In Washington state, avalanches

In Washington state, avalanches Natural Disasters

February 19 during the descent of the two avalanche near the ski resorts of Washington killed four people. Among them, three skiers are covered in an avalanche of 3 km from the ski slopes at Steven's Pass, the Cascade Mountains, and 16 km from the city of Skaykomish, the north-central part of the state of Washington. Fortunately, eight guests, who had previously been declared missing, safely found.

Forecasters warned that because of heavy snowfall (76-90 inches of rain) in the next few days in the Steven's Pass increases the risk of gathering new avalanches,

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Giovanna could return

Giovanna could return Natural Disasters

Tropical Cyclone Giovanna, raged on about. Madagascar and Mozambique Channel, has caused landslides in Moramange. Due to heavy rains in the river Imamba not stand two dams, including drowning adult and one child is eighteen months. The cyclone killed 65 people, 11 thousand homeless. Reported massive flooding of rice fields and small villages.

Northern suburb of Antananarivo is cut off from the city center. For many people, the only way out of the water were coming roofs of their homes. Schools and offices are closed, the streets turned into canals.

The greatest damage caused TC

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Everest is losing its snow and ice

May 17, 2013. Everest, Mount Everest, Sagarmatha — the highest mountain in the world, a dream, and the pride of all climbers, is undergoing major changes.

Scientists have undertaken major new study of Everest and the surrounding area is a national park of Nepal "Sagarmatha." The results are shocking: the glaciers in the Everest region declined by 15 percent over the past 50 years, and the snow line has moved up to 180 meters.

This occurs because of too high melting rate, resulting glaciers no time to recover.

The researchers suggest that the melting of snow and ice in the

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Abnormal processes in the Earth's crust — as the cause of mass deaths of animals and global climate change. Independent investigation

In the news began to appear frequently reported unexplained mass deaths of birds and sea creatures (Aquatic). On the Internet there were even drawn maps enthusiasts.

As a possible cause of dead birds in the press often predlagayutsya such as:

1. "Fireworks". It is unlikely in itself and in the past have never resulted in a massive loss.

2. "The impact of a blunt object." In the same series, where have you seen the bird several hundred rushed to the car and even at the same time in different countries? Obviously, injuries result from falling and hitting the ground

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In 2011, Russia threatened a nuclear disaster

In 2011, Russia threatened nuclear disaster Facts

In late December 2011, Russia threatened a nuclear disaster when a nuclear submarine, which was nuclear weapons, burst into flames. This information was published in a Russian magazine, while the authorities claim that the submarine was not armed.

Officials said before the 167-meter submarine "Yekaterinburg" caught fire, all nuclear weapons were recovered, so the danger of radiation was not. Remains a mystery, did you order the crew to remain in the submarine itself or not. But in the national magazine "Power" was cited several sources, according to which a fire broke out during

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Millions of Pakistanis on the verge of death

Millions of Pakistanis on the brink of death to save the planet

Due to the low efficiency of rescue and welfare measures, millions in Pakistan are still at risk of dying from malnutrition and disease after the flood, which occurred two years ago.

Pakistan Humanitarian Forum, a network of 41 charities, a few months ago began to call on the international community and the authorities to take serious steps to prepare for the new season monsoon. The main argument in support of their appeals Forum considers the depletion of reserves and the bank's charitable donors in Pakistan.

What happened in

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In Alaska, found a huge underwater volcano

May 17, 2013. Two geologist with Fr. The Prince of Wales and the city of Anchorage in the analysis of a fragment of the image between the hydrographic Thorne Arm and found it Raderdom design consisting of a large hill, and next to it two dome-shaped structure. After some discussion, the geologists concluded that the elevation and two adjacent dome is nothing like oceanic volcano caused quite close to the national park Misty Fjords.

Most likely, the formation of an open Alaska volcano occurred as the famous scientist Sarts volcanic island near Iceland. In 1960 the Icelandic underwater

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Ice blocks destroying houses from Alaska to Minnesota

May 19, 2013. From Alaska to Minnesota, ice walls rose across the coastline, seizing homes and leaving in its path surprised observers.

May 1, 2013. Saskatchewan Water Security Agency has removed the exciting and stunning shots 9-foot wall of ice that plowed many miles the icy surface of the reservoir near Codette Nipawin, Saskatchewan.


May 6, 2013. Surging blocks of ice damaged dozens of homes along the shore of Alberta Beach on Lake Sainte Anne, Alberta.


May 10, 2013. Managed by strong winds, ice destroyed dozens of homes on the shores of Lake Dauphin,

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Ubinas volcano scare the residents of Peru

September 5, 2013. Waking up the other day volcano Ubinas Peru continues to throw ash and gas. On Wednesday, he visited the crater by helicopter President Ollanta Humala.

Ubinas intensified on Monday after a four-year lull. Awakening accompanied by five explosions. A column of ash and gas rose by 2 kilometers.

The next day, in the depths of the volcano rumbled another explosion, scaring residents of the surrounding towns.

Local resident: "This has affected the animals as well as people — children, adults. We want to help protect us, the elderly, children, our animals are seriously affected by

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U.S. Atlantic Coast deformed unknown process

Plot Orangeburg scarp along the James River in Virginia (photo Harry Dowsett / USGS).

May 17, 2013. Compared with the western part of North America — a mountainous, volcanic and seismic — geologically quiet east coast received the name "passive continental margin."

However, new geological models suggest that the boiling bowels of the earth deform and distort this and many other so-called stable area.

Three million years ago, Earth was a few degrees warmer than today, and about the same temperature awaits us in 2100. Geologists want to know how the coastlines of continents looked at Pliocene,

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