Residents complain of Saratov region explosions


19.04.12. On April 19, DK Popovka village again, a gathering of people, which brought together people from all surrounding the landfill "Wide Karamysh" settlements.

On the agenda of urgent problem — recovery ammunition expired. Recall that in February 2012, the issue was closed, when, after a broad resonance residents Rybushanskogo municipality heard even the Minister of Defense, and by his order at the site "Wide Karamysh 'disposal was carried out exclusively by incineration, not undermine it.

The initiative group of residents Rybushanskogo MO together with the head of the Saratov region, Sergei Pimenov went to

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19.06.12.Gibel fish in the river Klyazma. Video


The fish in the river Klyazma poisoned

19.06.12.Ekologicheskoe Shchelkovo disaster in the area.

On a section of the river is reset Klyazma poisonous liquid, killing thousands of fish. Clean channel no hurry. The local people are afraid to come to the river — stop frightening appearance and suffocating odor. Who regularly Klyazma poison?

This picture — a nightmare angler. Overnight, a kind of catch Klyazma River — downstream — into a dead pond.

"This is mainly dominated by roach, bream, perch, caught some specimens — pike, for example," — shows fish Bashurov Andrew, senior inspector of fisheries

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Shakhtar into buying electronic codes for pets


14.11.12.Soglasno "Pet Rules" developed by the Donetsk city council, all pet owners in the city will be required to undergo a mandatory registration of their pets. As it became known portal "Donetsk. Comments ", all information about the pet, as well as information about the person who has it, it is supposed to make a single electronic database, Donetsk. Registration includes the issuance of the townspeople, containing pets, registration certificate and license tokens for dogs. For their own means pet owners will be required to purchase a special tag to put on them an identification number, which will be

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Fingerprints Russians. Video


Murzilki Int. parody "from sadness to joy" (Antonov). The head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin wants to fingerprint all Russians. He believes that the country needs to introduce genomic registration and fingerprinting, not only for the residents of not only the North Caucasus, and the entire population. Bastrykin initiative announced UPC spokesman Vladimir Markin. According to him, just before the head of the committee spoke with another proposal to combat crime. Bastrykin said about the need to re-register all the cars in the North Caucasus.

Uploaded Murzilki, date: 09.03.2010

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Which countries consume the most water?

Which countries consume the most water? It is interesting

For the production of food and other products for human use huge amounts of water. And the more the population, the higher the consumption of this precious resource. Inefficient agricultural methods, the excessive consumption of water for food production only multiply this figure. Only in the U.S. meat production accounts for 30% of the total water footprint of the country.

In addition to domestic consumption, a lot of water exporting countries, such as India, in the form of the same food and other products. Those who

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In the Annunciation School to install video cameras


10.11.12. "At the entrance to the school will install two cameras. A special program will read the face of every student who enters or leaves the building, and send text messages to parents about it, "- the words of the consultant of the organization and personnel of the Ministry of Education of Basil Elk seem quote from a fantastic story. But it's true.

Set of equipment for secondary school № 28 of Blagoveshchensk has formed, it is now being tested in Khabarovsk. Until the end of the month will install equipment at the school. And next week, the disciples

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In a suburb of Voronezh lightning hit the house


Lightning struck the roof of a private home in Maslovka. Photo Anastasia Babenko.

20.08.11.Noch August 19 Maslovka people remember. About an hour at home in the village literally shook with thunder.

Terrible storm did not let anyone to sleep, but the woman was not lucky family the most.

At about four in the morning they heard a terrible roar, the house began to shake the walls, and there was a crash. As it turned out later, lightning struck outside the house, the discharge came through the roof above the room's eldest daughter Nastya. Only by sheer luck, the

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Solar flares class X 1.1. Video


5.03.12.Ploschad sunspot activity is almost four times the size of the disk of the Earth. Of greatest interest is a new group of sunspots in 1429, which has a complex magnetic configuration of the "beta-gamma" and had enormous energy.

From the first hours of its appearance on the visible part of the Sun (March 2) observatory fixed M-class event that triggered a wave of ionization in Earth's atmosphere. In view of these facts in the NASA increased the likelihood of M-class flares and 60%, X-class — up to 15%. The confirmation of this prediction was an explosion

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Chilean lake dried Kas 2 a day

Chilean Kas lake dried up for two night's interesting

Kas lake 2 (Cachet II), located in the southern part of Patagonia, disappeared in less than 24 hours, leaving a muddy puddle. The lake holds 200 million cubic liters of water flooded into the river Baker, increasing its capacity by 3 times and emptying the area of 5 square kilometers. Since 2008, Kas two dried out 11 times. People living in the region, are in constant danger of sudden flooding that could collapse from the mountains. Experts say that if global warming is not stopped, floods will occur more often.

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Today on Earth collapses strong geomagnetic storm. Video


24.01.12.Nauchnye NASA satellites registered a powerful solar flare, accompanied by Jan. 22 coronal mass ejection.

This hot plasma, which is a stream of protons, electrons and heavy elements to reach Earth today at 18:00 MSK. Suggestive of geomagnetic storms on the planet is estimated to be "moderate to strong." With such a warning was made on Monday Center forecast space weather, a division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration United States, according to ITAR-TASS.

Observations of the Sun and the consequences of such activity lights are Solar Dynamics Observatory (GSO), the space observatory SOHO and Solar-Terrestrial Observatory

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