Cash canceled?


16.05.12.Vse be as described by science fiction. There was a time when for the work we will get the numbers. Project to move to non-cash payments has prepared the Finance Ministry.

Amendments to the Labour Code prohibit the payment of wages in cash. With the adoption of the project money should be transferred only to a bank account. In a second project, all shops are required to provide customers with the opportunity to pay off cards.

The question is not, will be the project agreement or will not do. There is no doubt that all will be as it

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In Astrakhan, observed an unusual phenomenon. Photo


Photo: Diana Khasyanova

27.01.12.V night of January 27 in different areas of Astrakhan region was observed for a rare optical phenomenon of our seats.

According to witnesses, it was something like the Northern Lights — hovering in the night sky light poles pink and white flowers. To photograph the event, most Astrakhan failed due to poor lighting.

We asked for a comment to the head of the Astrakhan Weather Service forecasts Faith Yakhyaeva. According to Vera Petrovna, it was the so-called optical light poles. Their arrival caused a polarization of light by small ice crystals:

"At night, showered

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People! It’s all real! What to do then we?


Today I got here is a letter from a man who deeply trust. The woman, a teacher of high school. Here is what she wrote:

Good day! Something I was not overwhelmed by very cheerful thought … I decided to share with you — or dispel or confirm the in the right direction, "thinking".)) 1. Few people think: from 01.09 this year are still in Moscow and voluntarily, 2015 — everywhere and always "chipizatsiya" schoolchildren. Ostensibly for security reasons. For parents to know where their children are. All anything, but a good excuse pushed deal explicitly rejected by society.

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More than two tons of dead fish caught from the lake in Cyprus


7.03.12.Okolo two and a half tons of dead fish pulled from the lake Athalassa Nicosia: fish mortality associated with sharp fluctuations in temperature.

The Department of Fisheries and Marine Research, told Cyprus Mail, that the deceased fish belongs to the species of tilapia (Tilapia) and probably fish "en masse" died when there was a sudden drop in temperature on the island of Cyprus.

The second reason for the mass death of fish — a large amount of rain that made a lot of dirt in the lake, making it difficult to obtain the necessary oxygen fish.


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Ceramic speakers by Joey Roth

Ceramic speakers by Joey Roth Guide to Gifts

Guide to choosing eco-gifts 2012-2013 ' 2 '  

Speakers fully correspond to the principles of sustainable development. It is made of porcelain with plywood Baltic birch wood, cork, aluminum and cast iron. The only element of the plastic components are chips. Seamlessly work with a desktop computer, laptop, MP3-player or smartphone. Can be purchased at a price: $ 495

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In Belgium, a meteorite fell


BRUSSELS, January 5 — RIA Novosti, Alexander Shishlo. A resident of the Belgian province of Walloon Brabant intends to sell the meteorite that fell near her home, said on Thursday the Brussels radio station.

According to the woman, the body of cosmic origin weighing two kilograms fell on the night of Friday to one meter away from her home.

To check whether a stone meteorite, the Belgian has used a magnet that was immediately dragged cosmic body.

If confirmed by the results of the official examination of the stone is indeed a meteorite, a woman is going to sell

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Residents Ore observed luminous objects in the sky


11.01.12.Neobychnoe celestial phenomenon was observed on the eve of the residents Nizhneilimsk Ore District.

It happened around midnight. People have noticed the dark sky a blinking object. It glowed green and red lights. And slowly removed. Eyewitnesses have removed all the digital camera.

They assumed that it was a UFO, because what he saw was not like any star, or a satellite, or a plane. As the locals say, glowing objects they observe not the first time.

— At first, he was closer. Flicker. Red, green light was closer, then with time, when they began to photograph, this all

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In Indonesian on. Java landslide

March 26, 2013. List of Indonesian landslide season in 2013 added a new episode. At this time the rains triggered a collapse and slide into the reservoir of soil in the village Chililin, located near the town of West Bandung in Indonesia's West Java province.

Landslide caused the death of eight man, Five of the dead were children. In the disaster area were organized rescue and search activities as well as the location of 11 man not yet known. Rescuers do not exclude that lost a lot more man. In their search for the help of approximately 100 volunteers.

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Roscosmos lost another spacecraft


MOSCOW, Dec 23 — RIA Novosti. The reason for the loss of the satellite "Meridian" was the work of an abnormal motor third stage rocket "Soyuz-2", told RIA Novosti the troops military space defense (ASD), Colonel Alexei Zolotukhin.

"During the launch of a spacecraft" Meridian "from the cosmodrome" Plesetsk "for 421 seconds of flight as a result of abnormal operation propulsion third stage rocket" Soyuz-2 "spacecraft is not launched into orbit," — said the source.

He added that at present the reasons contingency establishes state commission.

"Meridian" — dual satellite, designed for both military and civilian purposes. Held on

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Pakistan and India in the hot loop

Pakistan and India in the hot loop Weather and Climate

Despite the fact that since the last sharp rise in temperature was already a whole week, and the cool monsoon season calendar for a long time has come, the Indian subcontinent is still covered by a zone of high pressure and abnormally high temperatures. For several days, the temperature in the northern and central India does not fall below +43 .. +45 ° C. The temperature of about +45 ° C reported in the Pakistani provinces of Punjab and Sindh. The absolute record for the region was recorded in Shriganganadare

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