Ripening found near Istanbul earthquake

June 19, 2013. Geologists have identified a suspicious fracture site under the Sea of Marmara near Istanbul. Analysis of the seismic data has shown that there is already 250 years old is not going aftershocks and this may indicate a threatening earthquake accumulation of stress. Details are papers Nature Communications.

Researchers from Germany, New Zealand and Turkey itself, examined data on past earthquakes near Istanbul. They have taken into account as major earthquakes and small tremors that were fixed only with special equipment, and the result was a white spot south of the city beneath the bottom of the

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Floods in the UK and Ireland

Floods in the UK and Ireland, Natural disasters

Torrential rains flooded the part of England to the south-west, Wales and Northern Ireland. Ireland has also deployed planning for emergencies due to heavy rains during the month.

Amount of precipitation for the day in Dublin, was the monthly norm. Passengers and drivers of public transport vehicles were caught off guard, watching for 4 hours of traffic jams in the unexpected flood.

The clouds were observed in several parts of the Northern Hemisphere

Cologne, Germany, June 10, 2013 © Chris Kranich |

June 17, 2013. Noctilucent clouds season nears its climax, which occurs during the summer solstice. This explains the increased frequency of their occurrence in many parts of the northern hemisphere, including Russia, in recent times.

This season noctilucent clouds are seen in Chelyabinsk (June 16) and Yaroslavl (10 and 11 June). It is important to note that in both cases the weather is defined ridge of the Arctic anticyclone. On the one hand, it is almost non-events, but on the other hand, the cold anticyclone is an

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Hurricane "Rina" has weakened to a tropical storm

Hurricane "Rina" weakened to a tropical cyclone Natural Disasters

Sixth hurricane and seventeenth named tropical cyclone for 2011 hurricane season in the Atlantic 27 October weakened to the cyclone. At this point the speed of wind gusts up to 110 kilometers per hour. "Rina" is moving toward the northwest at a speed of 9 miles per hour.

It is believed that the cyclone will pass the State of Florida, although rainfall in this area is inevitable. The greatest danger, "Rina" is for the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Flooding in the area can reach 12.8 centimeters, and in some parts —

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The world grain market there is a shortage of wheat

March 21, 14:57. Global demand for wheat is 15.4 million tons exceeds the amount collected in the current agricultural year of the crop. With this assessment by the Ministry of Agriculture of the USA. His calculations common today on the world grain market.

Such a large deficit of the new wheat crop was not the last 4 years. It was noted in the 2010 floods and drought in various parts of the world have caused significant crop losses of wheat.

As a result, grain exchanges now had a steady excess of demand over supply. To eliminate the deficit, many countries

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Declared a red level Hudson volcano in Chile

Declared a red level Hudson volcano in Chile Danger Zone

Hudson volcano in Chile, located between Chile and Argentina, there are small eruptions. Chilean authorities announced increased anxiety levels from 3 to 5, the red level.

An array of 1905 meters high covers an area of 300 square kilometers. Activity Hudson crater filled with ice, emerged in the 20th century twice. Events took place in 1971 and 1991. The eruption in 1991 was the second largest earthquake in the history of the last century, covering the adjacent territories ashes thickness of 45 centimeters.

Climate scientists argue about the tree rings

February 5, 2013. Climatic reconstructions based on tree rings, has been actively litigated. For example, in 1998, a climatologist Michael Mann had the misfortune publish graph of temperature changes in the Northern Hemisphere, known as the "hockey stick" because of the sudden warming in the XX century. Since then, the scientist became favorite target for critics of the hypothesis of anthropogenic climate change.

The noise of the blogosphere is difficult to discern a genuine scientific debate on the subject, but it is, and our hero has recently joined her too.

Last year, Michael Mann, Jose Fuentes and Scott

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Earthquake off the coast of central Peru

Earthquake off the coast of central Peru Danger Zone

October 28, 2011 from the central coast of Peru, an earthquake measuring 6.9. The European Mediterranean Seismological Centre recorded an earthquake measuring 7 on the depth of 27 kilometers.

Following the earthquake, 83 people injured, 132 houses destroyed. On the south bank of Ica in the earthquake was off the electricity supply. The company Southern Copper (SCC) in Kuahone reports that the earthquake did not affect them, as well as other metals mines.

Magnetic storms on Mars

Magnetic storms on Mars Facts

Magnetic storms on Mars from 24 to 25 October due coronal emission of the Sun which occurred October 22, 2011.

Mars has the unique ability to respond to solar storms. Unlike Earth, which has a continuous magnetic field, Mars unevenly covered by so-called "magnetic umbrellas" — remnants of the planetary field decayed billions of years ago.

When a coronal mass ejections hit the Red Planet, the "umbrella" of the observed magnetic storms, during which light up auroras.

Without electricity

The impact of weather on humanity constantly getting stronger and stronger. Winter 2009-2010. Thousands … hundreds of thousands of people remain without electricity due to severe frosts, snow and gale-force winds. Let's look at the situation in the world in more detail. The news weekly reflect the situation from February 8-14.


Snowfall and strong winds left without electricity for more than a thousand communities in Ukraine.

As of 7:00 (8:00 MSK) due to severe weather conditions in 12 regions of Ukraine 1000 41 de-energized town: in Mykolaiv (region) — 341, Odessa — 221 Vinnitsa — 141

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