Lake of hydrogen sulfide in Sernovodsk

New geographical feature on the outskirts of the village of Sernovodsk Sergius district. Right in the open field just a few days there was a lake. Moreover, the water is not simple, and hydrogen sulfide. Key scored 28 May. First it was the fountain height of 5 centimeters.

Today, the lake continues to grow in size. The water is almost came close to homes. There is a possibility of collapse of the soil and the formation of karst funnel. Locals joke that they now make a fortune by selling hydrogen sulfide water and mud, but in fact, here is

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Photos from the # 7

The boy goes through the mud in Budude, Uganda, came down here after a landslide that killed dozens of people. 50 students were gone. (James Akena / Reuters)

A few pictures of natural disasters have occurred recently, and their consequences. Pictures are clickable.

Past Photoreview time, two, three, four, five and six.

Music teacher Claudia Vergara crying in a broken piano on the site of his former home in Constitucion. In a strong 8.8-magnitude earthquake in Chile, hundreds of people died and thousands were left homeless. (Luis Hidalgo / Associated Press)

A man

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In northern Kashmir announced a warning about floods

May 28, 2013. Baramulla district in north Kashmir announced the danger of flooding of residential areas after a few days of incessant rain. The educational process in all schools in the district interrupted for a few days, all the children sent home. Leaders of the region does not exclude the possibility of declaring a state of emergency.

In the district of Kupwara in the storm killed one child. Rainwater washed away four bridges, making transport links in the area a lot more complicated. Traffic on national highways linking the city with the city of Srinagar, the Jammu and Leh stopped.

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Alaska — the land of maar

June 2, 2013. Maar called relatively flat craters created by underground explosions. Commented James Bedzhet volcanologist from the University of Alaska Volcano Observatory: "The magma rises to the surface and at some point in contact with groundwater. When contacting the water turns to steam, increasing in volume in 1000, which is a bombshell. "

Most maars have a diameter of 300 meters. Few of them reaching a width of up to 1.6 kilometers. The youngest of maar Native — 21,000 years. Age most of them ranges from 40,000 to 100,000 years. To study maar Alaska established a National Nature

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Ruslan Savenkov

An earthquake of magnitude 6.5 occurred in Taiwan

June 2, 2013. An earthquake of magnitude 6.5 occurred on Sunday in Taiwan, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The epicenter of the earthquake, which occurred at 13:43 local time (09:43 MSK), located 25 kilometers south-east of the city Bouley (Buli), center lies at a depth of 14.4 kilometers.

Information on casualties or damage were reported.

Taiwan is located at the junction of two tectonic plates and is considered one of the most seismically active zones of the planet. Every year seismological station of the island is fixed to 18 thousand aftershocks. The strongest earthquake in Taiwan, magnitude 7.6, occurred

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In dehydrated Texas adopted the Water Act

June 2, 2013. Texas Governor Rick Perry signed a bill on the state of water supply. The document provides for the implementation of a wide range of measures to combat the drought. In the coming years, the state government will give favorable loans for all projects related to the production and preservation of water, be it construction of reservoirs, digging wells, and so on. A particular point of law is to create 2-billion state fund for a "rainy day."

At the signing ceremony, the governor of the law, said: "We are making history. We protect the future of our state,

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Journey to the center of the world to the crater of Nyiragongo

Journey to the center of the world to the crater of Nyiragongo Danger Zone

In June 2010 a group of scientists and researchers came to the lava lake boiling in the depths of the crater of Nyiragongo in the heart of the African Great Lakes region. Each year, the lava is growing, so aim of the expedition is to study the volcanic lake to prevent the next disaster.

1) View from the edge of a volcano on a distance of 3.5 kilometers from the earth. At a depth of 400 meters lava lake has created one of the wonders of

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Close if the end of the world?

Close if the end of the world? It is interesting

Judging by the success of films about different natural disasters in recent years, the idea of the end of the world makes people excited. In the film, Denis Boyle "28 Days Later" virus ravaging the UK and many other countries, in the movie "Armageddon" and "Deep Impact" asteroid threatens life on Earth, and in the "Day After Tomorrow" took the main role of climate change.   Of course, no one really knows how and when will end. The world's major religions have always pondered on this subject, trying to find

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Will global warming cause more rain?

Will global warming cause more rain? Weather and Climate

It would seem that if the climate gets warmer, the rains should increase. Frank Uents, Academic Director of the Institute of Remote Sensing at the Santa Rosa, Calif., says that it is very difficult to predict how much the distribution of precipitation in a warming world. To study used satellite data measuring the water content in the atmosphere over the past decades.

If there were no changes in the movement of air and atmospheric circulation, the amount of rainfall would grow in proportion to the changing amount of water in the

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