Landslide in Nepal Province Jumla

March 15, 2013. During the landslides that occurred in one of the districts of Nepal zone Karnali near the town of Jumla, eight people were killed. As it turned out, five of whom were members of the same family. Among the dead two children of five and 13 years. Landslide destroyed the house, in which were found all eight victims of disaster. It is noteworthy that in this case the earth formation is not due to the rains came — landslide dry.

With the help of the local population from-formed under the rubble were rescued by two men. They still

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Sinkhole in Samara. Video

Karst holes

11.04.12.V once again at the center of Samara, the earth opened, swallowing a car. The incident occurred near a residential building near the intersection of Lenin and Vilonovskoy. Jeep "Land Cruiser" left the owner on solid ground, suddenly began to sink under the asphalt.

First left rear wheel, then, already in front of the owner's car slid into the hole halfway. Only thanks to the operational activities of fire, the car was saved. Once the car was back on the wheels, the pit began to quickly expand and deepen. From the bottom of scoring hot geyser,

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In Orel again collapsed soil

Karst holes

Photo from:

17.04.12.Trolleybus wheel fell into the hole as a result of the collapse of the soil in the Eagle evening of 16 April. As the correspondent of IA REGNUM witnesses, none of the passengers was hurt, but because of an accident in the center of a traffic jam. Locals associated with the repair of collapsed ground sewage collector Zarechensky neighborhood. The collector is known that in the course of construction works took place twice a collapse of the soil. The first "victim" of the collector car was sinking in the area transheyuna Zhukov. The driver

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Montreal flooded in two steps

Montreal flooded in two steps Natural Disasters

To the south of the Canadian province of Quebec swept torrential thunderstorms. To Montreal twice a rain descended, making May day at dusk. In an instant all were flooded streets and turned for a few minutes in real rivers. The water level reached 1.2 meters in some places. Of sewage water with all the garbage rose directly to the surface, adding "spice" everything going on. Closed due to water coming one subway line.

Storm caused power outages. Reported damage to property of citizens and the evacuation of thousands of houses and

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Sinkhole in Penza. Photo

Karst holes

Photo: Portal

17.04.12.Chrezvychaynoe incident happened today at about seven in the evening. Near the fire station in Arbekova under the asphalt a few feet almost collapsed passenger "Gazelle" № 6. According to witnesses, the well depth is more than 3 meters.

The driver of "gazelles", Yuri said that the asphalt fell right in front of the machine. He barely managed to steer the rear wheel and still fell into the hole. Because of the strong impact of the car exploded tire. Pokorezheny all spring.

Yuri sighs repairs at 15-20 thousand will rise. But it is not

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In Togliatti fly drunk blackbirds


11.12.12.Zatyanuvsheesya season — warm for December, the temperature and the lack of snow — a negative impact on plants and animals. Due to abnormal weather birds eat the berries and drunken behave inappropriately.

Chief agronomist of the agriculture department m Stavropol Alexander Tyurin, explaining what is happening, compared with a blanket of snow, "There is a difference when you are sleeping under a blanket and without it?" Winter According to Turin, while not significantly affected, the critical temperature without snow, where they can begin the mass casualties — minus 15-17 degrees. But the fruit bushes such as currants,

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In Vitebsk, a girl fell asphalt. Video

Karst holes

14.05.12.V center of Vitebsk girl fell through the zemlyu.S injured we had to communicate through the hospital window. Details of the unpleasant incident hospital administration preferred to keep confidentiality.

In a public place in the center of the participants were preparing to distribute charity homeless animals. Cells move away from the dogs, they were asked builders. Elena and did not notice that it fell under the asphalt. Together with the two puppies she fell into a three-meter pit.

Elena Volodkevich, the victim:

Well I have a right shock, but I did not lose consciousness and

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Egyptian Islamists offer to demolish the pyramid



20.07.12.Po to Arab media, the Egyptian party of radical Islamist Salafis "An-Nur" demanded that Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi destroy the famous pyramids and called them with the "pagan symbols."

Such calls also come from Saudi Arabia Sheikh Ali bin Said al-Rabia and the Kingdom of Bahrain, Sheikh Abd al-Mahmoud, who is known as "Sheikh Sunni sheikhs" and president of the "National Unity".

Saudi Islamists offer current policy of Egypt, at least, cover with wax pyramids, arguing that the great pharaohs of the structure is "a symbol of sin and an alien culture."

We know from historical records

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A landslide in the east of the Philippine Islands

March 4, 2013. The number of fatal accidents related to extension of the rainy season in the Philippines is growing. Thus, in the east of the Philippines after the next portion of showers is not stopping about two weeks, at the construction site killed 9 people fell through the ground to a depth of about 30 meters. They all come under landslide, caused by the softening of the soil on the slopes of the mountains in the province of Leyte near the city of Kananga, in 540 km to the south-east of the capital city of Manila.

The bitter irony

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Environmental disaster in Ramenskoye



31.05.12.Pyat settlements Ramenskoye district were in the zone of ecological collapse.

Not far from the airport "Domodedovo" in the river Zhdanko got a lot of chemicals. The concentration of the poison in the water exceeded in 1000.

Dies not only fish, but also pets. This area is home to over 6000 people. Local people believe that it is the proximity of the airport led to the crash. They believe that in the river regularly merge toxic substances. How else to explain the fact that the village Selvachevo even well water has a taste of jet fuel?


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