The capital of Romania hurricane

May 25, 2013. On the eve of Bucharest strong tornado swept through. As a result of the disaster 18 people received injuries of various degrees of severity, one of the victims was seriously injured and is now in a coma.

Approximately 17,000 residents remained without electricity. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania, the wind speed reached 80 km / h The hurricane caused the partial collapse of the roof of residential house, tearing the roots of trees and overturned dozens of billboards.

Four planes, which at the moment of the hurricane was in the air

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In Europe, there were tropical butterflies

Global andClimate change has led to the emergence in Europe of tropical butterflies, with hladolyubivye species are increasingly under threat. As the correspondent of "New Region", it writes the influential German newspaper Die Welt.

According to scientists, climate change has led to this "great migration" of butterflies. "In recent years, heat-loving species actively reached out to the north, while hladolyubivye are increasingly under threat," — says Josef Zettele of the Center for Environmental Studies Helmholtz.

Others have also reported on the migration of these insects from east to west, and explain that some have already passed

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Flooding in Nepal's Kathmandu

May 24, 2013. The capital city of Nepal Katmundu paralyzed there arose a flood. The flow of water washed away two residential urban home, rest heavily flooded. In the last hours has increased the number of flooded roads at the entrance to the capital.

Due to bad weather the whole time was suspended the country's only international airport Tribhuvan. At the airport in visibility below 500 meters is not able to land three scheduled flight from Qatar. Proposed aircraft landing in the Indian Lucknow.

Meteorologists believe that the valley, which is located Katmundu for three hours has fallen more

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Cyclone Giovanna continues offensive

Cyclone Giovanna continues offensive Natural Disasters

As of February 13, 2012 Tropical Cyclone Giovanna moving west-south-westerly direction to a. Madagascar at a speed of 24 km / h It is expected that in the coming days the cyclone intensified and finally take the Mozambique Channel.

Giovanna is already assigned to Category 4 of danger due to the fact that the wind speed increased to 232 km / h with gusts to 272 km / h According to data from the satellite, the pressure inside the cyclone rose to 925 mbar. Eye of the cyclone with cold air masses inside took

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Over the nuclear power plant in Obninsk, a tornado swept through

May 25, 2013. In the evening on Thursday in several areas of the Kaluga region were recorded tornadoes. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kaluga region reports that more than any other hurricane affected village Badgers Dzerzhinsky district and the city of Obninsk. The villagers were left without electricity for 19 houses partially damaged roof roofs. In Obninsk tornado felled dozens of trees, but the damage to buildings and structures were recorded, according to the portal "NyusRu.kom" referring to the representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Local residents told immediately about

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New facts about glaciers can change perspective on the issue of climate change

New facts about glaciers can change perspective on the issue of climate change is interesting

Results of the study that over the past 10 years, the Himalayan mountains kept their ice volume, surprised and delighted, but scientists warn against simplistic conclusions.

If the glaciers at the higher range in Asia do not melt as believed earlier, data on glaciers in Alaska, Greenland and Antarctica show their considerable reduction. Rivers and glaciers on the slopes of the Himalayas are involved in ensuring the 1.4 billion population of the surrounding region. Any changes in this regard may lead to serious consequences for

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The situation in Delhi is heating up even more

May 25, 2013. In the metropolitan region of India continues to hold the record for the spring season, the heat that came down to Delhi last Saturday. According to weather forecasts, the peak of the heat will have on Friday, May 24, and the temperature will decline only next week.

Since May 26, the air masses coming to the Indian capital from the west, will supersede the dominant anticyclone over the region and will moderate the intensity of the horizontal displacement of hot air, reducing the maximum temperature by about two degrees. In the regional meteorological center of Delhi also

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To Tonga approaching tropical cyclone

To Tonga approaching tropical cyclone Natural Disasters

Tropical Cyclone Jasmine keeps former strength, moving in a south-easterly direction along the southern Pacific Ocean. After the hurricane unleashed on the island of Vanuatu, gale force winds, his eye took on a more clean-cut, and increased to 111 km in diameter.

Fig. Tropical cyclone track Jasmine

By the morning of February 10 Jasmine still retained the first category of risk, creating winds of 139 km / h The cyclone was located at 880 km south-south-west of Nadi, on-

Fiji Islands between 25,8 ° S and 173,3 ° E

In the evening on

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Earthquake in the Philippines: a photo essay

Earthquake in the Philippines: photo Natural Disasters

Landslides caused by the earthquake measuring 6.9, covered many of the houses in the central Philippines. Rescuers are still searching for survivors.

After leaving their home at the foot of the mountain in the city of La Libertad, the people asking the authorities for help.

A man stands on the ruins of houses destroyed by landslides.

Car, carrying the body of the deceased have to go very carefully on a destroyed road.

Residents pick up survivors after the collapse of the house stuff.

Relatives of the victim he organized an impromptu bed after

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Food security of the world

Hot summer and forest fires in Russia have led to rising food prices worldwide. His contribution to the increase in prices of some food products made and the development of biofuels in developed countries. Against this background, the media went up the next wave of discussions of food security of the world.

Food security in each country consists of three components: the availability of food for all segments of the population, the availability of sufficient resources for the cultivation of food and level of development of technologies for processing of raw food.

The analysis of these components

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