell into the pit. According to, it happened in the evening of April 24.

Buses «Daewoo» route number 90, on its way from the square to the Fizuli Heydar Aliyev Palace, hit the right rear in a large hole at the entrance to the Palace named after Heydar Aliyev. According to the primary versions, it is formed due to poorly laid asphalt.

Timur Rzayev, VT

Source:, mehran544

Sinkhole in Tver. Video

Karst holes

5.05.12.Vchera, May 4, in the street Rzhevsk Proletarian District Tver opposite house number 6 failed asphalt. As a result, in the middle of the roadway a hole depth of about one meter.

Initially it was assumed that the destruction was due to the road surface rupture of utilities owned by OOO "Tver Vodokanal". However, as reported in the Road patrol LLC "Tver Vodokanal" sewer is not damaged. The reason for the failure of the asphalt can become groundwater.

At the moment, dangerous area fenced and pour sand.

Source: newspaper "Athanasius-exchange"

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83 people were victims of a landslide in the country Tibet

March 30, 2013. Large landslide, which occurred in a mountainous area of the Tibet Autonomous Region on Friday morning, buried under a mountain of sand 83 workers, reported to the local authorities. The accident happened at about six in the morning local time, near Lhasa, the capital of the region. The victims were workers of the coal company.

More than a thousand rescue workers, police and health professionals working in the area. The site is located in State of Tibet at 4600 meters elevation.

Villagers who live nearby, they say that landslide happened suddenly, sliding rock formations and

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Emergency Ministry: Number of landslides will increase

January 25, 2013. Center "Antistikhia" with the Russian Federation Ministry of Emergency Situations promises increase in the number of emergencies caused by mudflows, landslides and landslide-crumbling processes 2013 , compared with a year earlier, according to "RIA Novosti".

The main reason for increase in the number of such complex situations, rescuers called the growth in the number of dangerous meteorological phenomena, such as increased melting of glaciers, a large number rainfall in autumn and winter, deep freezing of soils, as well as the imposition of rain on melting snow.

The highest risk of landslides and mudflows in April — October

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