Russian scientists predict 100 years of cooling

Russian scientists predict 100 years of cooling Facts

The cyclical behavior of the sun allowed Russian scientists to talk about the 100-year cold snap. Such predictions make the Russian astrophysicist Habibullo Abdussamatov, head of research at the Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory and the Russian sector of the ISS.

Scientists link climate change on Earth and solar activity. Cooling and warming is a 200-year cycles, corresponding to solar changes over the same period. The approaching cold snap will be similar to Maunder minimum period of 1645-1715, known as the Little Ice Age.

Experiment storm peaks start to the ISS

September 13, 2013. Operation "Fayersteyshn» (Firestation), the purpose of which — the study of the phenomena occurring during thunderstorms in the upper layers of the atmosphere, will begin in the coming days.

In recent decades, scientists have noticed the strange natural phenomena occurring at the top of thunderclouds. During the lightning flashes that occur in the lower layers of the atmosphere, on the tops of thunderstorms occur so-called red sprites (short red flashes), elves (huge slabosvetyaschiesya cones) and blue jets (tube-blue cones).

In addition, analysis of data detectors orbiting observatories, which were powered by these discharges, shows an

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The earthquake in the Molucca Sea in Indonesia

The earthquake in the Molucca Sea in Indonesia Natural Disasters

An earthquake measuring 6.3 occurred at a depth of 19.5 kilometers in the Molucca Sea November 14, 2011. Pacific Centre reports that there is no threat of a tsunami.

Flood ravaged Alaska

May 30, 2013. Alaska is experiencing the consequences of a major flood that occurred due to ice jam on the Yukon River. Hardest hit town of Galen, most of the 470 inhabitants of which have already been evacuated. Some of them stayed in shelters, and other sheltered friends and relatives.

As long as the water keeps coming. Under the water there was a large part of the city.

The probable cause was the late ice jam break the ice. At some point, low temperature changed dramatically warming. As a result, piles of ice stuck on the bend of the

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In Canada, the expected strong earthquake

In Canada, the expected strong earthquake danger zone

Canadian geologists believe that we should expect a strong earthquake, comparable in scale to the disasters in Japan and China. It is assumed that the most vulnerable region is the West Coast, where over 6000 years, there were 13 earthquakes of magnitude 9, the last of which was 311 years ago.

Other seismically dangerous areas include Baffin Island, the Ottawa Valley and St. Lawrence Valley. Considered the most tranquil regions of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

On the West Coast for the last 70 years there have been over 100 earthquakes of at

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Ukraine: Near Odessa experienced massive fish kills

June 6, 2013. In Tiligul estuary in the Petrovsky village council found fish kills (goby), a length of about 2 km and a width of 0.5 meters. The total mass of dead fish about 2 tons.

According to the State GSCHS in the Odessa region, a possible cause of fish kills is the large presence of diatoms, which are a very large number absorb oxygen.

State Environmental Inspectorate of the North-West region of the Black Sea vzyatla water samples for laboratory analysis.

At present, the commission planned to leave the group TEB and Emergency Kominternovsky WGA to determine the

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In the struggle with heavy metals useful onions

In the struggle with heavy metals useful onion Facts

Biotechnologists from Indraprastha University in New Delhi believe that the remains of onions and garlic after the food industry can be further used for the adsorption of environmentally hazardous heavy metals. And the onion and garlic waste can safely be used for the purification of contaminated materials on an industrial scale.

Work on the creation of a universal biological filter gone far enough, we already know the behavior of filter media in different acidity or alkaline medium, at different temperatures and different duration of exposure to heavy metals. Thus,

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Efficient use of solar energy

Efficient use of solar energy Facts

Some devices, like calculators, use small solar panels for their work. But to provide the energy for all humanity daily needs would need a huge solar panel. Everything modern technology can convert only 7% of the optical solar waves into electricity.

Scientists at Tel Aviv University Faculty of Physical Electronics, together with the Centre for Renewable Energy are developing solar panels based on nano-antennas instead of semiconductors. Adapting classic metallic antennas to absorb light waves at optical frequencies, will significantly increase the number of ready-to-use energy.

Radio — and optical waves are electromagnetic energy.

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«KaY-wave predicts earthquake. Part 2

Alexander Jagodin Haifa laboratory earthquake warning predict.y @

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Seismologists and biologists have often turned to the help of dogs, with the hope that they can predict earthquakes.

In this article? describes the typical cases of positive examples: "… After the Spitak earthquake in Armenia has become widely known story of Alice and her husky owner A. Garibyanom from Leninakan. The morning of December 7, two hours before the earthquake, the owner took the dog for a walk, but back in the house refused to return Alice, creepy howling and barking.

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«KaY-wave predicts earthquake. Part 3

Haifa laboratory earthquake warning Alexander Jagodin predict.y @

< Часть 2

The dependence of the difference in arrival time of the waves and the start time of the earthquake jolts appropriate distance from the sensor to the epicenter of this earthquake, given the correlation over 0.99, indicating that the mathematical formula-dependence of these parameters.

This wave is called the wave of the author Kozyrev-Jagodina (KaY-wave) of the names of the author (Jagodin) and the names of the great Russian astronomer — Kozyrev predicted the relationship of tectonic activity of the Earth and the Moon, which is important

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