Interview with the President of the Global Network of earthquake prediction

Elchin Khalilov, in the center

The head of the Global Network of earthquake prediction (GNFE, London) Elchin Khalilov said that before the end of 2010, there is nothing to fear, but at the same time, the expert does not want to cause premature excitement among the population.

N. ABASOV. Interview with the President of the Global Network of earthquake prediction (GNFE, London), Vice-President of the International Academy of Sciences (Austria, Innsbruck), chairman of the International Committee on Global Change subsurface GEOCHANGE (London), Professor Elchin Khalilov, organized specially for the newspaper "Echo" Press Service GNFE.

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The reasons for the cold snap in Europe?

The reasons for the cold snap in Europe? Weather and Climate

While U.S. residents dream of a frosty snowy winter, most of Europe and Asia remains terrified of abnormally cold weather, due to the deaths of more than three hundred people. Entire communities in Italy, Bosnia and Romania covered with snow, and completely cut off from the outside world due to damaged power lines. In Bulgaria from heavy rains and massive melting of ice broke through a river dam, resulting in four deaths of local residents. In Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, and Turkey in the next few days is expected to

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An earthquake of magnitude 8.2 occurred in the Sea of Okhotsk

May 24, 2013. An earthquake of magnitude 8.2 occurred in the Sea of Okhotsk, According to the U.S. Geological Survey.

According to U.S. experts, the focus of the incident at 09:44 MSK earthquake at the depth of 602 kilometers. The threat of a tsunami were reported.

Previously, scientists have claimed that Kamchatka increased risk of a massive earthquake.

Source: RIA Novosti


An earthquake in the Sea of Okhotsk shocked Moscow

May 24, 2013. Echoes of the earthquake in the Sea of Okhotsk sunk to Moscow, told RIA Novosti on duty Geophysical Service RAS.

"Perhaps it was the echoes

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Cold does not let Europe

Europe will not let the cold weather and climate

Unusual cold in Europe, which killed about 460 people, will continue for one week. However, the cyclone will move to the east, more affecting Italy and the Balkans — the countries that have recently had a financial crisis. Rare for Rome and Tripoli snow fell this year. According to meteorologist Jeff Masters weather in Europe during the winter 2011/12 can be attributed to the most severe in 20 years.

Record low temperatures were recorded in the usually warm south of Russia. In the south-east of the Krasnodar Territory temperature dropped to

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River floods in the northern U.S.

May 18, 2013. Heavy rains returned to the northern plains and become a threat for flooding of the Red River of the North and its tributaries. Spreading the storm in the northern plains this weekend will also be accompanied by heavy rains in the area from the Dakotas to Minnesota.

Meteorologists predict some places up to 10 inches of rain through Monday in Fargo, Symposium and other cities in North Dakota.

The heaviest rains will pass along the Red River and its tributaries, so that floods the local people can not be avoided.

Data about the time when

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Etna volcano eruption

Eruption of Etna Natural Disasters

After a 12-day Strombolian activity in the southeast of Etna February 9, 2012 in one of the craters, a series of paroxysmal eruptions, the second in 2012. Although the event was less powerful, but it lasted more than 5 hours. Interrupted activity of the 8 February, reaching its peak at night to the eruption of lava up to a distance of 500 meters. Rising column of ash several kilometers into Catania airport forced to cancel all morning flights. At some explosions from the crater were ejected volcanic bombs, most of which came back into the

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Oklahoma tornado turned into a disaster zone

May 21, 2013. Victims tornadoes in the U.S. state of Oklahoma was 91 people (PHOTO). It is reported by CNN, citing local authorities. At least 20 of the dead — children. In the state destroyed dozens of homes and two schools. The chances that the rubble is real people are. Their search has not stopped for a minute. Barack Obama has announced a state of emergency and ordered to help him out of the federal budget.

The area where the pace was the strongest tornado, now looks like a testing ground for weapons of mass destruction. Vykosheny and

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North India freezes

North India freezes Weather and Climate

Snow and rain again brought cooling almost the entire territory of India from New Delhi to Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

For the first time in 30 years in the capital, the temperature fell to 4. Highland villages of Shimla, Manali, Rohtang, Keylong and Kalpa is covered with snow, the region has hampered traffic, interrupted schooling. The air temperature in Shimla was -1,6 ° C in Manali -1,2 ° C. At the same time, at the foot of the Himalayas, on the contrary, note strong downpours.

In India, the main resorts Kufri, Narkanda and phage

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In Costa Rica, Turrialba volcano erupted

May 24, 2013. On Monday morning, Turrialba Volcano, located to the north-west of the city of Cartago in Costa Rica, began erupting. The height of the ash cloud ejected from the crater of the volcano, reached four kilometers.

Farmers from the villages that are in the vicinity of Turrialba, complain about the ash covered them with patches. Local residents fear that the ash will damage their crops of carrots, broccoli, cabbage and potatoes, as well as harm the health of dairy cows.

The authorities advised farmers living in the vicinity of the volcano, to leave their homes. However,

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In York resumes flood

In York resumes flood Natural Disasters

UK government approved funding schemes for flood protection 400 homes and businesses York County. Water-end project — Limen Road will cost the country at 3.2 million pounds. Similar projects are engaged in Nortalerton, North Yorkshire, where 212 is taken under the protection of buildings. For this project is allocated 1.9 million pounds. Next in line repairs to locks and reservoirs on the North Yorkshire creeks and San Thacker.

Protective structures in Limen Road were built in the 1970s, but in 2000 had deteriorated due to another severe flooding. New protection circuit includes a brick

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