Powerful landslide in Kyrgyzstan

March 14, 2013. Landslide volume of more than 200,000 cubic meters of earth blocked the only highway, connecting with the outside world three settlements Uzgen district in the south Kyrgyzstan, according to the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic.

"Because of the landslide on highway is currently no connection to the district center of the village remained Ace-Bel, Uch-Kupchan and Ak-Terek, in which a total population of about 500 families, "- said the ministry.

According to the emergency department, the mass of the earth buried the one car whose driver managed to escape. As a

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Mud landslide in Malaysia

March 1, 2013. After how Malaysian city Ipoh several days watered showers around creating favorable conditions for the occurrence of landslides. His appearance is not made to wait long. A massive layer of soil with the water early in the morning has blocked a lot of city streets and the freeway that links Ipoh and Lumut.

Streams of dirt picked up standing on the streets of cars and carried them to a vent channels were washed off street fixtures and shrubs. In the nearby area Ipoh and Taman-Arkid affected about 250 people, the building of a few dozen

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In the Chinese province of Anhui landslide

February 21, 2013. The city Huancheng province Anhui, located in the eastern part of China, there was a landslide. A plot of land broke down about 15 meters high. It was followed by two two-storey houses that were on the same hill, but a few feet above. The case houses completely destroyed and can not be restored.

During the seven year old boy suffered a cataclysm, which was bombarded by mud and stones. After a three-hour rescue operation team of rescuers managed to extract it from-still alive under the rubble, but the child died in hospital from serious injuries.

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In Novokuznetsk district choking the river fish. Photo


Photo: Department of Kemerovo control and protection of water resources

28.02.12.V end of February, for the first time in decades, documented fish kills in the ducts and kuryah Tom River in the territories of Novokuznetsk and Krapivinskoye areas — George duct Nicholas Kurian, Silver duct Lachinovskaya Kurian. Underwater inhabitants suffocate without oxygen.

-Zamora exposed to one degree or another, all medium-sized reservoirs without flow. Oxygen deficiency usually occurs in late February — early March. At this time, almost all the dissolved oxygen in the water is absorbed by animals and plants, and the supply of fresh oxygen is

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Astrakhan continues to rock. Now and at night


7.12.12.Voennye with Ashuluk that Harabalinskom's apparently decided to change tactics: now explosions of ammunition, because of which almost the entire half-million regional center complains of tremors which are not in the afternoon (as before), and about 4:00 am, when a man's deep sleep. At the very least, that such messages were coming from the 4th of December, residents of apartment buildings on the street. B.Alekseeva and Tatishchev.

Thus the military either by themselves or with the filing of the authorities are apparently hoping to reduce the number of dissatisfied occurring in earthquakes, late at night, most people are fast

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On the night of December 16, will appear in the sky, the brightest comet


MOSCOW, Dec. 12 — RIA Novosti. Record bright comet may appear in the sky at the end of this week: on the night of 15 to 16 December Comet C/2011 W3 (Lovejoy) should reach maximum brightness and becomes brighter the brightest planets, if not destroyed during the approach to the Sun, told RIA Novosti The Observatory "Ka-Dar" Stanislav Short.

Comet C/2011 W3 was discovered Australian amateur astronomer Terry Lovejoy (Terry Lovejoy) on November 27. Initially, he thought that a spot in the pictures — defect in the image, but it will appear the following days. Then observations confirmed the

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Comet passed through the fire of the sun. Video


16.12.11.Proshedshey night at midnight Greenwich Mean Time, or at 4.00 Moscow time the comet Lovejoy solntseskreb-entered the atmosphere of the Sun and very likely was there to burn down completely. However, it seems that the predictions of its lethal outcome was premature.

Solntseskreby or "sungrazers" — frequent guests in the solar system, and specifically designed to hunt for comets NASA satellite SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) and STEREO (Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory) register them on average once every three days, but the space or ground registration of such comets almost always taken place at the time they "jump"

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In Canada, a meteorite fell. Video


16.12.11.Astronomy of Ontario want to see the witness, who was able to determine the location of a meteorite, which pierced the sky to the east of Toronto late Monday. Scientists also want to get the remains of the meteorite. It is reported that a celestial body about the size of a basketball.

According to the network tracking celestial bodies at the University of Western Ontario, celestial body was seen about 18 hours. Observers conjectured that before the fall of the meteorite could break up into small fragments weighing about one hundred grams.

Alleged place of a meteorite is

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In Tatarstan, the two-headed calf was born. Photo


A calf with two heads

3.02.12.V village Burbashsky Sardygan Baltasinsky region of Tatarstan born calf. But not simple, but with two heads.

The villagers were at first very surprised, but, as it turned out, the phenomenon is not an isolated world. Although it is rare.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the calf did not survive. Soon scored and a cow. In memory of these were only photos that managed to make a resident of the village Zulfiya Husaenova.

Birth of a two-headed calf — a phenomenon not unique. It is known that such anomalies were observed before in Georgia,

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The deplorable state of water resources in China

The deplorable state of the water resources of China Facts

The study showed the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China, 57% of groundwater and surface water located in the urbanized area, have high and very high levels of pollution. This means that 298 million citizens do not have access to clean and safe drinking water.

Of the seven major arteries of China fresh water satisfactory status had only the Yangtze and Pearl River. Pollution levels in the Hwang Ho in the north are much higher than the permissible values. The rest of the rivers was marked soiled. To

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