At -25 lilac buds released in Chepetsk


This anomaly is the risk that the bush does not bloom in spring

14.12.12.Zhitelnitsa Kirov-Chepetsk Kirov region noticed unusual. In the courtyard of a small lilac bush in the week there were buds and green leaves.

I walked by and happened to notice the green buds on the lilac. I'm sure it's very unusual for December, with its zero temperatures — explained Lyudmila Terentiev. — I think the reason for this behavior was the adjacent boiler plants, of which there is a vapor.

As we explained in the Environmental Fund of Kirov, a reaction to thaw occurs among

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In Sarov nuclear center explosion


22.02.12.Na experimental area in VNIIEF explosion occurred during testing. According to Life News injured two employees of the research institute.

— Explosion occurred in the afternoon when the tests — Life News reported a source in law enforcement. — To find out why in the center suspended all experiments. Work in the territory of the FSB.

In «Rosatom» Life News reported that indeed such incident took place to be, but suffered only one employee, and he was immediately given medical assistance.

— During the planning and testing works, one person suffered minor injuries of the skin in an explosion

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Gas blast in Volgograd


13.04.12. Today at 12.20 in the street Buhantseva Voroshilov district of Volgograd College opposite rail during maintenance work has suffered a 37-year-old employee of CBM "Gorvodokanal Volgograd." As reported IA "Height 102" in the press service of the Investigation Department of the TFR for the region, according to preliminary data, closing the hatch sewage pit there was an explosion of accumulated gas. As a result, the workers received burns and concussion. A man is hospitalized in the intensive care unit hospital emergency number 25.

As explained to correspondent of the clinic, the victim received a 15% body burns I,

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23.08.12.Gibel fish in the Orel region


24.08.12. Near the village fifths of the Mtsensk District August 23 oblekokontrolya inspectors found in the Eye of about two dozen dead fish. The river was muddy and smelled of chemicals. Immediately went to the place of the representatives of RPN, environmental prosecution and other authorities.

— Water samples were taken and some specimens of fish to analyze and identify the causes of the accident — said Orlov Interdistrict Environmental Prosecutor Alexander Liovochkin.


Two days earlier, a dead fish found in the Eye and the Fox Otradinsky very near where the sugar factory is located.

— We

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The top ten countries with the largest carbon footprint

The top ten countries with the highest carbon footprint Facts

1. Qatar

Qatar leads in the number of carbon emissions in the world and three times more than the U.S.. If all the people on Earth lived like the average katarets, the world took up to five times more resources than are available now (even if you do not take into account the consumption of oil.) In general, each year, the consumption of natural resources by mankind than their ability to resume at 50%. The main part of the carbon footprint of Qatar is using energy, which, like

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Zeitgeist in Russia. UEC and microchip Russians


Most of my respondents either do not know about what is happening, or are skeptical of microchips in Russia, leaving this prerogative of Europeans and Americans. However, the future is today.

Decree on the implementation of microchips in Russia for podpisan.Universalnaya Electronic Map — 1st stage chipping Russians — will be introduced nachalsya.Kak microchips Russians? Voluntary or compulsory? In the United States in August 2011 attempted mass chipping soldiers of the armed forces. Chipping animals in Russia is already practiced. Who's next? This video is a private view and forecasts for the next decade and the following relation

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Frost takes life. Video


3.02.12.Silneyshie frosts in Europe claimed the lives of 163 people. In Romania and Poland, the temperature in the last days fell to -32. A similar situation in Italy, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Latvia and Lithuania. Extreme cold will be detained there for at least another day. In Ukraine, 63 people froze to death, according to the latest rescue services. The main risk group — the homeless.

Source: Rentvchannel

Extraordinary size hail fell in the U.S.

Extraordinary size hail fell in the United States Weather and Climate

According to several U.S. states, including the south-west of Nebraska, west and southeast Kansas, nearly all of Oklahoma and northern Texas, swept showers and thunderstorms. Heavy rain accompanied by hail, increasing in the afternoon, and the hailstones hit their size. Diameter of some specimens than 5 cm, and 13 cm in some places, and wind speed in the vicinity of Oklahoma reached 114 km / h

Map of the intensity of thunderstorms and hail.


Huge hailstone size of a grapefruit.

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Flooding in Australia: Thousands leave homes. Video


3.02.12.Na eastern Australia began flooding after heavy rains because the river overflowed. As a result of rampant disaster residents of some regions in the states of Queensland and New South Wales have to move into temporary accommodation points.

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Northern Lights seen in Novosibirsk


31.01.12.V frost Novosibirsk witnessed rare optical phenomena.

According to witnesses, it resembles something like the Northern Lights — hovering in the night sky light colored lines.

Witness of this light show was Andrew Slobodyanyuk late at night. Went to the balcony and could not believe my eyes. "I saw a very beautiful glow in the sky, thought it was the northern lights shimmered all, these posts are not from the bottom, from the bottom of the rose, and hung in the air strips and high enough", — says Andrey Slobodyanyuk.

Columns of light at a time and disappeared,

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