Juvenile Justice at the threshold


22.10.12.Esche recently the term "juvenile justice" was unknown to most of us. Now he knows all viewers, although the contents are only vaguely. The memory stuck one: it allows justice to take from the parents of children in children's homes without their consent or the court.

For any slap or spank parents can deprive children of the complaint or denunciation beloved children of neighbors. Popular was the nightmarish story of a Russian wife Finn — representatives of this same justice to take away her four children, including infants. So some of the protection of children's rights arising from the

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In China, the emphasis will be placed on an artificial rainmaking

In China, the emphasis will be placed on an artificial rainmaking Facts

According to a famous Chinese meteorologist Guoguanga Zhen, head of the Chinese Meteorological Service in the coming years the country will vigorously develop and use the technology of artificial rainmaking to obtain the maximum possible amount of precipitation.

At this stage in the application of the technology of artificial rainfall China lags by 15-45% of the leading countries. "Most of the country's natural and agricultural disasters due to the drought, which is especially reflected in the cultivation of tobacco and cereals. At a

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Off the coast of Ecuador are still dying turtles


2.10.12.Posle discovery on Monday of five dead sea turtles, the statistics of the death of these animals in the last month has risen to 26 only in the canton of Playas. However, the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador argue that until Sunday the death was registered only 21 turtles.

Employees of state agencies are investigating the cause. Hypothesis, which express the local fishermen and fishing leaders of trade unions, and that, in principle, shared sea coast guard officers and the Ministries of Environment and Agriculture, is that turtles entangled in fishing gear or collide with vessels that go to

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In Italy, a state of emergency

In Italy, the state of emergency Facts

The Italian Government has decided to impose a 60-day state of emergency in the northern part of the country affected by the earthquake. At present about 5,000 people are in temporary shelters and camps, experiencing strong emotional shock of the incident.

The province of Bologna, Modena and Ferrara will be allocated 50 million euros for the reconstruction of homes and businesses that were destroyed during the earthquake. Owners of the affected industrial sites allowed temporarily to pay property taxes because their losses are more than one hundred million.

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12.07.12.V China lightning killed 170 sheep


BEIJING, July 13 — RIA Novosti, Maria Chaplygin. A herd of 173 sheep were killed by lightning during a thunderstorm in Xinjiang in northwest China, according to local press.

Storm, which cost the lives of nearly two hundred animals, and at least one annual income of the family, was in a remote mountainous area of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Thursday night.

According to Shepherd, afraid of bad weather, he took refuge in the tent, leaving the sheep to pasture. When the storm subsided after an hour, the young man found out that all the animals had taken refuge from

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Universal electronic card will be implemented in Russia, although many areas are not ready


MOSCOW, September 21. / Special. ITAR-TASS Xenia Rassypnova /. Universal electronic card / UEC / will be implemented in Russia, although many areas are not ready, said today the vice president of "Savings" Alex Popov in a business breakfast at the International Investment Forum "Sochi-2012".

"Last week, the government had responded to a question that the last year and a half all tried to answer: will be introduced UEC? Answer — Yes, it will, "- said Popov. According to him, the decision was taken at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov.

Popov admitted that in many parts

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Smell of hydrogen sulfide frightened residents of Petropavlovsk


12.07.12.V edition of "Radio E" A woman called and said that there is a smell at the gas station, the silhouette and the CP. We called the MES region, where we were informed that information about any leakage of hydrogen sulphide they do not.

Volcanoes also do with it, — said the expert group of the Institute of Volcanology Qwerty Olga Kirin. Several years ago there was a similar situation Petropavlovsk. Then find the source of the strong smell and failed.

Source: SW Radio

Spain. Heavy snow

February 9, 2013. No comments yet.

Source: Lead

India: Nine people were killed by a massive hail

January 31, 2013. Hail c size of pebbles hit the village in the south of India.

At least nine people were killed when a disaster strikes covered several villages in Andhra Pradesh (GoogleMap).

Hail, which lasted nearly 20 minutes, destroyed crops, homes and livestock, creating a devastating financial impact on residents.

People living in some villages, nothing like this had never seen before. Hail began to fall from the sky on Tuesday night, and covered entire villages icy blanket. Some women have tried brooms to sweep the ice blocks for easy disposal.

Dr. K. Sitaram (K. Sitarama), director

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Spain snowed

March 1, 2013. The weather in Spain recalled on Thursday with a summary of the battlefields. Within 10 minutes of the first Spanish television channel showed the snow piled city streets flooded by water flows, bending under the blows of wind gusts and trees shivering passers-by.

The three-day storm caused traffic congestion, resulting in numerous accidents. In schools canceled classes. Rural areas because of interruptions in the supply of lack of essential goods. In some regions in the central part of the country snow depth reached 50 inches, which happens in Spain extremely rare.

Particularly unexpected were heavy

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