North India is suffering from flood

September 2, 2013. That's how these Indian children now have to travel to school — on a boat. As a result of the torrential rains that almost do not stop in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh for a few months, flooded homes and farmland, a local river burst its banks.

Someone goes out of flooded homes, while others remain, especially since there is no place to go, besides, the children have to learn.

In the village of Qala manjhi flooded about 300 households. Family Sangeeta remained.

Schoolgirl: "Our home and flooded sugar cane field. Have to swim

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New facts about the young Earth's atmosphere

New facts about the young Earth's atmosphere Facts

British researchers say that the development of complex life on Earth was launched by the effect of "swing" that emerged 2.5 billion years ago in the planet's atmosphere. Young atmosphere periodically passed from carbon-free state in the phase of saturation with carbon. This time of transition of the environment to the organic haze is the result of intense microbial that later greatly influenced the Earth's climate.

This assumption gives a glimpse into a time when the planet's atmosphere had no oxygen. Its heat contributed nothing like organic haze layer, the evidence of

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Flooding in China: the terrible rumors about the bodies on trees and dancing in the squares

September 4, 2013. "River Dragon raging at us for a second month." "It rains incessantly and a half months, Hyeluntszyan (as the locals call Cupid) poured for miles" "Hundreds of people were killed, missing even more." "We can not get out of their homes. We have no drinking water, electricity and food, "- such records leave the residents of flooded provinces of China on the Internet. Meanwhile, the state-owned Chinese media reported that the death toll from floods in the region amounted to 54 people. "MK" has tried to sort out the situation.

As can be seen from the records

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Underwater volcanoes erupt differently

Macauley Island — caldera, formed after the eruption of an underwater volcano of the same name 6100 years ago (here and below the image of the authors.)

January 21, 2013. Until now, scientists were divided eruption into two categories: violent (explosive) and effusive. The first type involves adorable kids emission of ash and rock fragments high into the atmosphere (for example, eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980). The second — the soft glow of red lava streams that irrigate the slopes of the volcano (this, for example, constantly going on in Hawaii).

To get to the unusual

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Underground boiler melt the Greenland ice

August 12, 2013. Climate scientists report that an unusually thin crust beneath the surface of Greenland partly explains the abnormally high rate of melting of its ice cap, as the hot magma mass beneath the surface act as one giant "kettle", reports the journal Nature Geoscience.

The temperature at the foot of the glacier, and, accordingly, their condition, at the same time depend on the flow of heat from the Earth's interior and temperature fluctuations on the surface. With this in Greenland there are areas where the foot of the glacier is melting, and which at the same time are

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The second tornado swept through the suburbs of Tokyo

September 4, 2013. On Wednesday, a suburb of Tokyo tornado struck the second in two days. And this despite the fact that such a natural phenomenon in Japan — a rarity.

Like the first time, a tornado swept through the northern areas near the capital. Whirlwind tore roofs off houses. Damaged at least 13 buildings.

Japanese media have reported at least two of the victims. They were sent to the hospital.

Recall on Monday as a result of another tornado, swept the northern suburbs of Tokyo, were injured 60 people. Affected more than a thousand homes. Tens of thousands

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Flooding in Colorado: More than 500 missing

September 15, 2013. More than 500 people are reported missing in the U.S. Colorado as a result of the ongoing floods, which claimed five lives, said on Sunday the American television channel CNN.

Given the scale of disasters, the number of dead and missing will increase, according to authorities. "I guess that in the next few days we will continue to receive information on missing persons and of deaths" — pessimistic sheriff said one of the affected districts by John Schultz.

A few days in the U.S. state of precipitation fell as much as usually falls in a few

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Ingrid and Manuel terrorizing Mexico

September 16. At least 19 people were killed in floods in Mexico, which collapsed two powerful hurricane. One, "Ingrid", has caused flooding and mudslides. He is coming from the east and had already reached the first category of risk. Second, the tropical storm "Manuel", hit the Pacific coast of the country. Winds of 120 kilometers per hour. From the disaster area evacuated more than 6,000 people.

Source: Euronews

The global ocean is warmed by the eyes

Oceans relentlessly hot. An international team of scientists from the U.S., UK, Germany and Japan proved that during the period from 1993 to 2008. water temperature has risen by 0.15 degrees Celsius, while the "warm layers" go to 700 m depth.

According to the researchers, the heating of the oceans in shallow water and rising water — is undeniable indicators Global Warming. The upper layers of the ocean to absorb the energy that is the result of human-induced greenhouse effect, and this leads to an increase in the temperature of sea water.

However, the system of collection of

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What is the solar storm on the sound?

What is the solar storm on the sound? It is interesting

To understand the solar storm in sound, researchers at the University of Michigan have created a system to measure sound during solar storms. Creator is a doctoral student Robert Alexander, who is also working with NASA on the study of sound and other sources of information.

Recently solar storm reached Mercury, and terrifying sound, recorded in a collision with the equipment, like the most terrible monster you can imagine. March 7, 2012 in the Sun there was a severe outbreak of X5, which hit the high-energy particles on the

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