03.08.12.V Brest kill fish. Photo


Updated August 4

03.08.12.K site "Ore" fish farm "Sokolovo" in the village Husak Malorita district these days it is better not to approach. In any case, without a mask.

The smell of rotting fish, expanded in an incredible amount of 30 degrees centigrade of the sun — a test that is not a bear. They say local people even cried when he saw such a sight …

But we can not be guided only by emotion when it comes to environmental disaster. Unless urgent measures, the situation may become irreversible, experts believe.

At one of the dead fish ponds

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A landslide in the Azores

March 15, 2013. Landslide occurred on about. San Miguel, which is part of the Azores islands belonging to Portugal. During a disaster in the rubble of their own homes killed three men, two of them were brothers. One of the brothers for some time had been missing. Landslide destroyed three century-old houses in the village of Faial da Terra, a native of which were all victims. Homes were on the edge of a cliff.

In place of the disaster immediately return fire, which was saved from the mud layers of three children, aged five, eight and 16 years,

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In China in 1200 schoolchildren food poisoning


In China, the 1200 students hospitalized with food poisoning. Photo from epochtimes.com

2.04.12.Informatsionny Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in China, announced that on March 29 in rural Guizhou province more than 1,200 school children were hospitalized with food poisoning.

Parents of affected children have come to the government building, and demanded an explanation from the officials, and the government meanwhile called a special police squad to disperse the demonstration. The incident caused widespread concern.

Morning of 29 March in the village of Baba district Chzhitszin urban district ARCHWAY Guizhou Province was a mass food poisoning of schoolchildren.

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East Asia disappeared under the smokescreen

East Asia disappeared under the smokescreen Facts

Over Bohai Bay, over the Korean peninsula and the Tsushima Strait until about. Kyushu in Japan hangs a cloud of smoke. But the reason for its occurrence are not familiar unable or agricultural fires. The smoke came from the burning mid-May Russian Siberia. The main centers of fire, smoke cloud brought to China and Korea, and to the border of the State of Mongolia, located near the southern edge of. Baikal. Although the northern shores of the lake also caught fire, but not so intense.

A cloud of smoke over eastern

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Fish kill in Peru


21.02.12.Aktsiya protesting residents of small villages in the bay Cruz province Sorritos (Peru), prevented the return of tens of vehicles of Ecuadorian tourists, who left for the weekend and public holidays on Peruvian beaches Sorritos, Mancora and Puerto Pizarro.

According to tentative data, from Monday evening to Tuesday afternoon about 1,500 travelers from Ecuador were not able to return home and were forced to seek accommodations by paying USD 20 per room, or get to sleep in their cars in anticipation of the opening of the road.

Peruvian fishermen protesting this way against ocean pollution in the bay

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Columbia: Geological shifts in the Timan

Karst holes

February 24. Environmental authorities and administration Timan resumed surveillance on reactivation fault lines in Tobo. In the evacuation is not necessary.

Employees of the Autonomous Regional Corporation Heights Magdalene KAM, Department Volunteer Fire Department and the City of Timan, visited the area of El Tobo in rural areas of the municipality where the last 3 years registered geological deformation, which were activated in the last hours, destroying about 100 hectares in recent years .

Technical visit, will identify the risks faced by families in the area, and that led to a renewed warning.

"The reason rekativatsii are

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Increased risk of the code of the volcano Nevado del Ruiz

Increased risk of the code of the volcano Nevado del Ruiz Danger Zone

A well-known Colombian volcano Nevado del Ruiz entered a new eruptive phase. On 29 May, on the mountain, which is part of the Andes, was recorded an explosive series of small eruptions, followed by an earthquake.

View of the volcano to the south. Eruption caused by the rise of fresh lava close to the surface, it heats groundwater, which create an explosion of rock and ash emissions. Subsidence of ash was recorded 30 km from Nevado del Ruiz in the city of Manizales in other

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Unhealthy food in kindergartens. Video


Parents complain that children have a food allergy after the new diet. Quickly resolve the problem in preschool nutrition authorities so far.

Uploaded rentvchannel, date: 20.02.2012

In the Chelyabinsk region withdrawn from sale feeds for babies. Video

20.02.12.Molochnaya mixture banned. In breast milk substitutes from Belgium discovered the causative agent of salmonellosis.

CPS has suspended its implementation in the region. Cause were 16 cases reported in the Irkutsk region.

All patients had used dry adapted milk formula "Damil 1 Suite." Salmonella is also found in the mixture for children "Damil 2." In Russia from Belgium products

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Look at that, Carnival! . Video


Based on the tale of the poor Tumanyan, punish wealthy landowner for zhadnost.Zhadny draped peasants tax on fresh snow. Boy — old grandson, who took the insatiable rich to pay a large pot of oil — it gets to the estate and overhears a conversation with the landlord watchman: "Let lie down to Carnival. Mardi Gras is coming — and fyut ». Watchman wonders: "Who — Carnival? And when he comes? ". Boy using its ignorance, is Carnival and claims that came for his. Silly woman gives him a pot of oil: "Look at that, Pancake! No longer

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13.04.12.Gibel fish in the Altai. Video


13.04.12.V Altai dying fish ponds. At first glance, there is nothing strange. But even on the way to the water, a few tens of meters, the nose begins to beat the sharp smell of rotting fish, as a signal that there is really something wrong. To understand what it is, we now take a water sample and take her to their analysis.

But to get close to the water is not easy. The shores of the Upper Pond in the village of Barnaul October literally strewn dead fish. The alarm sounded by local residents. Warmer, many gathered for

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