Philippines landslide

February 18, 2013. Last Wednesday five miners were killed in a landslide at a coal mine in the province of Antique, Western Visayas region. More five are still missing.

Were buried under the ground for a total of 13 miners. Three of them were rescued almost immediately, writes, "Philippine Star". The rest of the less fortunate.

After landslide all work in the mine from which the coal is supplied not only to the domestic market, but also in India and China, have been suspended. The company "BSANNA", which is the operator of the mine, promised to pay monetary compensation to

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Earthquake in Italy: a photo essay

Earthquake in Italy: photo Natural Disasters

According to updated data in the earthquake May 29, 2012 in the north-east of Italy killing at least 8 people. The event took place in the region of Emilia-Romagna, and tremors were felt up to Milan. 1.A cloud of dust rose after an earthquake struck the building in Mirandola.

2.The dog in the wreckage enterprise Mirandola.


3.Employees of the company "Meta" mourn the three victims of the building collapse in San Felice.


4.Part of the ornament of the church in Modena Voto broke during the earthquake.


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Tornadoes in the United States. Video


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Flooding in Japan. Video


3.07.12.Vo Tuesday in western Japan in Fukuoka and Oita prefectures rains caused severe flooding. Tens of thousands of people forced to flee their homes. Reported one missing person.

According to local media, over the banks of the river drowned residential areas. Water is poured into the apartment. Order to evacuate was given 20 thousand people.

[Local resident] "We tried to use sand bags, but did not have time."

[Local resident] "We used to have twice suffered from floods, but it is — the worst"

Missing the old man. Police suggests that his could carry water over the banks

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The sounds of explosions from Russia rattled residents of Finland


Helsinki, March 29. The sounds of explosions from Russia rattled residents of Finland, namely — District of South Karelia. In the Border Patrol believe that we can talk about the explosions due to land work, reports Yle.

In the Border Guard southeastern Finland began to address local residents to clarify the situation.

"It seems that the source of the explosions — not at the border, and deeper in Russia. We do not have accurate information about what is happening on the other side of the border. It seems that the explosion came from the place of earth works, "-

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On the river Sonohta massive fish kills


10.05.11.V estuary Sonohta rybinspektory found massive marine fish. Fry was littered with literally the whole coast and the bottom. Today the picture is slightly different. Night at Rybinsk hydroelectric occurred planned discharge of water. The picture was so depressing that the head of the urban settlement immediately sounded the alarm. Now there is an active spawning. And predict the consequences of such a state of emergency — is complicated. Sonohta long been popular with local anglers.

"Our township population Sandy walks here with fishing poles. A lot of people walk. When children see such an outrage that

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Indonesian Volcano Soputan became increasingly

Indonesian Volcano Soputan became increasingly Danger Zone

Center mitigation of geological and volcanic disasters (PVMBG) have raised the level of danger on Mount Soputan in Minahasa regency, and the South-east Minahasa, located in the north of. Sulawesi. Now, due to increasing volcanic activity Soputan code risk is 3 for a four-point scale.

The volcano began to show serious signs of seismic activity is May 25, 2012, spewing white smoke to a height of 50 to 75 meters above the top of the mountain. Since then, the center PVMBG there were dozens of different symptoms intensify Soputana. All local

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Unpredictability of fireballs


August 5, 1977 over the Kremlin and have ceased to exist four ball lightning

12.11.11.Utrom August 5, 1977 employees of the Kremlin museums came to work as usual, long before their discovery. At the beginning of the ninth over the center of Moscow, the storm broke. Suddenly, over the Kremlin appeared fiery yellow ball that went down to the Cathedral of the Archangel.

The door of the cathedral was opened, researcher at the museum NS Antonov ready to receive visitors. "I sat at a table near the entrance to the museum, and SA Savkin standing a meter away

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24 sperm whales stranded on the coast of the island of Tasmania. Video


12.11.11. 24 great sperm whale washed up on a shore of the island of Tasmania, south of the mainland. As to the mass suicide of the toothed whales arrived rescuers, 16 animals have been killed, but eight still continued to show signs of life, reports "Interfax".

Now the survivors are trying to save the sperm whale, there is a danger that the land they may suffocate under its own weight. While the nearly

40-ton mammals (adult weight) in the water, they do not feel its weight. There is another problem, which usually face rescuers sperm suicide: once mammal

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In Slovakia, born two-headed turtle


In Slovakia, the light appeared unusual turtle — it had two heads and five legs. Call it Magdalena — Magda one head, another Lena. National media write about what Magdalena is a character hockey world championship in Slovakia, as Paul the oracle octopus in Germany, which became a star during the last football World Cup.




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