500 victims of the heat in India

May 29, 2013. According to the Indian Department for Disaster Management, 524 people died of sunstroke from April 1 to the last day. However, according to unofficial sources, the heat has killed more than six people in the last four days.

Indian weather bureau yesterday issued a weather forecast for the day. "The heat will continue tomorrow, and the sky will be sunny", — said the representative of the India Meteorological Department. The maximum and minimum temperatures will be between 28 and 43 degrees.

On Tuesday, the heat has risen to the level of 43 degrees Celsius. The

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Powerful cyclone Frederick German streets turned into canals

June 3, 2013. Central Europe goes under the water. Torrential rains in several countries have caused severe flooding. It is already known about the 3 dead, 8 people are reported missing.

In Prague, closed the central metro station, is the evacuation of residents. Almost throughout the Czech Republic declared a state of emergency. In Austria, fled their homes, hundreds of people have closed railway stations and highways were deserted.

But the brunt of the disaster has had on Germany. There downpours do not cease for the third week.

Television viewers in a prosperous German province used to see

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Australia paralyzed unprecedented fog

May 29, 2013. Thick fog paralyzes the second day of the Australian transport of Sydney. In the morning for several hours there is no visibility exceed one hundred meters. At the airport, canceled or postponed more than 20 domestic flights and some international ones. Do not go and ferries.

Those who are going to travel the two, had to rush to buy tickets for trains and buses.

Infection fog in Sydney a bit scattered. However, according to forecasts, will cover the thick pall over the city on Friday.

Source: ICTV


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UK: North Wales — 3.8 earthquake

May 29, 2013. An earthquake along the coastline of North Wales felt at a distance of 140 km. People were awakened by the earthquake that occurred in the early morning in 4 hours and 15 minutes. Tremor was felt even in Southport, Merseyside. The epicenter was located 13 kilometers north-west of the town of Abersoch on the peninsula of Lleyn. The British Geological Survey (BGS) said that the strength of tremors was equal to 3.8 points. A total of 180 messages were received from people living in the 75 km zone of natural disasters.

According to seismologist Julian Bukits

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Landslide in Kiev

May 30, 2013. Landslide on the street Peter (hillside Kudryavets), which was reported last week, found gorvlastyami the most destructive in the capital for the year. The land there is already destroyed 24 boxes.

"I will refer to some 4 million cubic meters of soil. That's a lot. A landslide on Vozdvizhenka — 250 cubes "- said the head of Nicholas SUPPRa Semenishin, adding that the landslide has not stopped. In this area a very high water table. "On Monday, we sent a letter to Alexander Popov. Please take action, we are afraid the next break, "- says the chairman

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Waves from lightning fall into space

Waves from lightning fall into space Scientists prove

At any time, about 2,000 thunderstorms rolled across the earth, giving rise to 50 lightning. When lightning flashes, it produces low-frequency waves, which circulate around the Earth at an altitude of 96 kilometers. This phenomenon is called the Schumann Resonance.

Until recently it was thought that energy is "trapped" between the ground and the ionosphere, without going beyond it. But the electric field vector of instrument Goddard (VEFI) found that some low-frequency waves penetrate from the lower atmosphere into space.

NASA scientist Fernardo Simos first published his research on the Internet November

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Forecasts: Russia can threaten crop failure in the coming year

Maintaining the ban on the export of Russian grain, which can be extended up to the end of December 2011, caused some signs of panic in the global food market. Already, cereal prices have risen to a two-year high since Russia ranks fourth in the world in terms of exports, such as wheat.

For this reason, it is only natural interest of Western analysts and the press to Russian agriculture. With his outlook, which was disappointing for both Russia and for the world market, to appear, for example, the influential publication The Wall Street Journal.

Its experts suggest that

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Tungurahua Volcano in Ecuador spews hot stones

Tungurahua Volcano in Ecuador spews hot stones Natural Disasters

Tungurahua — stratovolcano with steep walls in the eastern part of the Andes mountain range. Its height is 5023 meters. The volcano is located 15 kilometers away from one of the largest cities in Ecuador, Ambato city. Tungurahua is active since 1999, periodically spewing ash, smoke and lava. If a strong eruption of the lives of 20 thousand inhabitants of nearby villages at risk. In the area of high risk is a tourist town of Banos, whose residents have been evacuated after the eruption once Tungurahua in 1999.

South American Geophysics

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Warning of an eruption in Colombia

Warning of an eruption in Colombia Danger Zone

Over the last 2 years there have been about 10 eruptions Galeras in Colombia, which was accompanied by the evacuation of thousands of residents. Colombian Institute for monitoring volcanoes raised the level of anxiety due to possible volcanic eruption.

The basis for this are the low-frequency seismic events, known as the event "Tornillo", which are the precursors of volcanic activity Galeras. Number of events "Tornillo" also indicate the volume of the eruption. Such phenomena have been observed in the area of the volcano, and in 80% of cases followed by an eruption.

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Cyclone from Africa caused colored rains in western Ukraine

May 30, 2013. Colored rains occurred in the Transcarpathian region, it has spawned a lot of rumors in the city, but the reason for this was a sandstorm, which was brought by a cyclone from Africa, said on Thursday the State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies.

According to the agency, cars and residents Uzhgorod Uzhgorod district, Transcarpathian region on May 30 in the morning covered with patches of reddish color. Among the population there were rumors that the neighboring Slovakia something exploded, or emissions occurred at the aluminum plant, or the accident occurred in warehouses with dangerous munitions.


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